Oh, The Beautiful Lessons That A Happy, Free, Bird Can Teach!

This wonderful communication began in the last posting on this website about a Parrot, named Cindu, who had flown away from home, but remained free, within sight of her owner and his brother, as if she had a message to communicate. She has  certainly succeeded in teaching both me and Tamil a very profound lesson. Will you be among her students, too?

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your response madam,and now i feel that my cindu needs freedom and also she need to be in her world ,its correct and my fear is about ,my cindu should be safe and don’t catch by predators.i need my cindu live her life with happy and joy rather than living with fear .thats my thought and when my cindu left me ,after that iam praying to god to help to my cindu to live a safe life.Kindly reply madam,

Dear Tamil,

You are wonderful in your ability to receive Cindu’s lesson. Maybe it would help you to research the subject of parrots as much as possible. You will learn that they live extremely long lives…. often as many decades as humans do. Also, that they are very, very intelligent! Elephants, whales, dolphins, and birds, such as parrots, are extremely smart and they also can help each other. And, they can help humans, as that first blog post that you read….about the seagull helping my friend, Wendy, avoid the shark. https://www.insecretdiffusion.com/site/?p=196
On my website, www.insecretdiffusion.com, there are some quotes from my book by that name. In there, is the answer to my question “Do Animals Pray to You.” https://www.insecretdiffusion.com/site/?page_id=14 The answer is my source for that beautiful book and website title.
You see, they are always in touch with God and the Angels and the Upper Kingdoms. They get their guidance without even having to ask for it. But, of course, your prayers also help her marvelously. And, guess what? The fact that The Holy Spirit has learned about her because of your question, means that He loves her very much. Imagine how happy she must feel right now. She has become your Partner, instead of your Pet.
 Cindu will have her resources to figure things out…..in case she has grown up in a cage and hasn’t had any freedom. Don’t worry. Wild creatures have instinct and they can communicate with God and with each other. They were not built to be raised by man. Think of the proud Eagles and Hawks who fly free over the plains and mountains. Imagine their life in a zoo or an aviary. Prison, indeed! Like chaining up proud chiefs!  But, humans truly don’t know these things and are not intentionally punishing their pets. Humans just can’t put themselves in animals’ place in order to understand.  I know, because I have lived that kind of life.
Here’s a story from my own life. I was raised in my grandmother’s house in Florida… my mother and we four girls. My grandmother, Matilda, had owned Polly, a green parrot, for so many, many years and I don’t know what happened to Polly after Matilda’s death. I didn’t think much about it. She had always been there, so we took it for granted and mostly, we ignored her in her small, round-top cage with just one perching bar, a feed and a water dish, and newspaper on the 1 ft x 1 ft cage bottom. Once in awhile, an adult would move her cage to the front porch or back to the dining room by the old-fashioned telephone on the wall. She could squawk and talk a bit, mimicking my grandmother’s voice on the phone. We kids were instructed to keep our fingers out of the cage and to leave her alone. She was just part of the scenery and all she could do was use her bill on the bars to move around a tiny bit. She might not have had enough room to spread her wings out, even while perching.
When I was in first grade, somebody would bring Polly in her cage to school to show her to the class. She was still in the family in that cage, when I graduated from high school and went to college. Then, my grandmother died very old and I don’t know where Polly went next, but you’d better believe she was still in that cage that she surely spent her whole life in, with nothing to do but watch our noisy bunch making life miserable for her. Nothing to look forward to, or use her massive intelligence on, but a few peanuts and pumpkin seeds every day. I’m sure Matilda loved her….. but she didn’t show it. She might have inherited her from somebody else. I never asked. Polly was just part of the furniture and a  dangerous, non-cuddly, part at that.
Of course, I knew nothing about these truths that I’m passing on to you now, that The Holy Spirit has explained to me. But, even if I had known it, or figured it out, I didn’t own Polly and wouldn’t have had the authority to release her.  And that will be true of you, too, if you ever decide to speak up on behalf of these poor caged animals. If it doesn’t belong to you, you can’t set it free or tell them to do that.  The world still isn’t very mature about these things. So, it’s an education process but it might have already started in your own life????  And, that’s a start. And, the real advantage is that you can understand BOTH SIDES!!!!  That’s why I say that you were “Chosen.” You completely know and sympathize with the Owners but, thanks to Cindu freeing herself and then staying around a bit to help you figure this out, you have actually communicated with the Animal Kingdom in a most direct way. So, you can speak FOR them, as most humans can’t.
Now, Tamil, my friend, I need to ask for your help in protecting me and my website. Yesterday, when I sent my answer to you, I mistakenly replied on the page that the wordpress had sent me with your query. That might have given you access to my writing area, which nobody but me is supposed to have. Right now, I might be as helpless as Polly the Parrot was in my unenlightened care so many years ago. Would you please destroy that page and not share it with anyone? I would very much appreciate it and trust you with my life, as Cindu did, too.
Isn’t this an interesting adventure that her freedom has launched you on? Where will it take you in the future?
With love, Linda

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