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                                                TIME IS AN ENVIRONMENT 

Juan Martin Fernandez, Economist, Educator, and  owner of two hostels in Uruguay, sat with me last week on the bus between Montevideo and Colonia. He asked me if I knew of the Philosopher, Camus, and that led to a lot of philosophizing between us and a bunch of questions about Time and Space to ask on this website:

What are/are there various ways to measure time?

Speeds of Time. Do they differ?

What does the Fourth Dimension include? Fifth? Sixth?

Are the Higher Dimensions “dimensional?”

Are there any additions to Time and Space? Other factors to consider in cooperation with them?

At Light Speed/Velocity of Light why does Time stand still?

What does Light have to do with Time & Space?

What causes Light? Is Fire always involved?

Oh my Holy Spirit, “Are there various ways to measure Time?” Can You give me a simple answer to start with? We’re on the bus and it’s hard to write.

“No, I cannot give you any simple answer but I can give you some really good complicated answers if you will take dictation in a quiet place where we can break down this subject, bit by bit, and then We shall see what We shall see!”

Do You have any suggestions as to the questions we should ask first? These are all over the map.

“You should start with what you know about Time and that is actually very little. Let’s define those terms first, before we go off-planet with them. Martin has a wonderful mind and We congratulate him for being so inventive and inquisitive. We can’t wait to dig into this subject with you but it’s hard to do it on a bus. Let’s take our Time and give you more Space to write in.”

Later:  Okay, I’m an Earthling in a three-dimensional universe. Does that reality place us in a particular, measurable, definable Time/Space Paradigm? Oh my Holy Spirit, is this a good starting point?

“No, it is not. Let’s not consider these other Paradigms, because I can hear that next question, waiting to be asked, if I tell you that there are differences. Let’s try to answer “What exactly IS the Earth Time and Space Dimensional Reality?” What would you like to know, specifically, because it’s harder to answer general questions and We like to go bit by bit, as long as you can understand what We are driving at.”

Okay. “For whose sake was the Passage of Time created? We, the Creatures (as in life spans) or Your Own Sake?”

“Now, that is a very extremely simple, deep question. I will have to consider that for a few minutes as it has never occurred to Us, Up Here. Will you explain why you thought of this as your first question?”

We take Time for granted and, in the modern age, have become slave to it. But that’s, more or less, artificial and dictated by our machines concerning daily life. That could all disappear instantly in some great catastrophe, without destroying our actual life. Our bodies grow and age; our pregnancies progress; our stomachs demand food, bodies want sleep; without any intellectual knowledge or measure of time. Ancient societies used the sun and the moon, plus crop phases, and did very well. So, our “tick-tocking” may simply be frills and furbelows on present day life. Unnecessary in the final analysis.

But, why would Time be any more important to the Creatorly Level if You simply set things in motion and then wait patiently for the Creatures to evolve at their own pace? In the long run, what difference does Time make?

I’m sorry, Time. You and I are very close and I’ve never needed to think like this before. But, how, why and where is Time an essential element to Creation?

My God, Linda Layli! You are absolutely correct here. We have not explained it to you, have We?”

No, I’m surprised that this central subject has been neglected. Thanks for asking about this, Martin!

“Well, you are correct! These things just roll along and they do have Mathematics behind them, (a subject that you don’t understand) and the “timing” of everything is calibrated to the Nth degree, but it runs on some Upper Schedule that has nothing to do with the Passage of Time, and everything to do with Inner Sensitivities: ….. the fruit ripens and falls from the tree… birth occurs at various times for every pregnancy….civilizations rise and fall according to internal stresses and the behavior of those within. And, nothing is standard! So, no clock sets these schedules and  forthcoming actions are dictated by every individual situation within an average timeframe for which there are as many exceptions as there are rules.

Thank you for discerning this! It’s one of the dichotomies of all Materialism: that “No one is Minding the Store.” but so much is determined by the Entity, itself. And yet, there is movement of Time and aging is the lot of all particles in a Created Realm. So, Time appears to Rule Supreme!”

