Are Psychic Talents Alien to Planet Earth?



The ability to hear and see things that others on the Earth Plane cannot hear or see became a curiosity to me when my psychic talents opened up in my early forties. The following is a part of a conversation I had with The Holy Spirit about these matters:

People who have psychic talents must struggle with this knowledge that they are different, especially as their talents begin to make themselves known. Can You comment on the successful ways to cope with this?

“Yes. Don’t worry about it. This is perfectly normal. The presence of these talents indicates that a person is one of the highly-spiritualized people of the Upper Kingdom, who has come to Earth for a special reason. If they take care of this trust, I will reward them with My Presence during their lifetime.”

Are these talents, in a way, alien to planet Earth? Are they lost conditions which we used to have?

“Yes, I have been trying to raise up a group of friends, down on Earth, who would spend time talking to Me and who would ask Me questions and write down My answers; and who would entertain Me by letting Me look through their eyes. I have found a few but not very many, out of all of the spiritually-talented people whom I have sent to Earth over the millennia.

Now, to answer your question. They are not actually alien talents to Earth, as I have provided many humans with these features. You could say that they are lost conditions because during other times around, there were very many of these spiritualized people on Earth at one time. Far more than now. Most of those people used My Gift in a much more responsible way than during this present cycle, when the psychics have badly-abused this talent.”

Are all humans potentially psychic?

“No, not even potentially. Though some psychics say that all people are potentially psychic, it’s just not so. Most Earth humans do not have these capacities. And that is just that. They cannot take lessons to encourage a talent if it is not naturally present. The psychics were not sent down to make everyone psychic but to connect the two worlds. The people who have become the customers of psychics do believe in this Other World but they should not have to pay such fat feels in order to learn these things.”

Then a psychic ability is a condition of the next plane of existence, chiefly, and not here? Do those who exhibit these abilities unconsciously leak them while they are here living in a material human body?

“Yes, these are all natural parts of being in the Other World. They are nothing special there, in that everyone can do these things. I don’t think that these talents “leak” so much as “stand-out,” when found on a physical plane of existence.”

Do You have any advice for people who have psychic talents which give them an extra edge of information?

“Yes. Don’t use these talents foolishly. Use them for the benefit of humanity as a whole by letting Us talk to you and to others through you.

(Excerpt from: In Secret Diffusion: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Planet Earth, by Linda J. Brown, pg. 210)

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Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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