Is There Any Way To Regain My “Lost Energy Fields?”




Anya has written three questions/comments to this site within the past twenty-four hours and they are general enough to the wider population to attempt to answer them here. Some readers have submitted personal questions so specific to their own life or body, that we decide not to go there, as it becomes more like offering psychic advice.

However, if The Holy Spirit’s direct answer to one person’s rather cosmic question could also be applied to similar situations  and, especially, if it’s one that hasn’t been much discussed elsewhere; then we are thrilled to take a shot at it. Keep sending in your questions, but if it’s too specifically personal, don’t be insulted if it’s accepted as a comment but goes unanswered. We are aiming for answers for the whole Human Race and the Whole Planet Earth. Most psychics don’t do that and I don’t do what most psychics do! Here is Anya’s first comment. Yes, it’s personal but it could be the way that many, many people are feeling here at the Millennium and many readers can identify with these same feelings:

“I hear all the time even from people who are non-believers that they’re “drawn to my energy”, that was the first thing my husband told me when we met and neither one of us understands what it means. I do have to say that I am very sensitive to a lot of things in a way that I can’t explain and if I try people think I’m a nut case. Again, I myself don’t know what it all is/means, I just can’t deny the fact that there is something out there, much bigger than we are allowed to understand in this life, or should I say…remember? There is a purpose for that why we are not, what purpose – don’t know. Long story short, all these differences I experienced during childhood especially were overwhelming and at some point of life I started using drugs, heavily, for years. It’s almost 15 years since I quit, but even though I am “clean” from drugs I m not the same person I used to be speaking “energy”. I feel it, I know it, I know it’s bad and I’m not myself in any way any more. It feels like whatever it is…that was protecting me, that was making me so strong …shield, energy field, something else besides this physical body was half destroyed, that instead of being whole it’s more like that thing for draining spaghetti . I feel weak in every way, less of a person, I have to admit that I’m depressed most of the time and overall, insecure, suspicious, jealous and “mad at the whole world” human now… There must be something still left in me, if my husband said what he said and I was already this “cripple” by that time. As a matter of fact he was the only one by then who said something about energy he felt around me, I thought I lost it forever. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to be able to become the way I used to be . To get it back, be the same person I was. Is that possible at all? Is there a way for me to find myself again, or did I forever loose it? If there is something that can be done to heal my spirit…(I am not even sure what I am talking about!) if there is anything to get back what I lost, please, tell me. I don’t know what is it I m referring to but I feel lost, weak, vulnerable, scared and neurotic. Such a pity. I feel disconnected from something that I know I need, but where and how to get it I have no idea. I just know that it’s bad. And there is that hopelessness, just hopelessness. I used to be strong, solid and… sure. I done even use these words no more . I simply can’t enjoy life, be happy, etc… I got so much, I was truly blessed and my husband is the most loving man I ve ever met. He is the love of my life. And I am “that” he has for a wife, he only says that he knows it’s still inside of me. (By the way, he is just as atheist as it gets, meaning that he is spiritual in my opinion don’t try to tell him “how it is really” unless you have proof of it) He simply knows how much I m suffering. I’m at the point when I consider starting taking meds , some anti-depressants, something just so I am “stable” and pleasant to be around. And that’s what destroyed me on the first place. I know there is a big difference between street drugs and legal prescription , but it ‘s the same thing that turns you into a zombie, that makes you somebody else, not true you. Just a robot. I would do anything to get back my true self. I m still very sensitive to all kinds of things around me, otherwise I wouldn’t run across your website browsing for “solar flares”. That’s why I hope “it” really is still in me, it’s there, I just need to find it and claim it again. Does that make any sense? Probably not. But if there is anything you can tell me about this please, do. I will so appreciate it, even just some answer. Just reply. I feel so alone in this and… This subject is not something you can easily talk about to people. I don’t even know how to explain it, I just hope you know what I’m talking about. Can I get myself back? Is there any way? Please, tell me something. Thank you. -Anya.”

