How Does The Holy Spirit Feel About Hoarding?


This is part of the previous post reporting a time when I was caught making a judgment about the human tendency to hoard…. actually the phenomenon of a collector-gone-crazy. Hoarding usually becomes serious when our tendency to accumulate begins to rule our life in some way. Such as, when a harmless little collection of beloved objects crowds our living space, or begins to cost a whole lot of money, depriving a person, or their family, of more basic needs. When I asked The Holy Spirit for His opinion, it turned out that it’s not so bad to make judgments; though it might not necessarily be good to sound off on our opinions. Now I’ll share His thoughts about hoarding:

Oh my Holy Spirit! Do You have anything to say about hoarding, particularly the emotion that it represents?

“This is not an attractive subject because it represents too much concentration on Earthly matters. It is the opposite of aspiring to Heavenly matters and represents the fastening of the heart onto material substances in a very narrow range and is completely divorced, even from the human level of admiration. It is an underground sort of an interest, to put your love and desire into objects made of mineral and inanimate matter, having nothing to do with living substances.

It is preferring the Basement of Possibilities – the tangible over the intangible; the enduring, in a physical sense, over the knowledge that all of this material substance is temporary. The Hoarder wants to control life and has chosen a very specific handle to grip with his death grip. This gives him some comfort without having to attempt to find that quality with any human being; let alone looking for his comfort in Me, or in any belief in a Higher Existence than his Earth Basement can provide. He stuffs his inner room full of particular objects, slams the door, and sits alone with his goodies…whatever they may be. This is his sole reality in his heart of hearts.

I cannot even see anything within these humans, except that they are hiding in a cave filled with trash; which is where their heart has declared their own Kingdom of Matrimony to be. They have married this object and have become a human pack rat, a vermin among their fellow man.”

[The sound quality of this Voice transmission was so different from the relaxed one, just before, speaking about the making of judgments. It was squeezed, somehow, as if coming from tense, or stressed, vocal chords. Obviously, this is not a pleasant subject for Him to talk about.]

Granted, we got a fairly harsh reaction in answer to this particular question, but if you were intrigued by the conversation enough to want to learn other answers given to me by The Holy Spirit, over a long period of time, to many sorts of questions; then you will enjoy reading my book, IN SECRET DIFFUSION: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth. You can order it from


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