Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?





 Oh my Holy Spirit! You mentioned that some animals also reincarnate. Do they choose their circumstances? Particularly, do they choose the individuals who wind up as their owners?

“Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! We do have a few pets who come into specific homes and therefore, they would be choosing those individuals, or that family, to share their life with. Mostly though, they come into this World Below as a general population.

You see, many animals are simply generic individuals of their species and do not have specific relations with specific people until that happens over the course of time.  For instance, most animals who become pets are treated so much like humans that they slip into their mode as a family member just as easily as another member of their breed would do. The relationship is made originally each time a new pet comes into a family. But sometimes people are reliving something…being given a second chance…and a specific animal might be a part of that drama, so We will arrange a life scenario to include the same people and pets for another go-around.

This describes past reincarnation periods and not the current millennium’s plan, as these things have changed considerably. Ever since the turn of the century, which was the turn of the millennium, things are not recreating past lives and trying to correct their flaws. All is being started over, clean and clear; so this would no longer apply on earth.

But in the Heavenly Realms, many people can still choose to live with beloved animals or simply animals in general. There is so much love and harmony going on in the Heavenly Realms that it becomes natural to seek each other out. If you have love in your heart and sincerely wonderful memories, those consciousnesses will be pulled towards you in these more fluid realms. You can count on being with so many friends and loved ones, over and over again.

Life is lovely when you love and you are populating your own immediate universe as you go along, learning more and more about the intricacies of love. This is truly what life is all about and pets tap into a certain vein of completely pure love, of which humans are capable only with non-human members of different species than themselves.  This sort of love can also be tapped into on a planetary level when a human develops a passion for something really vast and high above them: like the fragile ecology; the space around the planet; astronomy or distant space bodies.

This Pet Sphere takes a human into association with something that is technically lower on the scale than he is. Other people will delve into microscopic regions, but it’s difficult to identify with human qualities in these levels; so the animal region is the only one in which love can flow so directly between the hearts with something that is not human. This is a great experience to have gone through within a life and pets are doing wonderful things and a great service for humans by accepting them into their own family loyalties. That’s what happens when an animal’s heart accepts a human personality into its inner circle. There is a magic that occurs if that should be the case and the movement within both hearts is obvious and inescapable, even if it occurs between strangers and not necessarily owners.

It does something to a human’s love capacity to have felt that movement even once during their coursing through a material life because it resembles the normal relationships in the Heavenly Realm between many consciousnesses which resonate together. Love is very lovely, as I said before. And you love your pets like nothing else if this magic has occurred between you.”

You have said before that animals are not here to discover spirituality since they already have that Upper Connection. In the light of Your above answer, it sounds as if one of their functions is to trigger certain human emotions that could not be experienced any other way.

In discussing marriage as a valuable human learning experience, not available through any other means or by thinking of human reaction to infants of their species, especially their own, we can hold these various common themes aloft for examination and comparison. Each is valuable and each falls into a distinct heart-feeling category all its own. There’s a Purity-of-Love Factor, there’s a Loyalty-Factor that becomes very identifiable upon examination. Of those three episodes, only the Pet Love experience is unchanging. Marriages evolve and  can dissipate as far as intensity goes. Even an unconditional love for an infant frequently becomes morphed and complicated as the human grows. That love often becomes conditional, as do feelings for spouses.

But a loyal love for a pet deepens over time; often through a life-long association with them. Once forged, that love and loyalty remains unconditional. That’s pretty doggone miraculous, isn’t it?

You are tapping into realities that should be obvious to everyone. These feelings are pretty much the same for all humans who extend themselves to include an animal into their own personal heart and life space. This reality is open to everybody but is not accessed by all. And that is okey-dokey with Me, but it IS a hidden reality on this smorgasbord of love that is spread for your human race. This is one of the blessings flowing in from your Universe’s bounties.

Whether you take advantage of it or not, is often up to personal circumstances, but people, sometimes in life, will enjoy tasting the wonders of this quality and their capacity for love. Do you feel a heart-movement, a little flutter, or a pull in the chest, when you communicate with a beloved pet friend? There it is! The purity of Love!”


Eighteen months after the above Post was written, I received this comment about it. The posting below appears on August 20, 2012, but I am adding it here, as well, since it expands and amplifies what the Holy Spirit explained above.

In checking my email I found a new comment about a post which I wrote on this site in April, 2011, “Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?”  The writer’s dog died and he must have gone to the internet seeking solace about pets and their death. Below is his sincere comment and I will ask for dictation so that I can send him an answer as soon as possible.

Submitted on 2012/08/18 at 8:53 pm

Hi, I lost my beloved dog Duke today. It was extremely hard to consume. I feel very broken right now. I miss my Duke every minute. I just want to know everything is okay after their reality life here on earth. Is it? What happens if I may ask? I fear for him, I just want him to go to the right place. I love him so much. A reply would be so appreciated. thank you. I love you boy.  Anthony Cardenas

Just as I picked up my pen and notebook to write, the Holy Spirit said: “This is what We’re all about!”  Then, as I copied Anthony’s question into my notes, I was so aware that I, personally, would  have no idea as to how to answer this loving, heartfelt plea for upper understanding from this dear, bereaved man. I don’t know the answer to this question myself because, other than that one posting about animal reincarnation, I’ve never dug into the story about animals and their immediate experiences after death.

But first, Anthony, I feel connected to you just from reading your pure and loving words about Duke and the way that you feel about him. What a lucky dog he was! I imagine that he misses you, too, just as much. But let’s find out what the Holy Spirit is waiting to say just now as I write. Oh, my Holy Spirit! What can You tell Anthony about Duke now since he has passed over to Your Dimension?

