Are Some Babies Coming In For The First Time and Are Others Old Souls?




Tell me about babies. Where have they been before? Are some brand new? Can You tell the difference?

“Yes, We will gladly open the wonderful subject of sending consciousnesses to Earth in the form of new human beings. Some of them have been cycled through many times and are very eager to come back after a long, long wait between lives. Some have never been alive in a physical existence and are coming into a totally different experience than they have ever had before. They have been asleep waiting for a chance to descend into an earth life for thousands and thousands of years, reckoned in earth time. Without having a moment to think how they would react, they are born into a totally new environment and don’t have any idea of what they are.

Most are potentially new souls but at this point they are tiny bits of consciousness, each of which has been assigned to a human identity and is setting forth to become a living, breathing human soul. In order to become a soul, each must catch fire with the love of God and ignite that special capacity latent within. That is the purpose of every person’s life cycle on earth. We can tell the difference between the reincarnating human baby and the brand-new bit of consciousness baby all the way through their lives.

Reincarnating babies are a lot more mature and their eyes reveal a great deal of depth. The brand-new baby is just a little bit more puzzled and surprised at everything that goes on around it.”

When they are in the womb, where are they? Does the consciousness itself reside within the growing embryo/fetus inside of the mother, or does it wait somewhere, or even hover around the woman who carries it?

“It does not have to stay within the developing body cells. Instead, it connects with this growing tissue of its new body, so that it will always maintain contact. But it does not have to collapse into such a small area unless it wishes to. The consciousness remains with the baby, who is within the mother. Frequently, it hovers around the mother, as well.”

Does it observe the mother and father and its environment, even before birth?

“Yes, it does. If it is a reincarnating self, it will be able to comprehend a great deal more about what it sees and hears. If it is a brand-new baby, it will begin to take in some of the information it will need to acclimate to this planet.”

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