In a State of Unconsciousness, The Consciousness Still Exists



In my previous post, I wrote an answer to John Metatron´s question about consciousness. My friend, Elena, has now commented about the simultaneous presence of Unconsciousness and Consciousness. So, let´s explore that subject, as well.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Am I correct in stating that, if a person becomes unconscious, temporarily or in a long-term coma, that their basic consciousness continues, as always; but just doesn´t, or can´t, express through its living human body? The physical connection becomes muted, as in a sleeper; but the autonomic functions continue, since a human´s very essence is their consciousness?

“That´s right, Linda Layli! It´s simply a matter of language. “Losing consciousness” refers only to the awareness of a person to their surroundings; but The Consciousness remains with the human until death occurs, at which time there is still no real “loss of consciousness,”even though it leaves the Earth and ceases to move that temporary bodily assignment.

The only way that a Being can be deprived of its consciousness is when it is removed from that soul and returned to the Mind of God, from whence it originally came. This is only done at the end of a long, long, long physical time period, if that human being has failed to recognize his, or her, divine origins and has refused to become spiritualized by lighting itself with a belief in its Creator.

This extraction is happening, at last, in this New Millennium and is The Judgement Day spoken of in all the Holy Scriptures of the ages. Only this withdrawal of the gift of a consciousness to a human entity would constitute a different kind of unconsciousness… a subtraction, permanently, of the resident consciousness carried by a human being. These failed humans will not feel their self-hood, ever again.

The usual kind of unconsciousness referred to on Earth, is merely a medical term; or it could mean an unawareness of truth, as in, when someone is unconscious of their true nature. But these would still retain their potential capacity to `wake up`to their actual reality.”

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