How Does Bone-Jarring, Window-Rattling Music Affect Its Regular Listeners, Mostly Male Teens?



These day, I’m transcribing journals that I wrote at the beginning of my Second Around-The-World, solo exploration of the Southern Hemisphere, 2012-2013. There’s a whole lot of good stuff in these handwritten journals and these will soon be appearing on this blog site; also now being transcribed into Spanish for my Fourth Book. This entry was written November 21, 2012, in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the South Pacific. I had just been subjected to a two-hour local bus ride between cities, during which the blasting sound coming out of the speakers was truly bone-jarring. Otherwise, I never would have thought to ask such a question. The Holy Spirit’s answer is absolutely amazing and I certainly wish some medical researchers would check it out. Is there anyone on this planet who suspects that this is happening to their next generation? Here’s my journal entry:

I have an earthly subject to ask about, so I guess I’m running out of Cosmic Questions.  Maybe the answer applies only to Earth and might fall into the Human Addiction column? It came to mind while I was being victimized by this trait aboard a bus on a long ride home.

Oh my Holy Spirit! What about humans who deliberately surround themselves with the highest volume music, either in their vehicles or their homes? I’m talking about those sound ranges which cause solid matter, such as wooden seats, to vibrate underneath you and which thrum so loudly that windows rattle in their framework?

“This is something that has been studied by Us for a long, long time. They are always male, aren’t they?”

Yes, I’m quite sure that’s true.

“It’s wonderful that you have asked this question. this question is something extra-ordinary but its very common and very popular among males in many different countries. It is also produced, played and recorded by males, as well as consumed by them.

Do you  know what it does to the testicles, Linda Layli? It fattens them and it makes them feel good while they are listening to this vibrating music. Once in awhile, a man or boy under this influence, will take himself off into the woods, but will not be able to pee normally. Then, he’ll begin to lose sensation in his whole lower anatomy. This will only happen a few times, now and then; but it indicates some cellular changes taking place in the reproductive organs.

Naturally, listener’s ears are massively-affected, as well, and they usually will become deaf after too much exposure. Basically, humans are doing this in their youthful years to create pounding vibrations  upon their whole skeletal structure, especially their seats and lower body. Their bone structure reflects and conducts those intense sound vibrations and that creates a mild, sexual stimulation. The public is, apparently, unaware of this and they get away with sexual titillation, right out in the open. Women never catch on, either! The men usually enjoy this harmless secret. That’s what they all think, anyway.

But this practice is lethal to certain body cells, which cannot take this vibration. These are the sperm of those Male Human Experiments. (I’ll ask about this in a future blog.) Heavy sound exposure either sterilizes them, or so damages their sperm that their children will be born with defects. Massive sound vibrations are just too much for the liquid inside of the sperm cells; yet that very vibration is what these young men value and seek out!

This is a terrible addiction to afflict any population and these men will never understand why their sperm count is so low or why their children enter this world with such a wide range of deformities or grave illnesses.

We’ve been watching this reality which indicates the End Stages of a certain kind of Civilization, in which males…. even before they ARE fathers, sacrifice the next generation for their own limited sexual satisfaction.

Thank you for asking this ‘Trivial Question.’  It’s one of the signs of moral degeneration in today’s world on the Earth Below.”

Wow! And by the time any of a sound-affected-man’s babies are born, the cause is so far removed in time that no one could connect the heavy metal music habit; even if it was still continuing, with a newborn who has a heart defect, or any deformity, whatsoever. I just read yesterday that there’s a high rate of  unexplained heart disease here on this remote South Pacific Island. Yes, there it is: Samoa News, November 20, 2012, page 15:

“For the past week, LBJ Medical Center has had their swing ward set up with a triage station, exam areas and sonography rooms, in order to evaluate children with a wide variety of cardiac problems, most notably, those acquired from rheumatic heart disease, which affects many children and young adults in the territory.”

Now, why is that? sounds like it’s a more recent effect….maybe under twenty years….young adults…say, born since 1990?  Any comment? Is that the sort of defect You mean? When the baby looks normal but something is wrong inside?

“Y.E.S! This could be! Since technology has provided more ability to surround themselves with sound, things are progressing, exponentially.”

How about the same sound, not surrounding or vibrating the body, but entering only through the earbuds of portable players – for men/boys and women/girls? I never see grown  women, and very few grown men, using these small personal players; but many, many teens are plugged in.

“Well, this is a new development, only about a decade old. Inevitably, sound carries throughout the body. Medical science routinely uses sound to treat or diagnose conditions deep inside of the entire physical system. The person is not aware of the passage of sound waves through their cellular structure so that’s why it’s very insidious.”

You know, every time I hear this booming, surround-sound, whether its from a vehicle or a neighbor’s house; I inevitably identify with, and wonder about, any children who are helplessly trapped with adults who indulge in that. Particularly, I think of fetuses, embryos and babies growing inside of a woman who either feeds on that atmosphere; or who is powerless to escape it herself. Feasibly, the new human could be exposed to this unnatural, torturous condition from their first moment of consciousness. How does this affect such an unfortunate human being if they make it into life like that?

“We don’t have any statistics on that. It’s so rare that they’d be normal, however; even if the sperm that formed them, in the first place, was unaffected. Soon, body cells will change, simply because the application of intense sound waves on growing cells is extremely dangerous. It creates an ‘accident waiting to happen.’ This is the stuff that lab rats are exposed to, and most of them do not carry their babies to term. Other things impinge and spontaneous abortion occurs.

We do know that sound exposure changes the composition of body cells, but this is a very uncertain field right now on Earth, and it’s still too early to predict.

However, rises in Autism rates are probably attributable to this proliferation of self-imposed sound dosage by the younger generation. It’s usually the teenagers who indulge in this habit, just when their own sexual organs are beginning to mature.

Put two and two together and what do you have?  An ever-decreasing intelligence; an addiction to noise, rhythm, and chaotic behavior in younger and younger children; an inability to concentrate or focus attention! Definitely, there is a correlation!

Maybe Present-Day Rome will self-destruct from the inside out?”

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