Do Babies Know Everything When They Are Born? Being Straight From Source?

Brooke # 23: Do babies know everything when they are born? Being straight from Source? Then, are they conditioned out of the truth with language and all the other things that come with growing up?

“Yes, they do know everything, but not about their own origins. They know about things that they have observed while in utero. Because their soul can be outside of the womb during their formative period of six to nine months, then they have met their family members and been in on any drama taking place there. They are, more or less, adult awarenesses, if they have ever been an Earthling before. Really, they choose to return to another life on Earth while they are a maturely-developed consciousness in pre-life.”

So they don’t have to incorporate as Earthlings until they embody sometime before birth. Can they select or announce their own name?

“No, it’s not very popular to do that, though some wind up with a similar-sounding name because that was part of their rebirthing plan. There is nothing accidental about the return to life; even though it may seem unplanned, haphazard, or accidental, from an Earthling’s point of view.”

Some babies react strongly to certain humans, screaming and squirming when they are nearby. From what You are saying, that baby knows exactly what it’s doing and why, though the adults are completely puzzled! Or the infant might smile and hold out its arms to a total stranger. This would explain such reactions, too. Might these tendencies predict future intelligence?

“Maybe, maybe not! Efforts are being made to dampen the child’s response until it can fully incorporate into its next Earth existence, and that will be complete within its first few months of life. I have noticed babies staring at you very intensely, but you have never paid much attention to that.”

Well, I have noticed the quality of the eyes on some very young babies. How they stare with such wide-eyed, riveted concentration, as if they know what they are looking at. That kind of stare isn’t seen in children or adults, whose look is always much more casual. But, these babies’ eyes practically pop out and they are very solemn and knowing. I feel as if they’re getting their first look at this World Below, as any newly-arrived tourist might.

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