Does Lightning Have Consciousness?

I met an American couple, Brooke and Daniel of New York City, visiting here in Luang Prabang, Laos. They have been on the world travel trail for three months and we had a wonderful time getting acquainted and swapping travel experiences. When I gave them my business card, they became intensely interested in my two websites. Naturally, the solo travel site, tweaked their interest; but this In Secret Diffusion site really excited them because they have such a long list of questions to submit, and managed to pass on several of them just in our few minutes together. So, this and the next four blogs will cover those unusual queries. Expect more in the future as they have a long list to send.

As we sat on a bench close to a noisy road, I attempted to take some dictation on this first question:”Does Lightning have Consciousness?” which as you see, is a most unusual idea. The Holy Spirit thought so, too; as His caught-off-guard, blithery answer reveals. Well, what would any of us say, if someone popped this question, expecting a wise and serious answer? The Holy Spirit was so excited He could hardly speak. Oh my Holy Spirit! Is Lightning conscious? Is it truly a Force of Nature or simply randomly activated by the weather?

“Oh My God! Y.E.S!, Y.E.S!, Y.E.S! (ad infinitum). When do you think that you will see them again? Because I want to pick their brains and answer every question they have in there! Okay, let’s say something about Lightning. Oh My God! It’s such a big subject! First of all, Lightning has conciousness and, yet,is nothing like you Earthlings think it is. But, you don’t know what it really is, so why should I confuse you?

Give me a hint….. is it truly a Force of Nature, randomly created by the weather?

“Weather is only a by-product of the machinery. But it is conscious. Let Me see, how I can explain it???”

I have never thought of it as anything beyond a natural force of nature, explainable as the elements of clashing ions under certain weather conditions…. a wild and powerful brother of wind and rain. 99.9% of us think the same thing. Or rather, fail to think, at all. Brooke and Daniel think otherwise, but do not know where to take their radical idea. It certainly blithered You, didn’t it? You said Machine. Could that possibly be connected with Your answer recently about the purpose of the Pyramids?

“Yes! You found yourself telling them about the secret of the pyramids, didn’t you? You don’t know how this serendipitousness works, do you?”

Me: No, what does that have to do with it?

“I can’t talk very much now, as I am too excited about all of this. Let’s do this in your room where it is quieter. No, I don’t want to tackle any of their other questions in the meantime. They are so wise and wonderful and deserve a much more focused answer than I could give right now.”

The next day, we resumed dictation on this question. Oh, my Holy Spirit! If Lightning is conscious, then everything else must have its own degree of consciousness, as well? Is it at the level of Awareness, or is it more like the Aliveness of all matter? Say, a body cell, as a part of a whole, is conscious or alive, concerning its own role and responsibility to reproduce, or to process nutrition, etc; but it isn’t acting like a small person, aware of everything that its greater body is aware of.

Is Lightning more like a component of a larger entity, such as a storm….. which has other component but separate parts, such as wind, rain, hail and the like. In other words, does Lightning tend to its own electricity production, heat and light, without being exactly aware of itself in a more overall way?

“Yes, that is exactly true! You humans are part of a greater whole, of which you are not at all aware. You cannot even perceive of the overall grandeur of this whole scheme of things. But, when you work as a human being, doing your life and your job as best you can, then you can be as dramatic and as dynamic as that stroke of lightning. Daniel and Brooke are really creating lightning flashes with their brand of thinking. It is radical and not well understood or appreciated by the ordinary human being. Their sort of thinking might be feared by many simply because it is too much; too powerful, for most people who are afraid of their own inability to approach those white-hot ideas.

But, what a proof of consciousness each question implies! Technically, they both are bolts of lightning when they present these thoughts, questions, and ideas! White-hot and full of sparks of originality coming right out of the calm, blue sky.”

Well, I guess You got hit by Lightning yesterday! Look how it blithered You! I have not seen that reaction in You before!

“Absolutely-tootly! That is what was going on! Wow! What an effect those two have on their surroundings!”

Okay, let’s go back to a literal, physical, interpretation of that question about lightning; though I think that this allegorical angle is a wonderful way to help us get our minds around the way that something we think of as a fleeting force of nature can equal something resembling a thought or an impression of our own mind. We do, easily, attribute life and consciousness qualities to our own mental lightning strikes.

In fact, just now, I began to quote: “In order for lightning to strike, an idea must have heat!” Wondering where that had come from, I dug out my laminated paper of old notes about the “Time-Space Relativity Quantum Leap.” This was my own answer to the First Jedi Question that You once asked me in my sleep and I woke up and sketched it down quickly. How can I explain that concept here in writing as it was mostly sketched in illustrations? The paper defines the “Time-Space Span Between “Reality” and Reality! How something goes from a mere concept on paper to an actual, physical reality that can be touched and used. And there, within my hastily scribbled notes about that dream of mine, was the above quote. In this case, Lightning is an original idea, which must have heat in order to strike and to have an effect in the created world. Oh, my Holy Spirit! might it be true that our thoughts and emotions have their counterparts in our surroundings; in the outside world?

“Y.E.S! And, Lightning could represent the angriness and hatred in the emotional energies of a people or place. Or, it could be just the opposite and flare up at a wild and brave idea, capable of causing the brilliant light of understanding. Both are dramatic and are certain to command attention. Lightning is a two-edged sword, to be sure! Electricity is a force of nature and can be used for good or ill.”

What if Brooke had asked: “Does Lightning think?” What would You have said?

“No, Lightning does not think! But, it does have Consciousness: a condition shared, according to its own degree, by much of Creation.”

Then, is it a Terrestrial Force or an Extra Terrestrial Force?

“It is both Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial, because this planet is only a tiny part of the whole, and these principles are universal!”

Hmmmmm? Then, is Lightning actually a larger Entity, and the electrical bolts simply an emanation from His handguns, Oh my Holy Spirit?

“Wellllll, not that I know of! That would be a question for a Higher Level than this one”

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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