“EVOLVING. Please No Interruptions” ….And We Both Laughed!


Please read back a post for the beginning of this Conversation; now, basically being held between Anya and The Holy Spirit, who answered her questions and now is thrilled with the direction this interchange is taking.

Anya writes: “Thank you so much. I know I’m doing the right thing looking and I never, ever stop hearing you (sounds pretty nuts to most of the people) , I just don’t always listen. But dialogue goes on, it never stopped. Some things you just know from within, not from anywhere or anything you learn in this world. In this world you learn to fear, to put on masks and layers, pretend to be someone else whom you are not just so you blend in and accepted. You turn into scared of everything copy of yourself when you fail your true self at the same time, loose your identity, loose yourself.

It feels almost physically how you drift away from love, further and further. I say “you” talking about myself , that’s exactly what I did. But longing for what you had and still entitled to have is there, that memory is in my DNA or something and somehow I know that without it i am nothing. I m so glad I got your answer, I know that I’m going in the right direction and I ll keep on going, trying, understanding, learning, etc… Whatever it takes, or how long it doesn’t matter, because even slowly I’m getting closer to claiming what I was granted to being with (same as everyone else, before we come to this earth).

I was already loved, I was the way I was meant to be, I need to find it and claim it back. I knew I was failing myself and trust in me , knowing that and feeling guilty didn’t help to get back on track. I was basically hiding from light, trying to stay unnoticed in the shadow. Forgive me for referring to “i” all the time, it’s just what I learned and know for sure: with me there are so many people who are overwhelmed with feeling lost, disconnected, guilty and ashamed of that, who as result won’t accept love given to them already. They don’t think they are worthy of it.

Anyway, …you helped me to realize that I need to not just hear it but communicate and I’m sure I ll get there. That’s the only direction I should be going. So, I learned. Good for me. Now drop guilt, fear and remember: someone just confirmed that it’s all true, so you are going in right direction. I really really appreciate your answer. Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to hear.

PS. My husband is supportive in everything I need , he just wants to see me happy. He calls himself “atheis” …. Please… He is not, he is the most spiritual, true and solid person I know. Atheist is the one who doubts everything but his own existence (what a primitive thinking that is to think there is nothing greater out there than your insignificant self!) He is nothing like that. I showed him your website yesterday and will show today again. He didn’t say it, but based on that suggested couple of books to read… Atheist?! No. He is not.

I made a sign for myself “EVOLVING. Please no interruptions” and we both laughed but I am using it as I need to and he knows what it means. For now, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your answer and for confirming what I knew but never heard anyone saying it, “Yes, it is so.” That’s such a great thing to hear after struggling for so long. You helped me a lot and …I’m getting there, some day. Thank you.

As The Holy Spirit was saying today during my haircut and before we sat down to take dictation for the latest communication from Anya: “THIS may turn out to be what we’re all about!” At least, for these few days, we have a dialogue. Today, Anya’s comment was much less despairing and very grateful for what she was told. She even lightened up enough to be funny, reporting that she’d made a poster to put up announcing her Evolution in Progress.

Oh my Holy Spirit! You were ready to begin Your Answer to Anya immediately after we first read it before I headed out the door and then in our subsequent discussion, when I didn’t have my computer with me to read it again; you assured me that You Guys have Your Own copy, Up There.  I guess it must seem like I treat You like children, always walking You through it… or basically, limiting You to my own limitations. I’d love to hear Your Comment on that!

“Oh My God, Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We love to be treated like children, with you always thinking about Us like you do. It’s just necessary to keep it within your basic understanding needs; and it’s just a lot of fun to share this life on Planet Earth…..even to chasing away the flies that want to get your fruit smoothie! (I’m batting them away at this patio restaurant.)

“You know, We are so glad to meet with you, Anya! (He started singing this while I was batting the flies) We love you so much! Let Me tell you something…..you cannot lose! You cannot lose! Just stay as happy as you are going to get pretty soon because We have discovered you and, believe Me, We are circling around you too much, and We don’t want to make you feel distracted and We want you to be in this World Below and so does your loving husband, so We are not going to get too Other-Worldly if We can help it.