“Oh My God! This is what We are all about! (He is repeating this many, many times.) We want people to ask Us things like this! It is so wonderful that Anthony looked up some information on the Web and found this chance to ask such a question because it is so clearly evident that he believes in the Upper Realm and wants the same for his beloved pet, Duke. But, since animals can’t talk about this to their humans, he has no way of knowing that Duke is just romping around, wishing that he could lick his dear master’s face once more. And he really, really, really loves this Anthony, who made him so happy while he was on Earth. Now, Duke has gone on but is not very far away from Anthony.

Listen to Me, Anthony! Wherever you go and whatever you do, your Duke is right by your side!

It’s funny that you should mention it, because most people don’t even think of animals or their pets doing much living after death. That is an advanced idea, even about humans and their souls surviving a death on Earth and waking up in the Next World. But it’s very rare for humans to even think of an animal surviving and going on, full of life and renewed youth into eternity.

But animals are always more likely to continue in that World Above because of their innate purity of being. Duke must have been WONDERFUL to have inspired such a wonderfully-deep emotion in your heart. Obviously, he helped you enormously in learning how to give and receive love, even to your fellow humans. This combination of you and your dear, dear pet goes above and beyond most of the animal/human connections and becomes Something Historical to those of Us, Up Here in the Next World.

It doesn’t always happen this way, but when it does, then that becomes a true love story which sets an example for Earth and the humans who populate this planet. Anthony & Duke! There it is! Your story would have been noticed and remarked upon, anyway, but now you have really brought it to Everyone’s attention.

You wanted to know what happens when a dear doggie like Duke passes out of his earthly life: Well, it’s very similar to when a spiritualized human crosses over. There is always a Greeting Family there to happily welcome him back. Every one of these little consciousnesses that have come into an earthly existence is greeted when they return from their travels. Their family wants to know intimate details about their physical life and all the characters in it. So, they will be full of joy to learn what a wonderful life their Dukie found when he went down into that dangerous material plane of existence.

These animals don’t come to Earth to advance themselves spiritually, since they are already well-developed along those lines. They come to help humans become spiritualized and to learn how to purely love another consciousness quite different from their own. This is not a safe assignment for so many animals; even for dogs and cats, which have a much better chance of surviving well than other types of beasts of the animal kingdom which must frequently interrelate with humans.

The love existing between you and Duke has added to the quality of the total amount of human love on Planet Earth”

(This sentence came out slowly, word by word, as if He were filled with emotion and choking it out.)

“Thank you for saying that, Linda Layli! Thank you, Anthony, for asking Me this question. I can assure you that your darling Duke is in great spirits and will be waiting for you in your Family which will be here to welcome you whenever you are privileged to return Up Here to your home. I will be there too, because now I feel very close to both of you.”

Here is another answer to a question generated by the above post, almost a year later:


Marilyn’s 14-year-old dog, Bungie, died in her arms the other day of bladder cancer. She cannot stop crying over his loss and asks about Pet Reincarnation and how their little souls enter their new bodies? At conception? At birth? At awareness of self? She can’t stop hoping that he will come back and she also has the pull to bring home another little Sheltie. Oh my Holy Spirit! What is Your answer to Marilyn’s questions?

“Oh My God! This is a wonderful Bungie dog! He is right here.

Is it too noisy and sizzly in here? (I’m sitting at a kitchen table with others milling around and the activity has just increased.)

It’s very noisy and sizzly but Bungie is asking to go ahead. Basically, all of these pets can choose what they want to do next because they are not in this world to improve themselves. They are here for the sake of their humans and it is so good for these people; as well as for the Earth’s supply of the Loving Quality, which is necessary for the baseline functions that have to be performed by Creation Itself, in order to maintain everything on this planet.  We depend upon these pet combinations to help in the survival of all creatures. They counterbalance those angry feelings that some humans always generate. So, Bungie has done well during his long stay upon this Earth. I don’t know if he wants to go down again. What do you say, Bungie?”

“I do want to, but I don’t want to……”   (It’s just too noisy in here! I must give this more time and attention, so we shall return to this dictation tomorrow.)

Now, it’s the next morning and we’re in a quieter environment so I’d like to continue this very interesting topic. Oh, my Holy Spirit, I hope that Bungie wasn’t too unhappy with his treatment last night. Can we begin again with Bungie’s wishes for his future?

“Yes, We can and no We can’t. He is not here right this minute. Maybe he will be drawn to Us as We discuss this point. You are becoming the point of connection between these pets and their former owners. Basically, you are the Dead Dog Whisperer.

Anyway, there is a bit of confusion about Pet Reincarnation. To them, an earth Life is not as rewarding as life is in the Higher Realm where they go when their physical life ends, So, to come back down again for the sake of a bereaved owner is a very large sacrifice and it often means, at least some of the time, that they will survive the death of that owner. After that, they must take what they get in the way of loving care for the balance of that little existence, which they extended only out of sheer love. Ironically and suddenly, they are then in the same grieving position that their beloved owner was once in. You have all heard variations of the story of the loyal German Shepard, who keeps vigil over his master’s grave, going on seven years now. This is not a very happy position to be in and every pet is glad to escape that necessity when they are the ones to die first. So, that is the dilemma at the core of these pet reincarnation issues.

