Perhaps Your Dog Who Died Has A Lesson to Teach You?

This is a continuation of my last post about eleven-year-old, Aurora’s young dog, Dusty, who was hit by a car just a few days ago:

From: Aurora
Subject: Re: Your answer about Dusty’s Death

Thank you😃It made me feel a lot better. Sorry to trouble you, but, one more question I forgot to ask earlier. Do you know if Dusty will be able to reincarnate? If you’re not able to answer, then its okay. I’m just curious.

Hi Aurora,

       I was just this minute reading your comment sent a little earlier when this email came in from you, too. The whole business about Reincarnation has changed just in the past fifteen years, since the Millennial Rollover, and mostly that whole plan concerned human beings and not animals.
      For centuries, and thousands of years, before the year 2000, the New Millennium, there was a possibility of Reincarnation for humans who were taking on a new Earth Life for the purpose of perfecting themselves or learning the lessons that they should have learned in their past life. Like a second chance to get it right. One more chance to put spiritual truths to work in their life. So, people got to come back….usually in harder circumstances…. like getting held back in school, while your classmates went on ahead. It was about failing a life’s class and having to come back to repeat it.
      Animals never did need to reincarnate because they are spiritual, in the first place. Often, they didn’t have the test of Free Will, like people did. Humans could choose their direction….whether to be moral or not. To choose right or wrong. Because God knew that we all carry his consciousness in our own brains and He was testing us Down Here in Materialism to see what we would choose….what He would do in our circumstances. Lots of us were Godlike, but many of us chose to be selfish and either evil or negative. But, after many Millenniums, God’s scientific test finally came to an end. That’s why the Bible and many religious teachings called the late 1990’s The Time of The End. The test period was over…. He found out that humans will often chose selfishness or negative behavior if they “want” to. That ended at the new Millennium and we might have lost that wide-open freedom to chose to be bad.  Gradually, we are realizing our interdependence and that we have to behave ourselves for the good of the whole population.
        Animals are not under those same tests and they come in to grace the planet with their presence and to help us….either as pets, or food, or simply planetary population. It’s harder down here on Earth for animals than it is in Heaven where they return after they die.  Many humans have become dependent upon their pets and grieve their passing terribly, even if the pet was very old and feeble and the owner knew that death would inevitably separate them. Maybe, sometimes, that pet might even return in a reincarnated body to help that owner continue in life. But, it was always a risk to the pet. One of my earlier blogs on explains this. You can read it if you scroll back to old posts. A pet might be left alive in the world when it’s beloved owner (whom they had returned for) dies before them. Then, what do they do? You’re a child, so that wouldn’t be the problem with you. But, the returning pet always has to give up their real Home in Heaven to come back down here, so it is not usually done and required of them. And the new millennium has changed the whole former practice of reincarnation… anyway, and it’s not going to be done much any more, even for people.
       Dusty’s job might have been to teach you these hard lessons about Death???? What do you think?  As tough as it is on you right now, he’s probably doing a pretty good job. You are thinking about subjects that you never would have any other way. You are facing things and learning that you can survive. As hard as it feels and is. You will get through to the other side of this sadness and grief and one of the things that you will learn is that Love is still Possible! That’s why finding another pet to love is a pretty good idea. Love isn’t a limited commodity and you will someday, thank Dusty for teaching you this big, huge truth. Now, how could any little wordless animal get that whole, massive concept across except by showing you in real life practice?
        Tears and sadness and sorrow and missing someone….. still doesn’t kill you! You will get through this and you will be stronger because of it. Dusty is happy Up There! Eventually you will be happy again, too, Down Here! And there are lots and lots of other loving ones to unite with and love just as much, while you still love him. So, there is no answer to the Reincarnation Question. Probably not! But, if you look into another sweetie pie’s eyes and see his spirit….. well then, who knows? That might be a new form of Reincarnation. Love can happen over and over and over. And that’s what you are missing right now….the LOVE that Dusty had to give you. His other lesson to you is, that Love is unlimited and others and other pets and doggies and who knows what all…. kitties, maybe? can give it to you. So, let the grief happen. Cry as much as you want. But, eventually, remember the joy that he had for life and open up to that again. Life goes on and Dusty will be there when you come Home, Up There in Heaven. But, you have a lot of life and a lot of love to live in the meantime. It’s going to be alright!
Love, Linda

Thank you a lot😊


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