How It Feels To Have A Global Conversation About Snippets Of A Past Life




I’m really thrilled that this site is attracting some faithful friends with whom a dialogue is springing up in such an easygoing way. This comment is from Erica, from Brazil, who wrote a few weeks ago with a question about Pleiadian Starseeds. (See the posting about A Question With A Pleidian Starseed.)Today, she sent a new question from South America and here I am in  a hostel in Oslo, Norway, replying to her comment. This website is truly becoming an active Global Conversation so, WELCOME to everybody who checks in here. Please keep writing!


Don’t worry about asking too many questions. We’ll always get some sort of an answer, even if it’s to say He doesn’t know. I too, have very few people with whom I can have a conversation of this nature so it’s truly a joy to find a cyber community like “You Guys” to share this deep thinking with. And charging money has nothing at all to do with it.

I have to fly to Stockholm, Sweden, tomorrow and I’m all packed and really tired, so I need to turn in early tonight….in my 4-bunk, female dorm room here in the Oslo YHA Hostel (what a gorgeous place this is!) But, perhaps tomorrow I’ll get a chance to take dictation on your question. Who knows if He can specifically tell you where that dream was taking place but it’s very likely that you have had a past life experience on a spaceship. It’s just a guess, but I’ve had sort of “memories” about being a woman officer on one. myself…… and the truly weird experience about me reading your question today, of all days, is that just a few hours ago, I bought a blouse and a wool jacket that I seemed to recognize as my uniform then. !!!!

Norway is expensive, as you may have heard and my around-the-world traveling duffels are jam-packed, as you might imagine. But I couldn’t leave these gorgeous clothes here: a white chiffon blouse with epulates and a navy-blue, cropped, fitted jacket with a slantwise zipper. Looking for trousers to go with them and admiring lots of other styles, I had the distinct feeling that I was rummaging through my closet “Up There” and recognizing pieces that I used to own. It was absolutely tied to “the time that I was an officer on a starship.”  How weird is that?

Here’s Erica’s note:


Hi again Linda!

First of all I would like to say that I trust and like your work even more because unlike many other people who work with that kind of spiritual information, you don’t charge for this service which is a very good thing… And because I trust you I feel that I can trust you with my doubts. Even so I’m sorry about trouble you with another question, but as you can deduce I don’t have many people I can trust enough and talk about this stuff….

Actually my question is about some dreams I had in the past ,which I was inside a spaceship among some people, probably from Pleiades and Orion. I actually felt a very good feeling of joy while I had this specific dream, but I unfortunatelly  couldn’t prove to myself that it was a real astral experience or just an aleatory dream… I would be very grateful if you ask to the holy spirit if those dreams experiences had some real connection for my spirit. Thanks!

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