It is one thing to hope that a person will see their darling animal sweetheart at their own death during the famous meeting of loved ones, which greets successfully-returning humans after death. But, it’s quite another thing to pray and beg for the return of that very same particle of spirituality to repeat its diminution back down to earth in furry form, for another long lifetime, just to fulfil those wishes. Many do return, out of love for that owner, but they are not doing it for themselves and they are hoping that all will be well in this World Below while they are on the alternative tour of duty.

Animals are always exposed to the heavy vibrations in the world, which they have come to counter. Many of these are often found, even within the homes of loving owners, in the forms of: smoking habits; loud television or other electronic sources; family tensions; benign neglect; injury and illness; anger and the general negative vibrations which are prevalent all over this basic-level planet.

Most owners are clueless about what they ask of their very-beloved pet. Addictions are the worst offenders. Anything that changes the optimal, normal human equation, whether that is in a smell or a taste, such as tobacco produces; or behaviour alteration, is keenly felt by any animal exposed to it. They know a great deal more than any human can suspect. Many times, it is not their owner, but someone close to that person, who offends; and frequently, the undesirable equation goes on for years. Even the presence of rowdy, or naughty, children can make life very, very hard for an animal to tolerate. I say all this, not to discourage anyone from being so in love with their pet that life is intolerable without them; but to educate people as to what Pet Reincarnation really means.

Even Human Reincarnation is not automatic upon the death of every human being but is agreed upon and arranged after death, if that human needs another chance to advance and improve themselves, spiritually. Earth is a much less attractive place than the Upper Realm to which a person returns after death. So, reincarnating to a new life on earth, means choosing a lesser, but obviously necessary, future for oneself.

None of that applies to an animal, who returns to an ideal condition after a tour of duty in a battleground environment on planet Earth. Just as some soldiers will re-enlist, if asked to do so; some pets will return for the sake of love. But, it’s usually done at great sacrifice.

Ask yourself what you would do if a human love of yours so grieved over your death that they wished you back into their life as a newborn infant. Imagine that you had earned a lovely place in Heaven and were now weighing that against their desperate wishes to see and hold you once again. Would you have the maturity to know that the grieving one would, ultimately, recover from the shock of separation and would grow from the experience of finding new individuals to love….. even if those babies, those puppies, those new lovers, were not the same consciousness as yours?

On Earth, separation is normal. It is a condition of individuation. In these Upper Realms, which Bungie now occupies, togetherness can be constant, just as it is, technically, between the two of you, now. Things are just much more fluid and changeable. Perhaps, he is teaching you to adapt while you learn to “let go,” so that you can accept your new condition, rather than insisting that things always remain the same. We suggest that you simply switch your affections to a new little puppy and allow both dogs to fill your life from now on: One, from Up Here and the other, from within your loving arms. Bungie wants to say something now:

“I love you, Mommy, and I, carefully, always will. But, it’s time for you to let go of me so that I can be free to watch over you from Above. You have not been angry for a long, long, long time and it’s time to let go of many sadnesses and just be happy, happy, happy. I want you to let go of me and everything that is making you sad. And then… and only then… go out and find another little sweetheart to hold in your hands and in your heart. This is the best thing to do with us little creatures from this Higher Plane of Existence.

We can’t talk when we get down to Earth, so all we can do is speak with our barks and our eyes. But many personal and private things cannot be expressed that way. Maybe you can become instrumental in spreading this word around about the purposes of pets, in the first place? You humans are learning unconditional love from us and those lessons can be taught by every single animal coming into your range of experience. The more you help all animals, the more you grow as a human being and the better off the planet will become. It sounds too simple to be true but that’s the way that hidden meanings are tucked away, deep down in ordinary life, here in this boot camp of a planet.

So, my darling, Marilyn, I give you my blessings to love another dog as much as you loved me and to then learn something about the deeper, and deeper, and deeper significances behind every little thing occurring on this planet of ours. I’ll see you Up Here, Darling, but I don’t want to reincarnate again. So, this is a good way to let you know that.

It’s not you; it’s the wonderful position that I am enjoying right now. I can’t wait to see you again and to take you for a long walk, just like we used to do!”

“This is The Holy Spirit again. Your question, Marilyn, about the timing and details of the process of Pet Reincarnation are a little too complicated to answer. The joining of consciousness with the material of a new body is simply an organic process that happens during the maturation of the embryo and is in place by the time of birth. The nature of that little consciousness is also influenced by its experience from then on; as with humans.”


About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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37 Responses to Do Pets Reincarnate And Do They Choose Their Owners?

  1. Retika says:

    Hi Linda,
    I lost my girl Jenny, a golden retriever, on 21st August, 2019. It’s just so hard to get over this thought that she will no longer be there physically with me. Could you please help me to get some assurance that my girl is doing well. My life revolves around her. I can’t imagine a life without Jenny. Is she happy up there? Why did she leave me so soon. She was just 4 years old.
    Will really appreciate if you reply.

