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Linney asks –  “I have lost my cat Rogue recently, and she had kittens about a month ago. There is one kitten that we are keeping because it looks just like Rogue, has the same personality as her. But the kitten is a male. Please respond…. I’m not sure if this is early reincarnation or something else….”

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Do You have any advice for Linney?

“N.O! These are the sort of questions I refuse to answer. They are way too specific. It’s okay if you publish them here, but please don’t ask Me to comment, as the Human Race cannot understand these matters and needn’t be asking about them.”

Martin writes –

Thanks so much for your reply, you can’t possibly imagine how much I value your kindness & also wisdom & insights into this realm! ‘Bette My’ is what we called our wonderful Black & White Cat, ‘bette’ means little in Danish. I’m distressed not just from its passing but also the circumstances (it was approx 14-14½ years old).

Approx 3 weeks prior to its death it had undergone surgery where a tumor had been successfully removed which we were very grateful of. One Sunday it was enjoying some sunshine out on our terrace when it suddenly went into some uncontrollable spasms & since it had been in the sun for a while we thought it had gotten a sun stroke, we phoned the vets but there was only a switch-board employee since it was on a Sunday & she confirmed it could might well be sunstroke so we provide our cat plenty of Water & relaxation in the shade & this carried on into the coming days as we couldn’t see any symptoms or apparent illness apart from our cat not being able to stand properly so it was mostly confined to its transport box where we provided Water & food for it regularly, however the intake of nourishment stopped last Saturday & it passed away late in the evening to our utter shock!

I’m left filled with guilt & remorse because we neglected to take it back to the vets in time to try & save it, as we were later told it most likely suffered a seizure. The vacuum left behind is unbearable as its presence was ever commanding with its distinctive strong aura!

Oh my Holy Spirit! Martin feels guilty for his cat’s death because things might have turned out differently if he had returned to the Vet’s and had it treated for seizure rather than sun stroke. Can You give him any perspective on that?

“It is rather too much to expect that an owner can prevent the death of an elderly cat. He did the very best he could have done with the instructions he was given. There is usually some reason found to punish yourself in the face of an unexpected death.

Don’t worry, Martin, death is normal, both to animals and humans, and it cannot be put off forever. Now, you need to forgive yourself and give Bette My credit for such a profound self-examination as part of her departure. She did not suffer during her passage from life and she is not suffering now. So, let her go peacefully and wait until it is your turn to die in order to receive proper answers to the questions listed below. These are too complex and not exactly important for those alive on Earth today. Plus, there is now a difference between The Past and The Future within the New Millennium, so old beliefs, such as Reincarnation, do not apply now.”

1.) What happens to animals in the afterlife, what type of transition do they go through & what type of life will they experience as I gather they live on, some place else in ‘soul spirit’, how does this differentiate from what they looked like here on earth & would we be able to recognize our own pet(s) at the time of possible reunion, have they changed in any way, shape or form?

“They usually don’t return in any way, shape or form to Earth, though they will greet their owners when they die if there is sufficient love between them and they will look the same as the human knew them.”

2). Where is our beloved cat now, & how can I keep track of her?

“Obviously, you cannot keep track of her. It’s not possible while you are alive. Not with your dead family members and especially, not with your animal friends. This is nothing for humans to concern themselves with.

3). Who meets/takes care of our animals on the other side?

“Again, too much information is being requested. Impossible to answer.”

4). Where is this place called ‘the other side’, is it on another spiritual plane, another density/dimension & how far (in distance) is this from planet earth?

“Never mind these physically-couched questions. It is apples & oranges.”

5). Is this place referred to as the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ a place where our pets continue the evolutionary path, if so how long do they stay there?

“Yes, people call it “The Rainbow Bridge.” Let’s just leave it at that. Animals do not come to Earth to evolve spiritually. They are already accomplished. They come to help humans evolve by teaching them how to love. Time is not measurable on that Side.”

6). Channelers propose the possibility of communication with a deceased animal through telepathy. I would be very grateful if you could  tune into my cat’s thoughts via this medium & get return messages describing its current feelings/mood/frame of mind & how would I know it’s my cat you’re channeling to/from?

“We are not going to experience this cat’s thoughts right now because he is way too demanding of your services.”

I do feel strange goosebumps on my right lower leg that began when I transcribed this part of this long question into my journal to write down the answer.  Let’s just assume that she is using my leg as a scratching post and move on from there.

7). I would very much like the opportunity to redeem myself towards out cat, is one provided a second chance here in life, as there’s so much left unsaid that I would like to be able to communicate?

“Maybe this message is that very opportunity? You can speak to your cat privately without any interpreter if there is anything that you want her to understand. She can hear your thoughts when you think of her. Stop being so worried and let her go on with her future self. Just let go of her. This is good advice for both people and pets when they cross The Great Divide. There is a reason for that name!”

8). Pets choosing to Reincarnate back here on planet earth do they choose their same owners if the bond is sufficiently strong, if so, how are we notified about their return arrival & will they come back in their infancy or as a strong, healthy youthful cat?

“Never mind hoping for reincarnation in this New Millennium. It has been discontinued!”

9). Do you think we will become reunited down here on this earth plane in this life-time, if so what would it depend upon?

“Reincarnation is not happening any more. For man nor beast.”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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