Even Tiny Pet Deaths Leave Big Holes In Their Families’ Hearts

When I was writing the previous post, I thought to include three letters I had received from grieving pet owners but hadn’t published. Then, I emailed those writers to let them know:

Hello, my dear friends,
I apologize for making you wait so long for answers about such a sensitive and painful subject as your well-loved, departed animals. I have two excuses for not answering you sooner. Primarily, since I don’t credit myself with being a Psychic, able to answer individual questions, I shy away from specific questions about certain people and pets. Granted, some specific answers have emerged through my general questions, a time or two in the past, but I don’t push my luck. I really only take general, cosmic questions.
But, tonight, while writing a blog about someone’s specific, departed grandmother, which I could turn into a general question, I realized that your questions would fit too. So, they are included towards the end of the article when we speak of pets.  I hope you will forgive me for making you wait so long. I was traveling throughout South America all last year and it wasn’t always easy to communicate as regularly, but mainly it is because my field isn’t to hone in on any particular individual. I hope that this blog will help. https://www.insecretdiffusion.com/site/?p=1433
Since all of you are suffering in the same manner, I would suggest that you communicate with each other and see if sharing your grief or possibly your examples of messages from beyond in their world. Perhaps by now, you are coming to the same conclusions as are in this latest message from The Holy Spirit about Death….. human or animal.   With love, Linda J. Brown

Hello Madame J.Brown, (Sorry in advance for my English, it’s not my first language) Even if it took some time for you to answer us, don’t worry the timing was perfect for me. Your e-mail came in a dark hour to put some light back when I was doubting *life* and it’s purpose…


Losing my beloved pet is probably the hardest pain I have ever encounter. Many members of my family crossed over, yes it is painful and the grief is long, but this is different. As you said in your reading,(and you really put your finger on it) it really feels like loosing a precious child, but with more fur.

I still have lots and lots and questions about my precious little cat-snake, and the answers you gave us added more questions! I kind of always knew they weren’t from this planet, they are innocence, purity and love wrap in  long fluffy body! Thank you, for taking the time to answer our questions , it’s like another *push* forward, because in moments like this i swear time is probably really stopping. Thank you. Thank you. Ah and quick question : do you have any books you would recommend? I need to read? Thank you, Claudine


Hi Claudine,

My goodness, it was wonderful to hear from you and never apologize for your English….. it’s perfectly beautiful!  I’ll bet that what you are really experiencing is GRIEF! Just plain old, deep-down, gut-wrenching grief, and that is actually a great measure of the LOVE that you had for your little darling! You still have, and always will have, that huge quality and quantity of love for your sweet little furball and to be honest, you’d never want the love to go away. And just because the quality of this feeling is worse than the grief you also feel about your departed family members, doesn’t mean it isn’t grief, too. Can you admit that you were in-love with your pet? But not in-love with the ones of the family? It just hurts so much not to have the object of that extreme love with you anymore. Maybe it would help, though, to get another sweet creature to feel that same kind of love for?
I’ll bet that you are not so truly worried about what’s happening in Heaven…. if you really stopped to analyze this. After all, why would God’s little innocent being have anything to suffer about? Life is shorter for animals than it is for humans, so the potential for them to die early is pretty high, even if her life wasn’t as long as you expected. This Upper Plane (that we all wind up in, sooner or later) is a higher evolution than Earth is. This planet is hard. That Home Place is not. It is saturated with happiness.
So, sit down and take a deep breath and think about this – carefully and honestly. Can you possibly shift all that pain to the idea that it is “Grief,” and not fear of your baby’s welfare that has you tied in such knots? Grief is normal and it is, basically, located right inside of your body…. and your mind. It may take some time to disappear, but it will start to dull and then recede, because that is normal, too. The love doesn’t go but the separation agony will ease off. We humans couldn’t stand it, if it didn’t.
But, guess what? That agony shields you from any feelings that a Departed One might send your way. They have to wait until their survivor calms down. I can’t make any promises that you will ever feel anything from the Other Side because it’s not automatic and in fact, actually quite rare. But, consider that they are probably able to tune into your emotions all the time. Right now, your sadness is not what she is used to feeling from you.
Maybe, this whole experience is designed to help you grapple with your beliefs? Maybe you doubt that there can be anyplace better than Earth? So, this little fur-covered child has a huge lesson to deliver, if you’ll only stop banging your head against that wall. Can an animal teach a spiritual lesson? Give her a little help and open your mind and heart to all these exciting Truths that have recently been flooding down to us.
Try this: look these subjects up in your own language….. French, I presume? I’ll bet all the English books are also in many languages. You don’t want to add any barriers by having to read in a different language if not necessary.
But first, go to YouTube and just romp around in all the Life After Death material you can find. There are many recorded talks of all sorts. Since animals populate those Upper Regions too, you can be sure that what you read about humans, as far as welcome and atmosphere and surroundings, will be true for animals….except they aren’t under so many tests and challenges to improve themselves. They already ARE. But, the idea is that it’s a pretty cushy place, alright, and you will be there too someday and that little sweetie pie will be at the front of the line to greet you. Everything about the Upper Kingdoms is positive.
Google “Eban Alexander, MD”, and just digest anything he says. He’s a neurosurgeon, who happened to die of Meningitis(?) and then came back. He had a near-death experience (NDE) and now is a full-time lecturer about it. It was that wonderful! Forget a medical career! But, he was pretty much an Atheist Scientist before. Anything by Brian Weiss, MD, or Michael Newton, PhD, or Robert Schwartz is good. In fact, find NDE stories. They all describe the same thing.
Or start tackling this from the standpoint of Grief. See if there are some support groups you can go to. I don’t think this is “Worry”! I think it’s Grief and I think its Training Day designed by your Darling. Try to see the humor in that! And she won’t be jealous if you bring another little sweetie pie home with you to be an Earth-based teacher for you. Someday, you’ll see how much FUN this subject can be.
You’ll be fine!
Love, Linda

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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