How About The Spiritual Destinies of People Born In Wealthy Circumstances?


                                    BORN IN WEALTHY CIRCUMSTANCES?


I recently spoke about my book, In Secret Diffusion at a local library and then asked the audience to contribute new questions to ask The Holy Spirit. Here is one question that was asked:

Paris Hilton, representative of someone born in great wealth, perceived by the public as a flighty party girl; and then considering the opposite end of the scale, a child born to a drug-addicted parent, with no advantages and a whole lot of built-in obstacles. I’m not sure what the question is, so let’s take it from different angles. Where’s the justice?

“Well, birth is not about justice. It is not, automatically, about any one particular concept or rationale. There could be many reasons for selection of birth circumstances and those could be opposite. For instance, someone may have reduced their capacities to a minimal level and they would gravitate to a level that matches the qualities they had wound up with in a previous life. They would be in a downward spiral and would not have the character development to push them into the more energy-consuming realms.”

I can see how a lower level of human life would result in the bare existence of a crack house life, which discourages elevation and advancement of a soul due to a lack of almost all of the basic opportunities and that it would be difficult to overcome in a new lifetime. So, let’s say a “low-energy soul” might be pulled there simply because that’s their watermark. Do “high-energy souls,” awakened and connected souls, ever choose to be born into such rude and deprived conditions, either for the help they can give others there, or for their own spiritual challenges?

“Y.E.S! For both of those reasons. You cannot judge anyone in whatever circumstances, especially birth circumstances, before they have gotten their teeth into life. Wonderful, wonderful things can come of these rude circumstances, though it is very, very hard to break out of a spiral caused by such mean surroundings. Think of a champion swimmer who dives into a whirlpool, confident that it won’t kill him. It is dangerous enough to come into a normal earth life, but it’s like coming in without any skin for those who are born at the crack house level.”

But we can’t suppose that the opposite end of the spectrum – to be born to great wealth, is any better, just because it is the polar opposite, can we?

“This is true. It’s often just as bleak and just as damaging to the psyche to be the offspring of very rich people. Money has nothing to do with how people turn out spiritually, except that the two extremes are the harder tests. When money is present in moderation, then the human character itself has a chance to sprout and flourish. Paris is actually handling herself pretty well.  She is not crashing and burning and seems to navigate her lifestyle with individual panache. and she does it in the glare of the public eye. Many people couldn’t handle it to that extent but she has become the symbol for the silver spoon generation, nowadays.”

Before we leave this question, I see that it includes: “Will she be judged in the same way that a crack house baby will be judged?” Rather than a yay or a nay, would You just speak about this business of “Being judged?” What is the deal about that?

“We don’t judge, exactly, since that is not why people go in. And earth life is not a contest in which the humans are shooting for anything compared to anyone else’s performance. We are not the judge’s panel on American Idol, for instance. We are letting them judge themselves and We are simply observing. You judge yourself, pretty harshly, sometimes,  if you fail to do the work you have set for yourself.

But We aren’t judging anybody. They are simply judging themselves…needlessly, as it turns out…. because We just watch and see whether they grow or not. There it is, in a nutshell! Growth happens or they become stunted and begin to shrink. They will be the proof of their own efforts. Not at all, Us.”

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