How Does The Human Brain And Consciousness Design The Particular Psychosis For Each Person Who goes Down That Path?

We now will return to the theme of Psychosis which we opened several posts ago. Please feel free to submit any questions that this discussion might generate in your thinking.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! how does the human’s own brain and consciousness design the particular psychosis for each person who goes down that path?

“Just by taking part in the step-by-step process without getting lost in the fear that’s frequently demonstrated by themselves or others. And that includes the doctors who are usually called early in the patient’s mental experience with the Unseen World. The physicians are quick to prescribe heavy doses of drugs; insisting that these must be continued throughout life to avoid relapse.

Eventually, the individual will develop a long-term conclusion; which can range from working within themselves to achieve a deep understanding and involvement with the Vistas opening inside of their mind; to a fearful lockdown and protection against the Unseen Invader.

Ironically, a positive and open approach leads to a healthy, fruitful, long-term outcome. However, fear can only lead to greater and more maniacal fear; which imprisons the patient in its own psychic mental ward. Both in the head and in reality. So, a human’s ultimate mental health is determined by their own reaction to this new and unexpected skill.”Medicine considers this as mental illness. Is that really the case?

“Yes, it is and no, it isn’t! It all depends upon the behavior of the recipient. Try as We might, We cannot prevent someone from crashing and burning as a result of being chosen to act in behalf of this Upper Kingdom, of which all humans are unaware.

Yes. they learn of these Heavenly Regions through spiritual teachings brought to Earth by the Manifestations of God throughout the ages. Unfortunately, these are often considered to be something like historical fairy tales; possibly intended to be good examples to mankind, but surely nothing that happens in today’s age or to your Ordinary Joe.

If a modern receiver dares to claim any kind of distinction, they will be gunned down very swiftly by public opinion. Any claimant to such a high calling is quickly labeled mentally ill and treated with scorn or pity. This leveling behavior is a coping mechanism of the human race. Either that, or centuries go by before a true talent might be recognized, quoted and revered.”

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