Oh my Holy Spirit! Anya remembers how it felt to be young and strong with much Inner Energy and that seems to have been damaged, or reduced by half, more than fifteen years ago, when she experienced heavy drug use, now discontinued. But, she has a memory of that earlier time and longs to feel such energy again. She seems to be mourning its loss. What would You like to say to Anya, oh my Holy Spirit? Can she ever feel that way again?

“Oh My God, Linda Layli, Layli Linda! This is the best little blitherer in all of this planet right now! (a high compliment) I love My Lovers to remember those early days of Our Connection. We were once in such communion, she and I; and then, this old world got in the way. I don’t suppose she remembers what we used to talk about, does she? It sounded like such nut-case stuff to anybody she tried to explain it to, and at first, the drugs seemed to help her go into trance. But then, as she well knows, they take over and I can’t connect anymore. That’s true of psychiatric medicines too, as you found out, Linda, when your husband put you in the psych ward when your Hearing Channels first opened.

Anya, this road of communication between these two dimensions is not an easy one to walk…and to stay upright on. But, you are doing quite well, actually. It sounds as if you are homesick for Our Connection; which you once had in youth, perhaps before others started telling you it was craziness. If you want to return to what we were working on; it’s still there waiting for you.

Maybe it will feel different since you are no longer that wet-behind-the-ears juvenile, but a mature woman with your own experiences and hard knocks gained from this World Below. You did come into life to learn about this material World Below, as did every other human. To have such a contrast (between the dimensions) while wearing a human body, is a heavier test than many humans have to undergo.

You are correct that most memories of the soul’s experience in these Higher Realms are not allowed to follow them into a new life here on Earth. However, because of our Connection, you had some Great Heavenly Energies happen once you had arrived in this life. So, you naturally long for that feeling again. You can understand, more than the ordinary human, why pre-life memories are closed off to reincarnating people. Life here just doesn’t compare and it doesn’t help that an Earth Life is comparatively short…very short, indeed, compared to Our Time. When you are Down There, time moves ever so slowly.

I don’t know if you’ll ever get the same degree of youthful energy back. Stop and think about it for a minute: How many adults want the same thing? A return to their glory days, when everything was bright and shiny new. Whatever the advantages were then: freedom, a promising future, slimness, none of the world’s baggage, good looks…. It’s pointless to focus on the past, as life pushes everyone into maturity, whether they like it or not.

So, here’s what I have to recommend: See if you want to regain any connection with Us, Up Here and try it gently and with a good sense of humor. I would recommend walking and talking; conversing with Us….Whoever you feel comfortable with…or just yakking away at the empty air. Cheerfully talking all this stuff over with Me, or Whoever, silently in think-talking, if others are around, or out loud if you have privacy.

Don’t get too tangled up in “Results,” such as whether you can actually hear Me answering you. Maybe you will/maybe you won’t, but I will hear you when you are sending your thoughts Upwards. Don’t just obsess about all these problems. Share your funny side; your everyday self; include Me in your LIFE. It’s actually a lot of fun but many people still can’t appreciate this habit so it’s best to just keep it Our Secret. Though, maybe your husband would understand.

I’d like him to read two passages right here on this website to see how much alike we think, he and Me.  1. A blog post about midway down the Do You Have a Question list called “What Are Acid-Based Protozoa and What Do They Have To Do With Atheists?”

2. The other is well down the column on the Answers By The Holy Spirit page: “Do You Have Any Comments For the Atheists & Agnostics Among Us?”  Ask him to remember his own reasons for turning away from the religions and I Am right there, sharing that feeling, which pretty much says it all on your comment about whether I exist or not.”

Something just occurred to me, Anya. Try banning the word, ENERGY from your vocabulary…like for a whole year or more. Let it sneak back in without being measured and quantified every second. You know what scientists say about an observed phenomenon: That the act of observation sends it into oblivion! Choose a different quality to look for in yourself: Silliness is good. So is Joy, Laughter, Originality, Happiness……

If you are looking for Spirituality that is the opposite of Religion, then you need to flee from Seriousness; especially that which holds you up to a measuring board and counts the drops of Energy residing within. Give yourself a break and take up Walking and Talking and making jokes with God. It’s okay, you know, and the child-within will feel welcomed again.

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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