What About The Skill of Remote Viewing And Other Personal Questions About Abilities?

Someone who is reading my book,In Secret Diffusion, wrote to ask the following questions. If you have any input for her, please reply in the comment section below.

1. Do I,myself, Remote View?
2. How far can remote viewing go? Hers extends way back into the past: historical, or other people’s past.
3. Have I ever heard of anyone with this ability to this extent?
4. She doesn’t go to gatherings as the bombardment is too strong.
5. She wants to help others if they have this ability. She doesn’t want to be paid money for this help.
6. Small, electric blue orbs visited her as a baby.

Wowee, Sarah! What an amazing talent you have and I do understand and know that you are very, very special here on Earth and I’m about to take dictation to find out any answers I can get from Above. No, I don’t Remote View. I might have had a touch of Clairvoyance at the age of 42, when my Hearing Channels first opened in 1980, but I begged to have that turned off because it was way too much input. Everyone thought I had gone crazy, anyway, when I started reporting Voices in my head; but at least I could walk around and, more or less, continue my family duties. But, when the beautiful scenes appeared “behind my eyes,” all I wanted to do was to lie down and watch. So, I begged not to have that ability and the screen immediately went to black. The ability hasn’t returned.

I can “Read People,” which I usually don’t do because I have to deliberately make it happen by asking The Holy Spirit to actually do the reading for me; and its usually only done for curiosity and not very informative anyway. Mostly, I completely forget that I can do it. But, I look at the top of someone’s head, even in photos of them, if they have nothing like a hat on, or glasses or their hair pulled back.

Then, I say, Innerly, “He is?” or “She is?” and I will hear an evaluation of “Wonderful!” or “Good!” or “Nothing at all!” or “Nothing and Nowhere!” or “Terrible!” Even, “TER-RI-BLE!” if they’re really bad.

Apparently, a brilliant light, like a flame, erupts from their Crown Chakra, to various degrees, if they are in any way, spiritualized. A confirmed, heartfelt Believer of some sort, whether connected with a Religion or not. That brilliance is absent if they are Nothings and there’s a Black Smoke hovering above their heads if they’re Terribles. There is no correlation or confirmation of these Readings for me, within the look upon the human faces or bodies, at all. My own eyes see only what everyone else sees. Only if I ask, do I get one of these answers. An individual can go from Negative to Good if some sort of transformation takes place…. like a sudden realization. I have no power to change them. They can be babies, as well, which would only be possible if Reincarnation is true.

I don’t tell anyone, at all, about this ability, because I really don’t use it and its way too personal. I’m sure that folks would either be uncomfortable around me or else want me to tell them what I see. I’d have to refuse to do that. Like I say, I don’t use it for myself, and depend upon my outer impressions about trusting someone. Heck! I trust everybody. And, so far, so good! Even if someone’s Reading isn’t Positive; they might still be Moral People. Who knows what this business is based upon? Guess I could ask, but I haven’t.

So, Sarah, I personally can’t think of ways to use your talent, except as a psychic detective. The Police could use your abilities to solve a crime. Except, that they would have to believe that your skills are valid in the first place; and it might make your own life too hard to bear; being exposed to those ultimately worst human qualities. But, you can write your experiences down and share them somehow. Maybe, by publishing in books or websites, like I do? The ones whom you will help are others with the same abilities.

You could join the international Hearing Voices Network, HVN, (www.hearing-voices.org) and/or start a local chapter of it. Attend their international conferences, like the one to be in Boston this August. If you keep journals, you could eventually donate them to HVN, as I have done with mine, to provide future research material from an Experiencer. As I explained to you, this group consists of both non-experiencing professionals and people of many psychic talents who want to add to the Science of this new field. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole matter is connected to The Millennial Rollover; as it has blossomed greatly since the year, 2000. There may be many of us now, able to help each other.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Who in the world is Sarah P?

“Oh, My God! We can’t tell you! Yes, We know exactly who she is and she is on Earth for every good reason. Yet, she has to figure things out as she goes along because she’s almost finished with her assignment and the specific reasons for her coming have already been fulfilled. Now, she can just enjoy her life!

She has so many abilities that don’t have much explanation down here on Earth. So, she just must “Trust The Process” and figure things out as she goes along. Mostly, she’s an Information-Gatherer for Us: to show Us what Earth and the Earthlings are like. A living remote camera; if you will. So, she doesn’t have to “fix” anybody or any situation. She just can accept what she sees as legitimate. She can tell someone if she wishes, or leave something alone, if she feels that she should. “Sensitives” are on Earth for a reason and that’s usually part of their Upper Identity. She’s just down here on Earth for a “Spin-through In The Soup;” so not to worry if she’s not convincing anybody to take action. This is great to hear from her and there are so many Spirit Orbs following her, even now, because she is heavily-protected and followed. This is why she can get along just fine in any situation, whatsoever!”

Is that what Spirit Orbs are? I’ve found some on a few of my pictures. Maybe I’ll print them with this answer?

“I don’t think you should put those Spirit Pictures on the internet. That’s too much exposure for them!”

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