Are There Lots of Highly-Developed Souls Living On Earth At Any Given Time And What Happens To Them Here?


Oh my Holy Spirit! You speak of special souls who come to Earth for specific purposes. Things which are wanted, or expected, to be accomplished. And yet, You don’t interfere with our freedom or the path a human chooses in order to achieve our particular Mission.

Do many people come to a life on Earth at any given time, having a spiritual goal that they may not even consciously realize?

“Y.E.S! Many, many, many of you are sent Down There In The Soup, as We like to say. Most of you wind up becoming truly unhappy Down There because it is so very low and you don’t like to be in a material form, which you weren’t wearing in the Upper Kingdoms. Ever since you were babies, you were very sincerely alone here and that is very difficult to climb away from. You might not open your eyes too much; because it is so sincerely ugly Down There in the material realms. So, most of this sort never really get across the Divide and become effective at being Earthlings.

Ancient prophecies have told your people about these Gods and Goddesses who will come to Earth to help them. But, they don’t appear to be any different from the other people around them; unless they permit their shineout qualities to come through. This amounts to a special form of bravery that can only come from that soul’s Inner Being. It can’t be manufactured and it can’t be concealed when it does start to shine. So, this may, or may not, make or break that Being.

Great care must be taken from Up Here not to put pressure on these delicate eggshells. We don’t know what will help and what will hurt; so each one is left alone to call upon Us, if they need any assistance, whatsoever.

The religions have all tried to change this lowly environment for the better; and that is usually the safer protective tunnel for these new spirits to grope Upwards in. Those religions’ Founders have all had to go through the same spiritual struggle that each one of these Heavenly Earthly Beings are in. When We find these great hidden heroes, We just want to protect you from these magnetic types of earthly problems, since you are usually “flying on your own” and not, necessarily, protected by a Founder of a Religion.

This makes up two different kinds of Entities. We applaud those of you brave enough to fly on your own on behalf of all awakened souls. This is how Humanity progresses! This how We progress; since Earth is matrix to all the Upper Kingdoms, and We need your particular propulsion to move along as an Entireity. We cannot even imagine what is driving this engine of yours, since that kind of incentive and ingenuity had to be part of those of you who wanted to take a chance at living an earthly life.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to prevent most of Us/You from crashing and burning when faced with the Earth’s atmosphere that surrounds all those who take on a physical body. We are not punished for Our failures. Just like any sport, We are admired for having tried. But, every now and then, a spiritual type of Olympic Champion shows up on Our Radar. We can only watch in admiration and awe! We cannot become their coach or try to take over their direction. This is to be their run for Glory and Victory and they will do it in their own, inimitable way! Very often, you Earthlings surprise Us, Up Here, with your creative approach and you then change Our idea of the future. So, We don’t want to limit you in any way at all, by telling you what to do.

Maybe some of you can even recreate your memories of your home Up Here and duplicate it on Earth? That’s probably the whole purpose in this exercise and might well have been the motivation for your volunteering for another tough assignment on a Lower Plane than you could be enjoying. We must just let you carry on. But, Our discovery of your presence and current adventure plans can help you in more subtle ways as We send Our best wishes and watchful interest.

Just know that WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!”

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