Can Humans Ever Reincarnate As Animals or Do Any Animals Get Reborn As Humans?


Today, I had a great conversation in the hostel, with a mother, Miquelina, and her daughter, Carla, here in Montevideo, Uruguay, to see the Paul McCartney concert tonight. Miquelina had a question for The Holy Spirit, as to whether she had lived many former lives and whether some of them might have been as an animal. I explained that I didn’t deal with personal psychic questions but that the animal-to-human question had almost never been dealt with.

Oh, my Holy Spirit! Do any humans ever reincarnate as animals or do any animals get reborn as humans?

“Oh, My Linda Layli! No! No! No! Practically never! It used to be done, sparingly, to punish a human, if they had behaved so like an animal in their lifetime, taking what they wanted in cruel, cruel ways; though exactly that behavior might be expected of a fierce animal in the course of its daily life, living a normal animal existence. It is not expected of the higher, human species.

So, no, it’s not practical to do anything like that movement between species….even within the animal kingdom.

But, there are humans who have special affinities for certain animals, or for animals in general and they are actually expected to work closely with those whom they feel akin with. They will connect on a spiritually deep level, which helps both humans and those animals to understand each other better. ”


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