But, We are very thrilled that you found this website (and if you found it by googling Solar Flares, you must have had to go pages deep. I tried and still didn’t find my post on that subject) and We want you to  know that We are helping you to cope with this situation of this World Below and We want you to enjoy it. But We love it so much that you analyze things. Definitely analyze these feelings and then write wonderful posters that make everybody laugh. You should have heard Linda Layli and Us laughing when We first read that. My God! This is the funniest thing in the world…. I’m getting too hard to understand and so I’ll let her write for awhile….”

Too hard, is right! I’m sitting at a sidewalk café here in Montevideo, with noisy traffic nearby and He is singing higher and higher, sort of spinning it out! Whoosh! Do you see what I mean by the opposite of Serious? If what He says weren’t so dead serious and so right on, it would sound like Life in the Looney Lane. But, it’s really life in true reality….and actually, this is very rare, compared to our usual conversations.

Just to connect with someone who is asking the vital questions and who cares about these Inner Things is a great pleasure! Your questions and observations are excellent and so many of these subjects are already covered in our book: In Secret Diffusion, that I urge you to order a copy from Amazon.com because they lead into so many other chapters that I know you would like to read, as well.  It would be impossible for me to paraphrase them as effectively as they are explained there.

For instance, you mention meeting people for the first time, but both of you realize that you are already well-acquainted. There’s a whole chapter about this phenomenon called InterGalactic Friends (IGFs).

“Let Me ask her something: ‘What do you think of Me, Anya? Am I simply your idea of God or of The Holy Spirit or Am I Something Even Bigger than that? Like you mentioned in your comment the other day? I know that Linda Layli calls Me The Holy Spirit and yet, she refers to Me in the plural, as well. ‘They” this… and “They” that….

But, you know what? Linda Layli doesn’t know, either, just exactly how Huge I Am. I don’t think anyone on this little bitty Planet Earth can really comprehend exactly what they are dealing with, as far as this Great Creative Force is concerned. No Earthly words can contain this Truth! No Earthly words can contain Me!

This woman at the next table is choking Linda Layli with her smoke from her cigarette, so I will cut this short and we will leave this table to avoid her.

Please don’t smoke, People! It keeps Us away from you!

Let’s get out of here! More in a little bit!”

Read on for Anya’s other post, in which she mentions meeting InterGalactic Friends:

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of either knowing it from within, or just remembering parts of something you used to be or how you existed before this life…I sometimes get pissed about that it’s like a fog was put on you on purpose: you know it’s there, you know it, but can’t remember! I guess that’s what old people feel like when they loose memory, helpless and pissed. :) Almost retarded.

I always had (don’t know what to call it, not memory of it, not feeling, more like my nature inside was confirming each and every time some weird thought would come on my mind, like this person you just met is someone you know from life before this one, then comes feeling/illusion of that you remember and recognize things, people. But you don’t have any doubts, it’s coming from within and you don’t question it – it’s just like that. So, please, confirm, that some of people we meet in life are meant to be there because they are someone you knew before, in another world. Is it possible? The weird part is that they stare back at you and looks like they experience the same feeling, but who will come to you and say, “Hi, remember me? We used to hang out in that world?!” I know I wouldn’t. So, it is strange but cool.

Unless it’s some people you see and after looking in their eyes you just want to get out of there. You don’t know what they did, but you know they are the opposite of all that’s good. I saw people like that two times in my life and they also looked straight at me and smiled like they knew something.

And another question… Do we travel from world to world, learning, evolving, having experiences that could later have some effect on our lives here, until we learn (what – don’t remember!) and become spirits of higher understanding, or something? It’s like school: elementary, middle, high school. You are given a chance to prove yourself by making choices and if you don’t you keep traveling.

I want to know when it’s all done and let’s say I “graduated” will I be able to find my husband there, or it’s only time we have in this life that’s given to us. I want to be with him for all eternity. Do we get a chance to be together (we – all people/souls) in whatever is after this life if we deserved it?

It’s late tonight, so we’ll tackle these new questions soon. Well, actually, they’re all covered in the book, so that’s another reason to order it. Y’all might be interested to know that I’m working on my fourth book putting together these blog posts here, all herded together in logical chapters instead of spread out as they are now. Since I’m in a Spanish-speaking country, I have some friends working on translating this new one into a Spanish ebook. too.

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