Earth Is A Spiritual Boot Camp!

  1.                        EARTH IS A SPIRITUAL BOOT CAMP!

My journal entry of July 15, 2000 – Most Earthlings are quite pleased with life on this planet and dread their moment of death, which would tear them away from home, family and all things familiar. Many humans cling to life, even when in immanent of losing their place in it. But, what if they were told that this First Stage is simply an elementary school, a boot camp, a training stage, when compared with their ultimate destiny?

Everyone’s idea of a Boot Camp is epitomized by images of bullets whistling over your head; a fifty-pound pack on your back and stiff boots, rubbing blisters on all of your toes. Who would want to live permanently in those chilly barracks, under the dictatorial bark of a Master Sargent? Who would ask for, again and again, the numbing removal of identity which eliminates all traces of individuality; until it, hopefully, begins to re-emerge, all on its own, through heroism, bravery and mere, determined survival?

This Boot Camp image is the way that Earth is perceived by all of Those not living on it. The Upper Ones feel that it’s not even a nice place to visit. And, who would want to live there? We, who do live here are ignorant of Earth’s failings because we have nothing to compare it to. We, who actually like life down here, are succeeding in Boot Camp! We may hear tell of a Paradise, which exists somewhere else; which we go to when we die, but we sometimes wonder if it exists? What it could possibly look like? And. how could Death and Oblivion be better than this Best of All Possible Worlds? Many of us try not to die and cling to the fenced-in confines of our particular, beloved, swamp-bound, Boot Camp, refusing to graduate. Little do we know!

On these earthly grounds too, also exist the Military Police lockups, the prison cells, the solitary confinements, the detention centers for those would-be Marines who cannot accept the rigors of this system; and who, therefore, broke under it. Even in life, they live in the conditions of Hell, compared to our relative freedom as succeeding recruits, earning our stripes. We would not want to be “In There,” any deeper within the Earth Plane, But, In There has its own society, called by names of Somalia or Bosnia. So, we can imagine some downsides.

Anyway, you can see that, according to the present structure, it was arranged for all human beings, perhaps all forms of life, to pass through stages at a given point in their development, in order to weed them out. Possibly, to train them for the next ordained step in a long passage towards what could, only then, be called a true and independent life as an individuated, self-contained, portion of the Consciousness of The Great Creative Force on this Earthly Plane. We can identify with this process in the nine months that every fetus must traverse in the womb before emerging as an individual. Even then, twenty years of training are required before true independence is expected. Then, life delivers whatever that individual might have chosen or attracted to themselves. Do they sail through or get lost along the way? Can they learn anything under these boot camp conditions? Can they actually qualify as a soldier in the Army of Life? Earth is our testing ground.

Eventually, every washout along the way will be drawn back to that Source upon death, and will be forced to “turn in their papers” and to be reabsorbed into the anonymity of the matter-consciousness-pool of that same Great Creative Force from which all have emerged. Any evil or negative ones will have proven to be failed experiments. But, the winners will look forward to their next assignment, now arm in arm with The Great Creative Force, Who has always been keenly interested in their progress.

Very likely, Reincarnation was a stop-gap invention to deal with the high percentage of washouts! Instead of throwing a failure, instantly, back into the elimination pool: into The Cosmic Consciousness Collection Center, there was a Recycling Bin set up; whereby Earth-life candidates could be sent back for many, many tries. It may also have been a design center for taking baby steps through this extremely challenging real life school?

This is not the fast-track method, to say the least! It seems to have resulted in a cosmic traffic jam! A blocked artery! A serious case of corroded plumbing….to the overall scheme of the forward progress of existence! This state of stasis had become so serious that the entire structure was about to be deliberately destroyed by its Designer and a new way sought for. There was hopelessness that this sickened, and chiefly non-functioning, condition could be corrected. Destruction was immanent! Doomsday was an actual fact hanging over everyone’s head. Many religions expected The Time Of The End to occur at the turn of the millennium. The Year 2000! A total destruction of the world was predicted and used as a plea for humanity to Get Right With God before the End Times!

In large measure, Evil was blamed for this. But, Evil was really only the result of the rotting, clogged vegetation that, somehow, had failed to pass through the narrow point and on out into the Sea of Life. Evil was the putridness found at the broken sewer’s edge. It was the result, and not a cause, of the problem. It was not to be blamed, nor superstitiously feared, for its Power! The only real power that evil ever had, was its ability and tendency to corrupt, because it has no consciousness other than weak human minds. Such imperfect ones have, historically, clotted together after failure to secure themselves into the working mechanisms of the Earth Plane.

Ideally, life on this very basic planet would have eventually processed each human and popped them out as complete, well-rounded and trained individuals, deserving of Earth’s quality control stamp of approval. Ready to qualify for higher and more-refined places of existence. So, if Evil is a by-product only, and is found to be resulting from some failure of the System Itself; then, the elimination of evil is only a step along the way and cannot be accomplished permanently until the bottleneck is widened to allow the swift movement of material progress. Humanity Mankind must hoist Himself upwardly into a more and more advanced stage. In essence, He must follow his forerunners up the ladder of progression. Following the good and eschewing the evil examples. This is very radical thinking; but it is a very sensible and workable plan, if it can be launched and set into self-feeding, perpetual motion. However, it has not really gotten off the ground yet, as far as an operative machine goes.

Remember that our human perceptions have, traditionally, been limited to imagining The Heavenly Power In The Sky. A God above us, beyond which we will never rise and Whose Being we can never approach. We will not even consider that there may be a whole Magnitude of Gods Above Us; many of Whom are just as confused as we are as to “How to eliminate Evil on Earth!” It is up to US to solve our own Earthly problems and to discover our own strengths and purity of Being!

This has been happening ever since the turn of the Millennium! The world is becoming more peaceful with no world wars in sight. The few countries dealing with uprisings are often facing demands by oppressed populations for their own human rights. None are actively at war. World travel is less expensive and more widely experienced by ordinary citizens who have become diplomatic envoys to the world at large. Human to human! As it should be!

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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