What About “Possession?” Is It Real?

                          WHAT ABOUT “POSSESSION?”  IS IT REAL?


We are dealing with the many questions that Kat asked in a recent letter. This is the second of the series of answers to her:

Kat has asked about Possession. This could certainly affect both sides of the track within  the Upper and Lower Worlds. Can You cover the co-existence of disembodied spirits as they relate to the living?

“Yes, I’ll be glad to. First of all, We cannot concern Ourselves with how the current population feels about these matters. Mostly, it’s simply unknown and not a topic of concern in today’s world. Sensitive people may understand that spirits exist and can attempt to use the bodies of unaware humans for their own devices. Sometimes, these Sensitive Ones can release the human from such an influence. Many times, the affected human can help himself.

We have already discussed this many times over the centuries and your own book, Our own book, In Secret Diffusion, covers this quite well.

A possessing spirit has become enamoured of an earthly life and clings to this Plane, instead of moving on at death. It seeks a living human, usually one attached to the same desires which he had in life; and thus, tries to continue its material dependency. Neither being has awakened to its true reality and recognized that there is much more to existence than the lower material realm.

The solution is for the occupied one to seek the help of God in throwing off his tormentor and to become responsible for the course of his own life.

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