  2. Ed Kreinheder Jr says:

    I recently lost my male Cocker Spaniel, Buddy, 5 weeks ago – 1 day short of having him 12 years and am at a great loss missing him. I lost his sister, Cocoa, 2 years ago, about 1 month short of having her 10 years, they were inseparable, and having Buddy eased my feeling of her loss. I think the last night that Buddy and I were together he let me know it was his time, but I didn’t realize it at that time. I am sure he went off to find and be with his sister because they were so close when we had them both, and I miss them both terribly. What are the chances of them being reincarnated, how soon would that happen, and me finding them again – or them finding me, I do miss them so very much

  3. Ary says:


    I have a question, do pets who didn’t have a long life on earth but during his/her life he/she had been taken care of by humans can also feel the great love that his/her owner have for him/her?
    Because I have just lost my beloved cat, Onying, who passed away3 weeks ago. I can’t even begin to describe just how broken, how devastated I have been since. Mostly because he was still very young, around 2-2.5 year-old when he passed away due to his illness. I cannot stop wondering why this has to happen to him when he was so young. I used to stroke his head and told him that I wish him a long happy and healthy life… but it didn’t happen. I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with him, I still have so much to give, and I always feel like I haven’t done enough…he went too fast… Whenever I read other people’s experiences with their beloved pets, they usually had a much longer time spent together, 10, 15 years or more… My cat was too young to leave this world. I keep wondering if he could already feel the love I (and my family) have for him, does he love us too, and whether our love is enough to make him miss us, watch over us from up above, and greet and join us again when our time has come to leave this world… I love him very much and I cannot bear the thought of not knowing whether or not he’s okay, whether or not he knows how much I love him, whether or not we will be reunited again…

    I would really appreciate it if you could respond to me… Thank you…

  4. aky says:

    I have a dog for 15 yrs. and we have to put him down because of illness.
    Although I missed him so much but the funny things is that I have not a single dream about him…..
    However, every night since then, i could still hear his food steps walking from the Dining rm. to my bed room and breathing next to my bed for one whole year.
    One night I had dream of him and he is a puppy again… we have so much fun then he told me that he have to go…. Then I woke up crying. I have not heard the footsteps since.
    One Day I told my Mom about the dream and I happens that she have a saw my dog in her dream too around the same time I had my dream! She saw my dog curled up next to her bed when she wake up mid- night and he snuggle up to my mom and ask to be scratch behind his ears…. My mom patted the dog and fall back to sleep without thinking much of it. It was the very next day that she realized something strange happened.
    A few years after that my son was born, somehow I have a feeling that he have my old pet dog soul, he is so relax at my old house and easily fall asleep in the corner my dog use to stay watching our family. Also my husband says that his temperament is exactly the same as I describe my dog to him (even though he has not met him before)especially the way he snuggle up with me and like me scratch his head. One more thing, he has developed a funny swirl in his hair just like the way the hair grown on my dog’s back?
    Is it him, I am not sure but I certainly hope so :>

  5. robin says:

    Thanks so much for writing this and I’m so happy to have found it. I lost my beloved Min Pin Mini just over 6 weeks ago. She was almost 14 and had chronic kidney disease but Pancreatitis is what she could not bounce back from. I miss her so much it’s difficult to live without her. She was my sidekick and constant companion. She went everywhere with me. Tears fall so easily and not a day goes by that I shed these tears. I ask for signs, visit, any thing to know she is still with me. Everyone tells me to get another dog, but I don’t want another dog. I feel like Mini would come back and need to know how I will find her or will she find me? I wasn’t looking for a dog when Mini came into my life. I believe that she was meant to be my dog, my friend, my companion and am hoping that she will come back again. I hope you will respond to my email as I am so sad and while it’s only been 6 weeks, time is not healing.

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Dear Robin, You will know the answer to your search for Mini when you feel her with you….maybe in a dream or maybe in another loving ball of fur. Pets simply can’t live as long as their owners and she was old and sick by the time nature and God gave her sweet relief. Don’t worry, she’s Waiting! Now, finish living your life as well and graciously as she did hers. You have company in this sort of grief. Many of those who have written here have new pets by now and they love those babies just as much. This isn’t the individual sort of answer we provide on this site; other than, just to keep your eyes and heart open.

      • robin says:

        Thanks Linda for your kind words of encouragement. I have been waiting to see her in a dream or signs she might give me but so far nothing and as hard as I try I don’t remember my dreams. I will keep waiting for her. And hopefully she will come back to me. I would love for it to be in a new fur body, but I would be happy to see her in a dream until she arrives in a new body. I talk to her still like she is still with me. Does the Holy Spirit have anything to say to me about Mini? Thanks again.

  6. Deandra says:

    After losing my beautiful cat Randy I felt the same way most of you do. It is hard to accept. She was everywhere in everything. I cannot remember a time without her. For 16 years and eight months she was by my side. I love her still. You must go through the stages of grief. They are all in a better place waiting to see you again. No pain, no suffering nothing but peace and happiness try to remember that. It helps. Cry get it out. Love is an emotion not easily forgotten. Pets are beautiful and amazing. None will ever be forgotten. Do a special project to remember them with and every birthday and christmas a
    still celebrate as if they were there because believe it or not they are right there beside you. Forever

  7. Linny says:

    I have lost my cat Rogue recently, and she had kittens about a month ago. There is one kitten that we are keeping because it looks just like Rogue, has the same personality as her. But the kitten is a male. Please respond…. Im not sure if this is early reincarnation or something else….

  8. SS says:

    Is it possible that a person could have a cat and dog that have reincarnated and come back to them because they died young and their deaths devastated me.I happened to find a dog of the same breed by accident. That dog was born the same day same time as my beloved dog died. The same thing has now happened with a kitten.

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Oh my Holy Spirit! Isn’t this amazing? Do You have any comments?

      “Instantly, that’s a YES! This isn’t accidental and it’s also not completely accidental that you found those animals in the first place!”

      The original pets, you mean?

      “Yes, it’s not at all accidental when things come out so neatly. No telling what you need them for? Just enjoy your good fortune.

      • SS says:

        Thank you so much! It makes me feel better to know that they have come back to me to live again with me! I am waiting for the kitten to become old enough to come live with me! He has the same markings as my cat who was killed March 28. Even the little piece of white at the base the tail is the same! Do u really think they have the same souls as my previous dog and cat? They look exactly alike! The coincidence seems to be more than ordinary circumstances!

