Meat-Eaters, Vegans, Big Pharma, Contraceptives? How Does It All Stack Up?

Our prolific correspondent, Brooke, supplied many more excellent, wide-ranging questions, continued here.

Brooke #12: Can you program and re-program anything? Perhaps, with intention? Say, programming a glass of orange juice I’m drinking to bring healing to my interiors?

“No, you cannot, unless you are already a Great Creative Force in your own right! A glass of orange juice will work its healing on anyone’s interiors, whether they think to ask it to do so, or not. Even water bestows such a blessing automatically. Conversely, you cannot “program” crankcase oil to be beneficial to your gut, no matter how many wands you wave over it. We recommend that humans simply stick to their general accumulated wisdom and physical practices instead of forcing a result in such an ephemeral way. Of course, you could intentially add vitamins to the juice to improve the outcome, but that was not the purpose behind this question.”

Brooke #13: Is there a Hierarchy of Beings in existence? Ex: I am a Vegetarian who feels its better to eat plants than animals, as I don’t believe humans should decide when an animal’s consciousness ends. Does it all have a soul? What’s the boundary? Oh my Holy Spirit! What’s Your take on the subject of eating, in general?

“Linda Layli, Layli Linda! I don’t have one! I wish I did as it would make this business a whole lot easier! I have to go by My Own gut and how I think I should be feeling!”

Do You do any eating Up There?

“Well, We do and We don’t! There are Levels Up Here, as I think I have told you before. The closer We must be to any Created Realm, then the more like that Realm Our Own Bodies become and the more physical Our Heavenly Environment appears. This is the Realm that Earth considers to be in utmost perfection and it receives the rising souls of your spiritualized and advanced departed ones. There are many such places, Out There, which reflect the highest qualities of the planet under Their care.

Therefore, the human diet is in great demand in this Earth planet’s ideal state. Animals appear on menus, Up Here, as they do within the general environment which is, basically, an ideal Earth environment. As a Heavenly Earth, so to speak. However, transition from one state to another, is dealt with very, very differently. Suffering is non-existent. Humans “transcend” from Level to Level. There is no physical body to be dealt with. Edibles, whether plant, animal, fowl, or sea creatures, simply appear at will, in ready-to-eat form; without benefit of a slaughterhouse, market, or kitchen. Go figure! It’s Heaven!”

And, since the consciousness continues in spite of death, that’s not the strongest reason to keep it alive. Actually, humans die at all ages, anyway; even though they are not being regularly eaten. Except by the bugs and worms, of course.

Brooke #14: Should humans eat meat? (Has this been made moot by the previous answer?)

“Yes, it has! It’s up to the individual or the surrounding society to figure these details out. As long as the health requirements can be satisfied, those decisions are left to the population. Individual tastes usually conform to the norms set for them.”

Brooke #15: Western medication, what a fiasco! How can we understand and stop Big Pharma from taking over our lives and bodies?

“Stop worrying about it so much! Anything you dislike so powerfully as you do about the drug production industry, will implant negativity within your physical and spiritual body type. Only by letting go of the subject can you escape the negativity you have imagined it to represent. Why not go after the Whiskey Distillers while you are at it? Big Pharma fills a commercial demand that is part of the Modern Era. Just as Fast Food and Video Games do!”

Brooke #16: What is the effect of oral contraceptives on the bodies, minds and spirits of women? Is this something that women should stop taking?

“If they do stop taking or using any sort of contraceptives, then Earth will take a big step backwards and over-population will finish this planet in very short order! We are barely seeing the beneficial effect that the Contraceptive Movement has put in women’s hands to gain some sort of control over their own bodies. But at least, We can detect some drop in the runaway over-population glitch that Earth is always up against. Humans have become like a runaway, bacterial colony on Earth’s outer layer, and she was dying from that infestation. It was a direct matter of the Host being destroyed by the overgrowth of the alien culture residing upon her surface.

Okay, after establishing a sympathetic attitude towards your rocky ball, circling your sun and quarantined from its own solar system due to contagions caused by its human population; let’s zero-in on the guilty party: the Human Race. The male-female balance of that, originally alien, colony has been out-of-whack for a very long time. Males have dominated for most of its recorded Earth history, and war has been a continuing characteristic and debilitaing tendency. So much so, that Earth was on the short list for execution!

But, We admire many qualities about Earth and her Earthling Community and have been hoping that, somehow, somewere, someday, things could get better. They were so bad at one point, that We considered war as beneficial, simply as a great and effective population control. However, nuclear disaster was not healthy for Outer Space and We prayed that things would not go that far! Then, came the Women’s Movements, when the female half of the population began to speak up; began to run for office and take on leadership positions and to take control over their own reproductive rights.

Oral contraceptives give a woman far more control than the physical barriers, such as condoms, ever did! The right to decide for herself, whether or not, to conceive a child; and particularly, how many children to bear, has made a very positive and rapid improvement in all societies on the planet. Hopefully, any medical negatives can be improved upon, but We will continue to support the rising power of the female population on this still weak and wavering Planet Earth.

After all, Gaia, herself, is a feminine planet!”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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