In Changing Dimensions Between Life & Death, Do We Always Return To The Same Planet?



I´m now writing a lot of posts to catch up on time lost leaving the States and traveling to Brazil. As explained in the previous post, I´m currently living in Abadiania, Brazil and taking part in all the activities at the John of God Healing Casa (Google or You Tube this). This is a very potent place where people come from all over the world for healing and spiritual understanding. Some of my pousada mates learned that I could take dictation From Above and have been providing me with some excellent questions. This one was asked by Anna, of Florence, Italy:

Oh my Holy Spirit! Anna has asked a very deep question concerning Dimensions and places of existence throughout our repeated coursings through life and death. I know that You were present, listening, while she asked the question and that You understand the true nature of her query, while I might not completely grasp it, but I shall try to paraphrase it, though we are working through language difficulties.

Today, we live in a corporeal body on a material plane (Step 1); then we die and leave this dimension to continue to exist “somewhere else,” in a place that we imagine to be non-material (Step 2). Or, is it merely a different dimension from Earth´s but one which has familiar properties…possibly, even an appropriate “material form” for that Region? Anyway, we know that we continue in our consciousness and we wear some sort of a body which feels exactly right to us there.

I believe her question concerns Step 3, when we are ready to evolve again into some continuation of our training within a more restrained existence in a physical body and a forgetful consciousness. Are we always limited to Earth, as far as places of life, or can we hope to move on to higher spiritual dimensions? If so, where might those be? Other planets, perhaps?

“Oh My God, Linda Layli, Layli Linda! What a great, great question! This group of beautiful women is currently bringing life to our writing project! Okay now, let´s talk about the subject of Dimensional Training Places. This Earth is only one of many “kajillions” of places of reincarnation in the soul´s upward evolution.

Earth is very close to the bottom of the pyramid, as you already know and for that reason, it is serving as a Matrix Planet, which is a very singular position in the evolution of the perfection of life. Whatever happens here is very basic to what will occur in the Upper Realms. If Our basement is falling apart, it is not a good foundation for the whole of creation.

Many things which began on Earth were giving Us problems in the Higher Realms because Earth is where We send our Young Souls to begin their upward journey. Most of them could not graduate from this lower elementary school because darkness and evil had achieved the upper hand and blotted out the  knowledge of God, blinding these Young Souls to their own reality as tiny pieces of the One Consciousness; a portion of which was entrusted to them upon their creation. So, these Young Souls could not progress away from this elementary level represented by the simple third dimensional Earth.`

May I ask if this has always been the case… that Earth was veiled by ungodliness and evil behavior; or has that been a somewhat recent development? Have other earthly cycles not been so hampered?

“What you don´t know is that there have always been consciousnesses capable of pulling out of this swamp and continuing to Higher Dimensions after only a few lives; but most people have had to come again and again and again; recycling to lives in a dimension similar to their previous life. Now however, this Millennium has brought a change in that repeated rotation.

This time period truly fulfills the prophecies concerning The Time of The End! The long testing period is finally over. The examination has produced its fruits and the results are final, as far as this Earth is concerned. Those who did not qualify for advancement, by spiritualizing themselves during their current life on this spiritual-but-physical plane of existence, this three-dimensional Earth Level, will be retired and not sent around to try again in a new lifetime. Their little bit of consciousness will be taken back into The Great Creative Force´s  Mind, from whence it came originally, and they will cease to exist as individuated human consciousnesses upon their death from the current life. If a human has failed to spiritualize, even after many reincarnational attempts, they will go to no dimension; although their former consciousness will exist forever without the distinction of personal selfhood, which had failed to develop itself for so many lifetimes. It will return to its place within the Mind of God.

The Golden Bits of My Consciousness, who have been able to recognize Me through the Murk of Materiality and who have spiritualized under these brutal earthly conditions; those human beings, owners of My Own Consciousness, will go instantly upon their death into a much higher dimension than they have ever known on Earth. It will be both a Heavenly and a Physical dimension, which is not the same kind of testing field as everyone has experienced during this long, long, long trial to find out “What the given situation of this Earth Dimension would produce.”

What will happen to this Earth as we know it? Is it evolving upwards too?

“This Earth is in evolution too, because she is also a Being, living in a far-larger dimension than any earth human can comprehend. You, and all of the humans sharing your planet, are simply molecules or little bacterial colonies, living your brief lives; which have recently become extremely bothersome to your host body, who also needs to heal herself. She is in the middle of her period of testing and she must bring about her own healing.

There will be a very difficult period while she gets control of the runaway human bacterial population; but the fact that enough of her inhabitants have passed a very, very dangerous and stringent testing period means that Earth has qualified to progress into a Higher Dimension and will survive to continue to a healthier and much-restored state for her future inhabitants. This will truly be known as a New Era of life on Earth, as soon as the dust settles. That may take a little while, however.”

Thank You! That was Anna´s second question… about a New Era which she senses that we could be entering. She also wondered if the “Quality of Time” will change so that Past, Present, and Future, more or less, become the same? How can that be? Or will it be?

“Yes, Anna has perceived a very subtle characteristic of the future of Earth. Life will not be as noticably segmented because that is symptomatic of juvenile growth periods. Earth Time, in the future, will represent a Coming of Age; a Time of Maturity, when many things have evened out. It will be much more peaceful and settled and will be so delightful a Present, that no one will long for the Past or dream of the Future, but will love and thrive in the Present Day.”

That´s exactly what all the Prophecies have extolled, isn´t it? I´m so glad to know that we will achieve it!

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