How Can I Tell If My Dead Grandmother Is With Me? And How About My Departed Animals?

Yesterday, Savana wrote to ask:“How would I know if my dead grams near me?”

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Savana has asked this sweet, simple, but very deeply emotional question. What would You like to say to her?

“My God, Linda Layli, thank God you are accepting this personal question! You see, you ARE a psychic, but you have not wanted to take individual personal questions about people’s loved ones or their beloved pets because you don’t have any confidence in your own abilities to answer them specifically. We could do that, but the answer is always the same thing. It is always the same cosmic answer, (That they are happy!) for every person and animal who arrives in the Upper Realms. And so, you don’t want any confusion and don’t want to channel any individual, as there are many psychics who specialize in answering such specific questions.

But Savana has posed her question in a general way, asking how she would feel or how she can tell if her dead grandmother is with her? So, let’s answer her in a general way because many people wonder the same thing. However, one answer might not apply to all of them.

That’s what We’re aiming at: to help as many people as We can because there’s a great deal of individual expression possible between these Two Planes of Existence. If someone doesn’t find their particular experience or sensation listed in someone else’s answer; then they might discount their own very different impressions. And, We might have done some harm since Our answers can’t possibly cover all of the ways that a soul might choose to get in touch with a living being. EVERYTHING might be useful to break through in this type of delicate opening between beloved souls.”

Oh, my Holy Spirit!  In this one answer of Yours, so far, You appear to be contradicting Yourself. But, I think I know what You mean:

1. That “the answer is always the same” means that when Death occurs, the person or pet’s soul always survives and is very close to their beloved ones, especially when that living person is  thinking about and praying for them; missing them and wondering if they are still alright. That reality is 100% in effect with every death. Bonded hearts remain bonded and the Departed One is dependably aware and nearby, though the Living can’t usually pick up the clues unless their own Inner Channels are fully functioning. Even then, we humans tend to doubt our dreams and impressions and seek confirmation from others who offer these services.

But, in this first instance, which is really about whether that Loved One actually “survived” death and is happy….. or even okay….. the answer is dependably the same for everyone. Is that correct, oh my Love?

“Every human who dies is in this same happy position, even if Earth does not approve of some of their behavior. Everyone receives counselling and plenty of help and encouragement for their own future development  But they are all much better off when they arrive in this Heavenly Home from whence they came before their courageous leap into an Earth life. So, yes, that is 100% the happy answer for all who have come through Death.”

2. But, Savana’s question was more long-term and it sounds as if she suspects her grandmother’s continued presence in her life. She probably feels sensations or finds clues but would like to verify that, instead of thinking that she’s crazy or making things up. So, Your second statement suggests that there could be a great variety of ways that a soul can connect with the Living, and that one list might not satisfy them all. Is this also correct?

 “Absolutely-tootly! Many attempts are usually made before giving up! And this doesn’t always happen between the Living and the Dead. It’s very, very, very individual!

Savana, just Trust The Process! If you suspect this, then it is probably true! You can just continue to be yourself, just like you always were with her. She is just the same…. so, you be just the same! Talk to her any way you want to and I would suggest digging into the literature on this subject, because many things will resonate in your heart and these will be the ones that apply to your situation. Your grandmother can help you grow in understanding, just as she always has!

Thank you for asking this question because it is vital for humans to overcome their fear of Death and their worry about the Other Side. If you only knew! Usually, that’s what your Departed One is trying to tell you. In every case, they are happier now than they were in the Earthly Plane of Existence. So, that’s their Glad Tidings!

Ever since you and I started talking and laughing together, Linda Layli, Layli Linda, I’ve wanted to bring you Up Here and show you around this Kingdom. But, it’s not time for you yet, so you’ll have to wait quite awhile. But, if everyone knew what it’s like after one dies, there would be no mourning at all. Just a beautiful realization, as if they had gone to the most spectacular garden of all in some classical vacation spot which everyone wants to achieve in their fondest dreams. So, that’s usually the message they have for their survivors.

Suffering goes away and they remember what they had to forget before they came down to an Earth Life. They are now Home and surrounded by old friends. That’s usually the contents of their “Earmail” that they try to send back to their dear ones on Earth.”

Claudine writes:

Submitted on 2014/12/16 at 5:28 am

My precious little ferret Cocotte crossed over a week ago.. i can still feel her in our house, sleeping in her *mother* (my sister) bedroom. She went downhill so fast her little body could not take more, we had to take the impossible decision to let her go. I just want to know…. Is she ok?! Is she still beautiful as she use to … And most of all.. i want her to know that she changed our lifes, ans that we will love her forever and ever. I miss you toutouneskiski..

Jennifer writes:

Submitted on 2014/09/07 at 5:26 am

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I would like to know something. I think that it is too obvious that I have lost a friend. My Siberian Husky Mikka past away about 24 hours ago. Today my husband and I went and got memory tattoos for our loss. She was very loved and we do not know what happened to her for her to pass away. We came home from work and found her body. I thought that she could have gotten into something but that is not the case. I thought that she could have been attacked. But that was not the case either. My husband thinks that she had a heart attack after getting to exited. I feel so horrible at the moment. She did not lead a long life. She is almost 2 years old. But fast forward to getting the tattoos. At the tattoo shop I was looking around and seen that a toy car that they had on the floor had Mikka’s name on it. Does anyone think this is her was of showing me that she will be coming back to me soon? I also have another Siberian husky that is about a month pregnant right now. Does anyone think that it could be an upcoming pup? I would like some feed back on this to give me that little glimmer of hope. Thank you

And Katja writes:

I must say I never considered this in my desperation for my elderly dog to stay with me (about them being left behind for years after their human passed)

What if she chose to come back and wanted herself to stay with me desperately? I have a younger dog (2yo) who I never considered at time of buying him a few years back that he could possibly be here to be her ‘next body’ so she could stay. She hated him at first (having to share me after having me to herself 11 and half years) then suddenly they are friends! What if its cos their spirits have already communicated and she knows he is going to ‘step aside’ when her current body fails?

How would I know if she has transitioned into his body? ..or whether he wanted to stay and liked having me as his mum (I rescued him from a puppy farm) from having nothing.. to lots of toys, being loved and having a ‘big sister (my older dog). What if she decided to go to Rainbow Bridge for a while to rest then come back as an older rescue, so she could spend ours (mine and my younger dogs) remaining time with us but not be left behind here herself for years. How would I know this was what she was planning to do?

And, does this apply to the Animal Kingdom, as well? Many people worry about their beloved pets and feel so sorry for them in the sudden separation. On Earth, the pet was dependent upon the human owner for their very life and welfare…. just like a small child is lost without its parents. When an animal is ripped from them, the owner grieves for their loss, but also worries immensely about how that dear little soul can continue alone. What is Your Advice to these wonderful humans? We have so little information about an animal’s survival of death.

“Not every animal survives Death, as their souls and their spiritual histories and trajectories are in another category from humans. Sometimes, these creatures, these beautiful creatures, are not at all from this planet and they don’t experience anything like Death. They simply transition to another place, without going through the human soul’s program. So, it’s impossible to compare the two.

But, Love is Love and that is a bonding that will continue in Heaven and on Earth. So, that’s why you will find your pets waiting for you in the Next World and sometimes, other future lives. You can also feel them around you if they have passed on.

Many books exist about these subjects. Everyone can learn a great deal from those sincere and guided authors. I highly recommend them!”

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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