        • Linda J. Brown says:

          Have you given them the same names as they had before? You may as well, as it sounds like they wanted to return to you as much as you wanted them back. Don’t be shy about talking about this phenomenon and expanding people’s minds about the Other Dimensions….. you know, that this Earthly environment isn’t the only one we’ll occupy. Read all of the books on this subject that you can find and learn as much as you can in order to help awaken other people. Not in a pushy way but in a “Isn’t this weird but wonderful?” way. The New Millennium is doing this and changing things we never expected. Maybe the animals know it better than we do!

          • SS says:

            I have given the animals different names but I do find myself calling them by the same names as my other pets. My new kitten has the same habits, personality, and mannerisms, same ways he tries to sneak outside. Once the kitten got outside so I chased him. He made the exact same path Mouse took before he would let me catch him! I want to change his name to Mouse! My dog who was named Mickey got sick while I was away from him. He died after I returned, my new dog acts exactly like him and has the same personality. He also does not want me to leave him at all, he tries to get out of the house with me and never be away from me. The more time passes the more I am sure these are the same two pets I had before! I share this story with many other people!

  9. yuki says:

    hi i lost my toy poodle last night october 9,2015 11:30 pm . im so sad right now. i just rescued her because the one that is watching her is just a whatsoever called boy here in philippines . her spines are deformed because of the spanking and other devastating things that the boy us doing to her. they are 3 in the house my yorkie and cocker spaniel. she died because of amoeba and respiratory illness. my mother accidentally give her amoxicillin 1000mg that maked her overdose then i went to the vet. she stayed there for 2days . after two days the vet called and he said that my little shawn is okay. so i drive her home. shes okay , she eat and drink plenty of water. after that day october 9. i went to the veranda to check on her. (her favorite place) i saw her and she cannot stand. she is so weak . i gave her food and water but she refused it. im so scared and i dont know what to do… philippines is the worst place in vet. the vet is closed 7pm and she is very weak ,10:30 pm i stayed on her the whole time. she cannot stand but she is forcing her self to stand she is also breathing through her mouth because she haves mucus secretions on her nose due to flu. im so sad and i know that my little poodle will not get through until tomorrow morning. she is always barking when some of the dogs bark in our village. but when the dogs bark .even she haves that very critical condition she still stands but she cannot bark because she is very weak. i just said to her . were ok here shawn ,were ok and she went back to her lying position .. 11:00 i prayed for her and i took her to the veranda her favorite place to lie . im just crying and crying and i know that she will not make it. i just said to her just come back shawn i know your coming back. she cried because of pain . then before 1minute she died she stand and look at me. i went to her and i put her on my lap. after that minute she breathe her last breath and she died. dogs have minutes of hearing when they die i just said to her .. just come back i will find you . im here now on the veranda and i can feel her energy my cocker spaniel who is his bestfriend is crying and finding her . i know that she will come back and i will have much time to take care and give her more time to play i love my shawn even whe just know each other for a short period of time. even the last minute of her life i saw
    the loyalty in her eyes she still mange t stand and look at me to say thank you for taking care of me i just felt it the way she look at me. thats why i cant getover because of that look. im just so angry to those owners just put their dogs in the cage and spank or do whatever things with them. they have feelings even they are only animals they can feel what we feel they have emotions we are the highest in this world and we are capable to take care of them and i know that God is taking care of her now in heaven just trust and have faith on them they will come back . right time, and right place . they love us .

  10. Vilūnė says:

    My dog Moly passed away five weeks ago (9 June). She was 13. I am desperate. A can’t cope with grief and nobody can comfort me…Please, help me to deel with this great loss. I am losing my mind…

  11. stacy says:

    I am so glad I came across your story. My girlfriend a I have been together for 6 years now and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. I know now why I did not believe we would concieve a baby until our lab Brady was gone. It was just a feeling I always had without explination. Sadly we had to put Brady to sleep on May 24th at the ripe age of 11. We became pregnant on May 25th the very next day, not even a whole 24 hours. Brady just couldn’t wait. Our baby boy is due Feb 28th a day before Bradys Mar 1st birthday. I know in my heart he will bea day late. At our 8 wk ultrasound our baby boy was to small to even see but Brady was clearly detected, almost an opage glass etched figure of his beautiful face taking up our ultrasound. People believe I am crazy but no one can deny Brady is visible in our picture.

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  14. Paula Monroe says:

    I lost my beautiful standard poodle MIMA a couple of weeks ago after more than 13 years together. She died only days after my cousin died unexpectedly.
    We used to argue about if dogs went to heaven; I said of course they do “On earth as it is in heaven.” I believe my cousin. Carla was there waiting for Mima
    When she crossed over & they are playing together. I miss MIMA so much but I feel her presence and I smile as I think about Carla with Mima they always loved being together.

