Can We Learn Of Our Past Lives While In This Life?



Sandeep asks: “I read a book that talks about previous life and that a soul keeps transforming bodies until it learns the lessons of life and reaches its highest potential. Then it merges with God, or the Universe. Can a human ever find out what, or who, we were in a previous life? How do we know if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing in the present life?”

 Oh my Holy Spirit! Can any of us learn about our past lives while living this one?

 “No, they cannot. Only if there is some enormously important reason for My telling them, would I ever let on to their past reincarnational history.”

But psychics do this for people and now, new pre-birth and past-life regressions are available to us. How about these?

 “This is the way that We do inform those who need to know but they are only a small sample of the millions and billions of the entire human race. This is usually a deep, deep….and sometimes…dark, secret that We want to protect each human from learning. He needs to work on his lessons without prior coaching.

It is true, for some people anyway, that they have had extensive counselling in their pre-life journey and they have done a great deal of planning before coming to life again. Now, once they have been born into their own plan, is not the time for them to peek at the test answers. This time within a life is their exam period and they cannot cheat to see what their optimal decision should be.

If they can graduate from this very difficult school, then they will be praised when they return to their Just Rewards. There will be a graduation ceremony and an official entry into a Higher Dimension, which is their object for returning to another Earth life: to earn their degree. Some of them will be eliminated from the reincarnational cycle if they cannot measure up to a baseline performance. They need to do this without any prompting. This is true for most ordinary humans needing to learn the lessons of spirituality and the Love of God and the Higher Realms. This is not an intellectual decision but an act of the human heart. It would do no good to show a soul that they were an unbeliever in their past life and now must transform during this life or that will be the end of the line for them.”

Because they would then make a push towards making themselves believe, even if their heart wasn’t in it? Well, is there any way that we can simply figure out whether we are on the right track, at least? Something like feedback or testing services as we go along? If life is like a university course, do You provide the same sort of support services to help us graduate successfully?

“Yes, We do! This is a good analogy. That is what all of your tests and difficulties are designed to do. Not only to accomplish practice sessions and build confidence and ability but to help you discern where you should be heading by honing your alertness and skill.

Life, itself, is your greatest teacher and each one of you is also a professor for those others struggling with their own lessons. The more you help others to make it comfortably and safely through their challenges, the greater your chances of graduating with very high grades from your own life. If you wander into some life style that just doesn’t fit, then try changing your “University Major” until you figure out what kind of life does fit. That’s how you know that you are on the right track for the life you planned before you were born. It’s a bit like choosing a profession out of the many possibilities here on Earth.”

Rashmika and Sandeep love this answer and have read In Secret Diffusion about the Kundalini Leg Symptoms. Both of them have felt these temporary but excrutiating pains very frequently. Rashmika also feels a pain in her thumb and her neck at the same time. Can You tell her the meaning of this particular sensation? She says it is under her chin and between her chin and her neck, as well as her ring fingers and thumbs.

“I don’t think I can but I will find out right now. Will you touch her throat where she feels the pain?”

(I touch Rashmika’s chin and neck and the described fingers.)

“No, I can’t tell her because her Guide doesn’t speak English. Rashmika can ask her Guide and get told, somehow, someway, sooner or later. So get her to write down everything she can that she might hear from Him.”

(Apparently, when working with us here on Earth, They must work through our brains and operate in the language of their subjects. If the language is different, this hampers their Own cross communication.)


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