Has Anyone Else, Except Jesus The Son Of God, Ever Seen The Father?

This is the final question submitted by Amanda, about the Station of Jesus Christ:

Providing that all of this is true, has Anyone else, except The Son, ever seen The Father?

“No human being, including Jesus, has ever looked upon the face of The Great Creative Force, Who is depicted here as The Father!

‘Apples and Oranges’ doesn’t even begin to describe the impossibility of any Being on Earth as capable of enduring the Power of that Upper Realm, which is objectified in such human terms as “Father to Mankind!”

Anything of a molecular substance cannot enter a smelter and retain its original form. So, no human is equipped to confront its own Maker.

Trust the Process! Don’t even aspire to tread into territory where a human is not designed to go! Words and Teachings carrying love and understanding CAN flow freely between the vastly-differing gradations and kingdoms of creation.

BUT, no individual creature is designed to live outside of its Creator while still retaining the ability to come into direct contact with that Creator! A mere match cannot retain its own characteristics when placed in the greater firepit.

Jesus was very masterful in the use of descriptive analogies and His family depictions of Fatherhood and Sonhood have been used extensively by Christianity. But, these illustrations fail to address the great separation between The Creative Realm and The Created Realm.”

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