Is Jesus The Only Way To God, The Father, As The Bible Says He Is?

This post is a continuation of questions sent in by Amanda concerning the Coming of Jesus Christ:

Is Jesus the ONLY WAY to God, The Father, like The Bible says He is?

“N.O! He is One of the Ways, certainly; but He never was the only Way. That is a construct of those who were His early followers; and then, naturally, of the priesthood and religious organizations that sprang up to perpetuate His Truth.

Everything He said is true, but it did not pertain to the thousands of years to follow His time period. It is all relative and much has been selectively published to establish Christianity as the Prime Teaching for all of the world.

That was never Our intention, because this is an ever-developing relationship that The God Realm has with the much-more temporary Human Realm. The truths and teachings delivered in all of the Spiritual Beliefs received by mankind, are very respectful of each other, but may vary according to their time periods. Therefore, many Manifestarions of God are just as authentic as Jesus is, and was, in His Day.”

And, if He was The One, True Savior, then is He the Savior for more than just this planet?

“Yes, He is; and No, He isn’t! They cannot be compared to Earth because all other places of planetary life are not expected to deliver the same situations that Earth is designed for. So, it’s not possible to compare those Beings and life lessons that Earth must provide.

In the same way that underwater creatures live very differently from air-breathing, land occupants; those on higher and lower planes of existence need other types of Revelators.

This is far too complicated to transmit to Earthlings. But, Jesus’ station as a Manifestation of God preserves for Him an important and eternal place in the history of His planet. And His followers will always be welcomed and received in the Heaven Above”

Amanda submitted three more equally-important questions about Jesus’ Coming, which will be covered in the next posts.

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