Alright,How do we factor Space into this squishy formula? Do the two terms, Time and Space, always interact together in the dimensional worlds?

“Y.E.S! They must, in order for anything to leave the First Dimension, where you will admit, things are pretty limited: being only a single point, with no depth, height or width, beyond its own self. Which is, possibly, where many Third Dimensionals prefer to remain.”

Does Time ever “define” the size of Space? Or have any effect upon its size? One of our questions was about when Light Speed is achieved, Time is said to stand still. I’m so far out of my Understanding Zone, right now, that I really can’t even understand my own question. Help!

“My God, Linda Layli! You have opened the door to something that won’t ever close again to the human minds which can go there. Yes, that is the Truth. Time does define the size of Space and it stretches as the dimensions increase. Have you noticed how, when We are talking about these Inner Subjects, there seems to always be plenty of Time to cover them completely? Or, even that a short answer satisfies that particular point? Time is a very stretchy-sided environment. And that word says it all TIME IS AN ENVIRONMENT! A quality that is usually only associated with Space…..”

Oh yes, and when we say “Give me time….” etc., we really are talking about Space. Usually meaning “Back off and let me think about this.” “I need more time…” It’s really Space that we want, but it’s the sort of space describing the here and now in relation to some future point.

“I’m out of time” means that we are squeezed and can’t expand (wait) any longer! That’s why the word Time/Space is often written that way!

“Y.E.S! It’s strange to talk like this with someone on Earth. You have erased both of these commodities.”

Do You have Time and Space Up There? Or are they only to do with physicality?

“They have nothing to do with these Upper Kingdoms. This is a particular problem of the Created, Physical Realm. But, if We can eliminate human obsession with these dimensional proclivities, then We can work much more closely within their dimensions. Thank you for beginning to unravel this dilemma. It traps you so much to an earthly identity and it may be unnecessary to have to live through this ever-advancing difficulty that Space/Time problems are putting you through.

If you can transcend the burden of spatial locations within a Created Universe, then Earth can advance much faster. So, We hope that this kind of thinking will let everyone free themselves from antiquated belief systems, which work only because they have endured so long and are based in a former Time and a former Space. These are now no longer as significant as they were  in the past, before the Turn of The Millennium; which has, in effect but not yet in reality, changed everything.

The New Dimension is preparing to separate from the Old. At present, they co-exist. But, things will peel off from each other….over TIME…. and there will be a New Dimension for those prepared for the New Paradigm!”

Come to think of it, all we have to do now is to become a rapid world traveler, flying through time zones and day and night periods rapidly, to make both Time and Place pretty much irrelevant. In fact, it’s only when WE stand still, that Time and Space even exist for us anymore in this 21st Century. I know that when I travel, even at the sedate pace of planes and trains, I stop identifying with the passing scene. I don’t particularly care what time it is locally, and even my watch face can’t keep up. So, Space is all that matters…. and even that is moot if I’m merely sitting in an aluminum cabin, coursing through the sky, with its own self-contained atmosphere. That’s our only space at the moment! An airplane interior is, essentially, our own little universe for brief periods, unsustainable over the long haul. However, during all those Freedom Periods, we wait anxiously for that time to be completed, in order for us to return to the truly free life of walking upon a planet within the confines of Time and Space.

When I hear myself thinking this way, it reminds me of university life, when friends sit around speaking together like this. We take-off on other people’s ideas and float around in our own Lack of Confinement for awhile. But, it all feels pretty sophomoric. Oh my Holy Spirit, do You have any comments about all this?

“Well, you could do a lot of damage Up Here, because these thoughts are really correct but they are a little too freeform for many people and there isn’t any reason to shake them up. Space has always been relative to Place. Time has always been very, very relative to Sun and Place. Lifetimes are relative to reincarnational factors, as well as social factors.

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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