  15. Linda CZL says:

    i lost my cat Baghira Sence yesterday. When we put his body to ground, a butterfly comes from nowhere…I know Baghira Sence is with me, all time, beside me.
    thank you for this site,Linda

  16. Charlotte says:


    Towards the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 we lost three out of four of our fury family members. First came the sudden and very unexpected death of our three year old cat named Bob. We had taken he and his brother, Bill into our family when they had been found walking on the side of a busy road, not even six weeks old and covered with fleas. Bob and I had a special relationship that I’ve never had with a cat before, even with my first cat, Kinky, whom I had loved dearly for 17 years. Bob just looked in my eyes as if to say he understood me. He had developed an access and had to go to the vet for surgery. He was so scared so I comforted him, explained what was going to happen and that he’d feel so much better after. When I brought him back home I had to clean his wound and apply antibiotics a couple times a day. I understood he did not enjoy this but that he was so greatful I was taking care of him. After that, our relationship was very special. I loved his brother very much as well, but there was something between us that I just can’t explain. So the day I happened to find him dead in our yard completely shocked me. I hadn’t expected to lose him so soon. My other cats had lived to ages 15 & 17. And, I didn’t know how my 5 year old son would take this. We had already lost so much with me and his dad separating and deaths within the family the past 18 months. And I worried about how Bill was going to adjust with his big brother gone. Although I tried to explain, I wasn’t quite sure at the time he would understand and its not like we could talk about his feelings. And then there was my two elderly dogs who had accepted the kittens as their own and helped raise them. To this day, I think Bill thinks he is a dog and even fell in love with a little dog who used to live next door. He really grieved when she moved away.

    Three weeks later we found out that my beloved Bodhi had cancer and not much time to live. I had adopted him as a six week old puppy 12 years earlier to keep my other dog company while I was at school during the day. He was a mut but looked a lot like the dog in the movie “Hachi” with Richard Gere. I’ve never played favorites with my animal children but there was always something special about him that I can’t explain. I tried to keep him comfortable at home as long as I could, believing he would let me know when it was time. Towards the end, it was very painful for him to walk but whenever we went outside he eventually made his way. One day I was taking pictures and he, always a ham for the camera, purposely walked out of view. He somehow told me he didn’t want us to remember him sick like that. When he would no longer eat and drink I knew it was time. Eating was the only way I could get his pain medicine down and I didn’t want him to suffer. He never passed up a car ride but as this day he stopped short of the car and gave me a look that he knew where we were going but ever the dutiful dog, he got in the car. He always loved going to the vet too, because he got more attention. He never met a soul he didn’t like. But on this day as I sat on the floor of the exam room with him, holding his head in my lap, he shook in fear. I talked to him, thanking him for being in my life, for all the love he gave, for protecting me and my family, for all the joy he brought to our lives. The vet came in and gave him a shot to relax him and left. By this time I was crying but I kept talking to him, telling him he was going to be ok and not suffering anymore, telling him Bob was going to be waiting for him, telling him of my other pets gone before him that would be his playmates, telling him my dad would throw the ball for him. I told him although I was very, very sad that I would be ok & it was hard to let go but that he needed to continue on his journey. I didn’t want him feeling bad bc I was so upset. He had licked more than a few tears off my cheeks during the years and as hard as this was, it was also part of the commitment I had made to him so long ago. The vet came in and gave the final shot. I held him the best I could ( he was a big dog ), continued to pet him and talk to him as my tears fell on his muzzle. Then his breathing stopped. It was over.

    I had always assumed my animals that died were in heaven but after his death I became fearful I would never see him again. This upset me terribly. I researched the Internet. I spoke to people I considered religious. All the answers were varied. I decided I was just going to believe their souls continued to live and that I will see them again.

    Three months later my other dog Buster got sick. He was two years older than Bodhi, we think. He had been hit by a car and wondered into my mom’s garage. She took him to the vet and cared for him while trying to find his owners. But none was ever found. It seemed he had been abused wherever he had been. He was the cutest dog, a cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix. He had some emotional problems and could be quite neurotic at times. And he could have a temper sometimes and oh, so stubborn. When I met him I told my mom I would take him if the place I would be moving to when I started school a few months later took dogs. I flew back home, and moved to the new state to start school. It turned out I could have dogs so my mom flew him out and we brought him home. The rest was history. But he had been showing signs of old age for a while and I had prepared myself our time together was coming to an end. But, I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon after loosing Bob and Bodhi and I wasn’t expecting it to be so quick and be the day before my birthday. But he had been sicker than we knew, although he never showed any signs. My son had been with me at the vet when we got the news. I gave him the choice and he said he would rather not be there when we put Buster down. I took Buster with us to drop my son off at my inlaws, who live by a nature preserve so I took Buster for a long walk there, alone, just the two of us. I had a talk with him, thanking him for all the happy years he brought us, for being such a great dog, for being patient with me. I don’t remember it all, but I don’t think I told him we had to go back to the vet. He was not a fan of the place. I sat on the floor with him as I had done with Bodhi and cried and comforted him. I told him he was going to have a lot of souls waiting for him. I told him it was ok to go and he wouldn’t be suffering any longer. Then, again, it was over.

    It’s been 18 months since we lost three of our family members. Bill has adjusted to being an only fury child. We had considered getting him a kitten but he hasn’t seemed to care for the other cats and kittens in the neighborhood he has come across. If anything I think we will get him a puppy. I think he likes getting all the attention now, although I’m sure he misses his brothers as much as we do.

    When Bodhi died, I remember thinking how much it hurts to lose an animal but that it’s all worth it and it’s part of the commitment we make to them when we bring them into our lives. I used to hope they would reincarnate back into my life but after reading what I’ve read today I know I can’t ask that of them. They’ve done their job and are in a better place. They always live in my heart. Thank you for this site and for sharing with all who seek you out. I’ve been greatly helped today.

