Can Negative Thinking Cause Death?

                            CAN NEGATIVE THINKING CAUSE DEATH?


At last, I’m catching up on answering questions that came in earlier. I’m sitting in a common room of a Madrid, Spain, hostel bringing my blog up to date before flying in a few days to explore Scandinavia before ending my fourteen month, solo, around-the-world, second exploration of the planet. This dictation with the Holy Spirit took place yesterday on a speeding bullet train. Kat’s original question is listed a few posts back and involves many points which will be addressed soon. Here’s the first of many:

Yesterday, Kat asked some good questions. She has helped many homeless dogs, cats, and birds and currently owns ten animals. Another cat died recently after being attacked by Malamute dogs and she still intensely mourns the death of this one and others. She asks whether she caused their deaths through her own negative thinking. How would You answer Kat’s question, oh my Holy Spirit?

“First of all, Kat, come clean with yourself and be logical! You have helped these animals by giving them a home and by loving them so very much. This is a hugely positive input which finds its expression in the physical realm. You would have to have some pretty horrendous thoughts to make a dent in the multiple happy lives that you create every day for these grateful animals.

So no, you did not cause the deaths of your dear cats. Death happens and sometimes, by Malamutes! Don’t feel badly towards those dogs. They were operating according to natural instincts for which they have precious little opportunity because they are owned and are not free to exercise such instincts. Don’t resent their owner in blame for your cat’s death, either. Everyone is innocent in this scenario.

Your negative thoughts, whatever they might be, mainly attack only you.”

Would You go into the general topic of the psychic effect of negativity on the surrounding atmosphere? Kat’s other questions reveal her concern with metaphysics.

“Yes, I will be glad to. But, to continue a moment on the above point: she wanted to know, specifically, if she was responsible for her pets’ deaths; much as a mother whose child has died, worries that it was her fault. This is natural when a weak little charge, like a baby or an animal, is under your care and protection and still, they die. Usually, the worrier knows the reason and whether this is an accurate self-evaluation that she makes.

Unhappy thoughts can change a surrounding atmosphere sometimes, but they can’t directly kill a cat. It is Curiosity that has earned that bad rap!

Now, let’s turn to this business of Evil. By the way, we were speaking, in our recent posts concerning fear, of snakes being unfairly associated with evil. How coincidental that cats… cats…. are used as a symbol of the Dark Arts, such as witchcraft. So, two innocent animal symbols are featured in two consecutive questions from unrelated sources!

But, people don’t generally attribute these negative meanings to the real animals. It’s merely a literary device, which is also true of many metaphysical phraseologies. Those don’t hold any more water than your basic Halloween costume, whether of a witch, a devil or a black cat. Some few folks may have become either hooked on, or spooked, by a metaphysical exaggeration and this turns others away from concepts that are really only operating in the World Below; but which sometimes, can express as supernatural.

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