In Secret Diffusion (continued…)

Many topics in this book provide tips on how to best handle daily life on Earth: marriage and sex, including homosexuality, work, the raising of children, angels, ghosts, UFO’s and alien visits, the consequences of another world war, destruction of the environment and solution to global warming. This book is full of practical and impractical answers. The impractical being those other-worldly topics which we can do nothing about but which we have always been so curious to understand. Since the millennium, it seems that the Heavens have opened and books about God’s Voice heard by ordinary people have grabbed the public’s attention and are rapidly expanding spiritual awareness and understanding throughout all cultures. Humans are now thirsty for cosmic knowledge and it is no longer considered schizophrenic to claim to receive Inner information from Unseen Sources. Taken as a whole, this sudden new genre provides the proverbial elephant explored by the hands of the blind men. However, for perhaps the first time in history, there is no disagreement between the Sages. Amazingly, all of these new books published around the Millennium, are in complete harmony with each other, offering their own important clues about that Heavenly Pachyderm named Cosmic Truth. In Secret Diffusion happily takes its place right in the middle of this boisterous and beautiful flood of new knowledge which is now being poured over the heads of humankind.

Comment from the back cover of the book:
“Because I had no idea of who was speaking, for many years I shied away from, and actively tried to silence this Voice until I finally decided to listen. Thus began a long and lively running conversation with The Holy Spirit.
One day, I realized that I should take the role of a talk show hostess and ask all of the burning questions that I have always wanted to know but have never had anyone to ask. So was born this ongoing interview which slips and slides among whatever topics I could think of. It was no-holds-barred and resulted in some very shocking answers.
In my personal life, I’m just a regular woman who likes to backpack alone around the world once in awhile.”