  17. Lori says:

    I happen to come across this site in my grief over losing the love of my life, Shatzy who was a pomeranian/american eskimo cross. I just recently said goodbye to him due to kidney failure. He blessed me with 10 wonderful years of love. The last 2 years of his life was beyond words because he went blind from an auto-immune illness called Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome. Sharing my life with the same dog I had such a close bond with who was now blind made our love for each other so deep and powerful I really have no words to describe our life together other than pure bliss – what the experience of heaven must feel like. He truly was my soul mate from day one up until the afternoon I sang him his song one last time and allowed the vet to set him free from his suffering.
    In my grief I had an urge to search for another dog to bond with and found one male eskimo pup who was born exactly one week after my boy went home. I was hoping that it would have been my boy choosing to stay on earth for one more lifetime and guide my heart to find him in this pup I am committed to getting but now after reading your post on animal reincarnation, I feel its selfish of me to ask for Shatzy to come back. He deserves to exist in a wonderful space where he is forever surrounded by unconditional love and peace. I hope to still communicate with him all the time though, but I am not able to connect with him yet.
    Thank you for writing your article and putting it into words that struck a chord in my heart.

    • Lisa Mark says:

      We can understand the grief of a beloved pet.My husband and I have always had four legged children by choice.I have actually cried more over my beloved dogs than I have over relatives that have past away.Ok admit it most of you probably have too!!!!My husband and I lost our beloved 13yr old shep/ lab mix in April. Ace had been a diabetic for 1 1/2 yrs went blind in Feb of 2012, in Jan this year he went into chronic kidney failure after 11weeks he lost his battle.But not before his job here was done so I’ve heard people say.When Ace passed away everyone he loved and all who loved him was there!!!I’ m not sure if I cried more because he passed away or because he was so loved maybe both.To say he was loved was an understatement, that’s why he fought so long and hard and we fought for him!!!!!!All of our dogs were so loved!!!!!They all lived to be a ripe ole’ age its never long enough!!!!!I’m really having a hard time getting over this one.No new pup yet not ready!I’ m sure we’ ll know just as we knew when Ace came into our life!!!!! GOD=DOG for a reason!!!!

  18. Susan Mu says:

    My yorkshire terrier aged 3 was hit by a car n died on d spot on 28/5/ was my companion,always by my side.i miss him terribly n losing sleep n cant eat.
    Do u think its possible for it to reincarnate as d same type of dog, exactly d same so that i would buy it back.
    I talked to its dead body. Do u think its possible? Pls answer. I am going crazy without my darling dog around

  19. Vi says:

    My dog Simba passed away 2 days ago 5/26/2013. She had Canine Distemper. Unfortunately, there is no cure for canine distemper, she got high
    fever (≥103.5 ° F, or 39.7° C), reddened eyes, and a watery discharge from the nose, anorexic, Persistent coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Late night on 5/24/2013 she was convulsive twice….. But suddently morning on 5/25/2013 she was normal, ate good, greedy eating, and not convulsive…. But I still so worry, so i called doctor came to helping her. He gave her some shoots for support nutritious. Then couple mins he left, she was paralysed whole body. Convulsive every 4 minutes and cant walk. Her eyes turn white color and the tounge stick out mouth and jaw was frozen. She could not hold her pooh and she passed away after nearly 10 hrs of suffer in pain. She still tried to look at us when we called her name and tried to look around for her brother (we had to seperate her brother for not get sick from her)…. Before pass away, she did scream 3 loud sound and lost her last breath

    She is the smartest dog and so close to each family member. All of us still cant hold the tears and cant believe that she already gone. Later, i know how to help this sick. When dogs start to eating again and greedy eating, u have to help them eating good and as much as possible and together give them support by antibiotic. It gonna help they to build the immune system to fight back with sick….

    But it is too late. I called doctor came to help her but he came to kill her. I just want to save her life, but……… I feel so angry myself and never forgive it. Every morning wake up, i just dont want to wake up at all when i recognize she was not there anymore, she already gone and the person lead her to death is me

    I am regret a lot, hurt a lot and just keep crying. I want she back to me….

    I want to ask her if she is sad and angry me? I want to apology to her because of my decision killed her. I want to ask her if she is safe now? I want to ask her if she is in heaven or still next to me and my mom? I want to ask her if one day we could be with each other again? Can she reincarnate become my 2nd child which i has planed in 2015? I would love to have her back again….. And i want to tell her that i miss her and love her so much. She meant everything to me

  20. Pat says:

    We lost our beloved Jamie on 11th November 2012. I had such a strong connection with this dog and I miss him terribly. There are times when I feel his presence very strongly. He came back to see us on Christmas morning and he walks beside me sometimes on our favourite walk. Now we have a little puppy called Jilly. Sometimes I find it very hard to connect with Jilly and I’ve been very upset because she reminds me that Jamie isn’t here. At other times I feel I know her and she’s been here before and I feel close to her. I’m very confused. One day she exhibited all the characteristics of a previous dog called Cider and she kept looking at me as if to say, “Do you recognise me?” Another day I kept thinking she was just like our Hazel. Today I felt briefly as if she was our Jamie. She can’t possibly be all these dogs reincarnated and I’ve no idea what’s going on.

