Should Humans Give To Beggars? A Surprising Answer!

Oh my Holy Spirit! I have a dilemma! I’ve only seen a few beggars on the sidewalk, but it always brings up the same difficulties in me. Except for a few times in Mexico, I don’t give to beggars. I walk past, usually ignoring them. Yet, it sets up so much conflict within me when I do that. What is Your feeling and personal policy about begging in the first place? And then, what should we humans do about it?

“Oh My God, Linda Layli! I wish you had never asked Me this question. This is not a pretty subject, at all, and it doesn’t sound very beneficial to you, at all. Why do you think that We would not want to answer this question?”

Because I’m probably choosing to do the wrong action in Your Mind. You want me to display more compassion and generosity when I have spare cash and coins and will only spend them on myself, rather than easing their life a bit. Yet, I act just like the majority of all passersbys and look the other way and walk on by. The only remark I have to offer in my own defense (and it may well be a selfish one) is that in so much of what I do, I’m responding to Inner Signals of either aversion or attraction, and I usually respect their psychic call to pull forward, or to repel away. This Beggar Reality repels me, psychically, as would a well-fed, well-clothed person who is begging, verbally. My guard is raised and I don’t want to cater to their need.

However, these street beggars are out in the elements all day, putting “their body where their mouth is,” so to speak. So, they’d have to be desperate and really need it. But, there are so many of them, that once you “soften your policy,” then the only other stance is to give….. and then, give again and again. There must be an overview on this whole subject by The Up? That’s what I’m asking for. How should humans behave towards humans who beg? Should we give or shouldn’t we?

“I honestly don’t have an answer for that because it’s an individual concept!”

Well, in terms of reincarnation, are they people who have returned in a life to experience the utmost of poverty that Earth has to offer?

“No, they are not. But, they do come back to judge the Human Race and if you ignore them, then you may wind up in their place.”

Well, most of the population does ignore them. Will we all, then, return as Beggars?


I have just realized that I’m speaking to a Negative Level Entity, posing as the usual Voice in my head, The  Holy Spirit. The way I can tell is that the speech is sort of bouncy-sounding and shallow, like the one-sentence answers that we see here.  And when I try to go deeper, there’s simply nothing forthcoming.

By now, that’s all that a Negative Level represents to me these days. Passive ignorance! And, that’s why he didn’t want to see a question coming. Hmmm, Carlos, of Chile, wanted The Holy Spirit’s opinion of Happiness. How would you answer that, Oh Poser of An Upper Good Guy?

“Nothing we say will create Happiness in your heart. My opinion of Happiness is so good, so good, so good, and so on and so forth!”

Are you happy?

“No, I am not happy! I am leading a permanently-disabled life. You might be happy but I am not happy and I do not want to have to answer any more questions. Don’t ask me to discover what I am missing. We, Negative Beings hang around all of you to learn what we didn’t learn while we were on Earth. Some of you are happy in spite of beggary, but some of those beggars consider the sitting that they do with their hands out, as their fulltime employment. It doesn’t pay well, but they work for somebody else, who picks them up at night and takes them back early in the morning. So, they’re not as desperate as they appear to be.  And you people, just fall for that silly excuse for a job, and you think that they really have nothing, so some of you give money to them.”

Okay, thanks! That’s a straight answer.

November 28, 2016 – I’m typing an old journal and came across this entry written several months ago. It’s surely the only time that I took dictation from a Negative Entity, thinking that it was The Holy Spirit, right at first. But, this is a good chance to discuss the fact that everybody who can register these Inner Voices, will also be pestered by the Bad Boys, too. That’s no value judgement about the Hearer, at all. If your “Head Radio” is turned on, or tuned in, there will be spirits who’d like to take control of your mind in any way they can; even by pretending to be a Good Guy. 

If they can create FEAR in your heart, then they’ve succeeded in their mission because that’s the first step in controlling you. Then, you might become their “Taxi,” to go get the substance that they were addicted to in life…. booze, drugs, blood? These are the instances that make the news and consign a young man to life in prison because “A voice in his head told him to kill.” That story was all over the papers the day I landed in England this year and explains why Psychiatry calls this metaphysical skill, Schizophrenia.  

I have learned that these ghosts, who hover near earth after their death, are nothing for the Voice Hearer to fear and that they’re actually easy to deal with. It’s not harmful to “chit-chat” with them and you can dispatch them to oblivion with humor and ease; sending them on their way to other dimensions away from this life on earth. I’ll share some of my tips in future posts here, as that side of this phenomenon may be the most crucial to get past the downside of this frequently involuntary Hearing Voices talent of ours.

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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