Surviving Pet Owners Are In Much Worse Shape Than Their Deceased Pets

Naza writes:

“I recently lost my dog. He was the one person I was closest to. I just want to know if he’s happy where he is, if he has anything he wants to tell me and if he’s going to ever come back to me like I asked him to, several times, before he passed. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right for me to go out and get a new puppy. I don’t know if he wants to come back, but my heart aches for him. Please help me! Please!”

Oh my Holy Spirit! What do You have to say to this bereaved pet owner?

Oh My God, Linda Layli! This person will be happy to have a copy of Our new book, once it is published! This is a typical feeling of owners who have lost their beloved Best Friend.  It is a statement of unity among them and they all feel exactly the same emotions. Especially, that of being disloyal to get another dog to replace that best friend.

If they could only think straight for a moment, they would be able to understand what’s going on here. Animals don’t live as long as humans do. The only way to avoid this dilemma is not to own a pet in the first place. And, for this sort of an animal lover, that is not an option.

So, Naza, of course you will always be Best “Friends;” but, luckily, this isn’t doled out to you as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrance.  Since death doesn’t really exist for any sentient being…. it’s simply a movement into a new condition….you will be reunited in the future. So, get over this grief as best you can! They are just fine in their new home, Up Here, with Me! In fact, they are in a much better place than you occupy; so don’t call them to regress back into your Earth Level where they sacrifice so much to fit into their role here.

Death is a sh0ck to people on Earth, but it never is for the one who goes through that door. Those myths about it are strangely true. No matter how much people fear death, the truth is different from what you might think. I can’t tell you whether to start over again with another animal. It’s neither wrong nor right.

But, you might wait until these emotions subside before taking on a new personality, who deserves to be received without any lingering conditions or expectations. Live with yourself and become a little bit more independent of such emotional support before diving into a new circumstance to which you may have attached hidden strings.”

Naza, the reason that He mentions the new book, (as yet untitled…. watch this space) is because it’s a collection of all of these blog posts collected into subject categories. Believe it or not, the subject of Grief Over Pet Death is the most popular, frequently-asked, and the most-googled one of all and it makes a fairly large and revealing chapter. You are very definitely not alone in your feelings! However, there are not many resources to teach us about animals in the next world; as there are about human spiritual survival after death. 

I would advise you to scroll down through these blog subjects, written over the past four years, and read all that pertain to this question. You will get a much more complete picture of what your darling pet is doing right now and I am sure that it will make you feel much better. They can still be around you but your grief can make it impossible for you to know that. Plus, if you don’t have open psychic channels able to pick up on such subtle sensations, and that is true of most people; then you won’t perceive their presence, anyway. So, don’t worry about it. Live your life simply knowing that such powerful ties of love are never lost and that you will see them again “In the Great Bye & Bye!”









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