  21. ray russell says:

    Hi All .First may all you bereaved owner have found some peace,i know for me one turning point was when i read these words.Blessed are the grieved for the WILL be comforted!!! From the moment i read that my almost constant tears turned to random times and in a week of reading my tears have a special day of the week.Well still not fully accepted Flori (My passed over heavenly yorki girl) is by my side at all times in spirit should anyone know how/if i can enhance that please post . Well i was given a minature yorki a few weeks back FI FI a mini yorki very very cute very timid and VERY funny. Though i could not manage to bond with her infact i think i kept myself from that at the time in fear of another loss.So as my eldest daughter and partner were looking for a companion for thier cockapoo,who fif fi loved to play and rest with i gave her to them,. Even that gift of spirit created a few tears as i felt i had let her down and more than that had refused a gift from GOD ???? .Also after letting fi fi go i have realised my heart does have the capacity to do my best to give that pure love back to another canine so im on the lookout again….To have such an effect on humans to be able to get on heart to heart terms and to be blessed with the gift of being able to understand dogs on a deep level is THE best i have ever known.LOVE like that can only come from GOD. So my friends if your canine friend has a little accident in the home dont admonish him/her sternly/and if he/she dawdles when walking out,please dont keep saying come on come on!!! be patient !!!! because that is what GOD is trying to say >>>Your dog is telling you you are short on patience itself a gift to be nutured.GOD BLESS you all canine feline all sentient beings.. Thank you for being here .

  22. Marilyn says:

    My most loyal friend, Bungee, died on 2/9/13. He was 14. I learned he had bladder cancer a week before his death, and I was told he wouldn’t have long to live and I would have to make the decision to “put him down.” That was excrutiating for me. I brought him home and kept him comfortable and slept with him and rocked him and held him and pureed his food and carried him outside and loved him as much as I possibly could. The last day, I told him what I thought he would see when he passed on, that I hoped his old pet friends would be there and my mother who also loved him would be there and not to be afraid when it happened. He had a close relationship with my ex-husband who left about 5 years ago. I called him that night and asked him to talk to Bungee. He did and told him he was a good boy and he loved him. About 30 minutes later, Bungee took the decision out of my hands and breathed one last breath and left this world. I have cried until I can’t cry anymore, but I have a “pull” to give another little Sheltie a home. I firmly believe in reincarnation. This is going to be a question that you think is coming from a crazy person, but if reincarnation is possible, when do you think their little souls enter their new body. At conception? At birth? At awareness of self? I can’t get this hope out of my mind that maybe, just maybe he will come back. I would really appreciate your insight on this.
    Thank you!

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi Marilyn, What a really beautiful and sensitive story about Bungee’s last days on Earth! I truly think that you already have a huge amount of natural knowledge about the animal heart. He taught you during those 14 years and you taught him, just as you would have taught a child. What a wonderful life you both had together. It sounds like he was a Sheltie. I once had a Sheltie named Kiltie. What a honey! Since I just received your message a few minutes ago, and I’m staying at a hostel in Christchurch, New Zealand, during my around-the-world junket, I can’t concentrate on taking dictation just this second, till I leave this tv-filled lounge, at least. But I will do that just as soon as I can. There is nothing crazy about your question and I am eager to learn the answer too. So, I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for writing. Linda

  23. ray russell says:

    I have spent the past month since Flori my darling young yorkshire terrier past over , asking that and many other the same questions as in DUKES story..
    And at 64 yrs of age i can contest that in the few glorious months we spent on this eartly plane,she (FLORI taught me more about LOVE than any other of my varied lifes experiences . I must thank this article for giving me some ease that FLORI is well. For you see so wonderfull is/was our love if i knew for sure Flori was unhappy and wanted me to come to her now i would have. So i close in many thanks and wonder how i may get to know if Flori wants me to have another dog and or just what are her wishes ??God bless you all

    • Linda J. Brown says:

      Hi Ray,

      I’m sorry it has taken me a week to reply to your wonderful comment. I’m back out on a long, solo, around-the-world trek….currently in Rotorua, New Zealand, dealing with strange computers. Which is a pain because I’m at a loss when dealing with my familiar one. I have a wonderful and quite funny piece of dictation for you, that I took right after I received the email notice of your comment….sort of working from memory about what you said. What an imp Flori seems to be! She’s got a good sense of humor, for sure. You can rest easy on the “Unhappy” issue.

      What a strange conjunction! I’ve just now applied to housesit for a woman in Capetown, South Africa, for three months to take care of her little Teacup Yorkie, PiP. I can already feel the love radiating from that little ball of fur. All Yorkies are traffic-stoppers for me, anyway. So, I can imagine your grief. Okay, I will post this answer for you as my new blog on this site.

      Be happy! Linda

      • ray russell says:

        Dear linda couple months now since Flori went to sprit world and i am begining to see some light thank GOD, though i still shed tears not so often yet i think due to really being able and certain !! in my beleifs and hope that not only one day we Flori and i will meet again and that in the mean time communicate together !!! So really im hoping you will answer my questions also finding it hard to know FLORI COULD BE WITH ME MOST OR ALL TIMES IN SPIRIT . Thank you in advance for your wisdom GOD bless you …

  24. Anthony Cardenas says:


    I lost my beloved dog duke today. It was extremely hard to consume. I feel very broken right now. I miss my duke every minute. I just want to know everything is okay after their reality life here on earth. Is it? What happens if i may ask? I fear for him, i just want him to go to the right place. I love him so much. A reply would be so appreciated. thank you. I love you boy.

    • Dave says:


      My heart goes out to you on your great loss. I lost my ‘Gretchen’ May 2011 and was devastated! To condense my experiences, my Gretchen is in my life daily (you can accept to believe this or not, but I receive physical signs with this every day), and she is guiding me to becoming an animal communicator to help people like yourself. I’m not sure of your beliefs, but I can atest that Duke is in a good place and watching over you. Pay close attention to little (odd) things, as he might be trying to let you know he is okay. Peace be to you, and I hope I can bring a little comfort to you knowing that Duke is in a wonderful place.

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