Does Smoking And Other Addictions Affect The Soul?

We humans develop so many addictions during our lifetime on Earth and even though we know that they negatively affect our body in so many ways; that’s often not enough to convince us to leave them alone. But, I can’t think of any mention about how addictive behavior affects our soul. It’s as if we’ll be washed clean of all that when we die and lose the physical body that craves tobacco, and alcohol and worse. Take smoking, for example. Does it have any effect on the Inner Essence, on the Soul, of a human being?

“Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! It doesn’t do anything ever, at all, to help the individual. And, it ruins them, in their smelliness, for All The Ages! Once they discuss their Holiness Issues with The Upper Ones when coming Up Here after death, they see, right away, what their dependence on this crutch (smoking) has done to them. This is true, also, of alcohol, sweets, or too much food, drugs, or anything else that has attached itself so firmly to their body. Nothing in this World Below is worth this kind of an anchor!”

Is tbat also true of certain behavior patterns, like Anger, Jealousy, Greed, or any Negative Emotions? Do those also affect the future etherial body?

You bet it does! And, tragically, there is no way to erase it, once you have died and gone to The Next World. That is reflected throughout your future existences unless you cope with it during your lifetime. Not just cope; but control or eliminate it from your history!

You might come out stronger if you do that. You CAN do that if you want to; but most people enjoy these habits and purposely don’t think of them as dangerous to their spirituality. That’s because they deny any continuation of a Spirit within them that will pay the price for their Earthly Indulgences.
Belief requires WORK, and they have demonstrated a self-indulgence that overlooks accountability to any Higher Kingdom.

That’s the purpose of an Earthly existence. It’s a sorting bin with many alluring Sirens trying to ensnare each individual. If you can swim those shark-filled waters and come to that Shore in good shape, you have proven yourself. But, if all sorts of ugly Pirhana are dangling from every limb; then, you don’t get to be among The Chosen Ones! Maybe, you will make the Bait Fish category; or maybe, you’ll be tossed into another bin? Or, the compost heap!”

Sirens Of The Deep, huh? Excuse me, it’s time for my 5 p.m. imbibement of Vino Blanco! Any objections?

“No! N.O! That’s fine! It’s the alcoholic dependence, where the personality is affected, that We are talking about! But, you don’t smoke! Or, do you?”

You would know it, if I did! No way, Jose! Plus, I don’t hang around people who do! That’s a more invasive practice! And, so costly, too!

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