Are Dreams Real and True Incidents Or Simply Fictional Tidbits of Our Imagination?




One month ago, Erica of Brazil, sent in a follow-up question, continuing an ongoing conversation we are having on this site. I took some dictation from The Holy Spirit on September 14 to answer her but never could post it until now. Life became very busy for me as I was in Stockholm, Sweden at the time. Two days later, I had my first-ever epileptic attack in the airport, was hospitalized several days; then traveled rapidly through many European countries to wind up my 14-month, solo, around-the-world trip on my planned schedule. I’m now with family in Colorado and finally able to spend quality computer time again. So, here’s the dictation recorded soon after her question came in:

Oh  my Holy Spirit! This is getting pretty close to answering a personal question about an individual’s life, or to get into Dream Interpretation, when we really want to focus on general comments and topics that apply to more than one person. Rather than a direct answer to Erica, would You like to speak about what her dream might have been or whether there are categories of things that any of us could receive when we sleep?

“Wellllll, I DO want to be specific with Erica because she has asked Me….not you…. to tell her what is what! I’d like to say this though, to everyone who is listening to this ongoing conversation on My In Secret Diffusion website, that they can ask Me anything that they want to. I will try my best to figure out an individual answer. Well,  many times there is no way that I can find out someone’s particular individual situation but once in awhile…  Most of the time, I can’t. It’s too complicated because We are not doing ordinary psychic interpretation here and it is terribly hard for Me to explain this to you.

Since you, Linda Layli, are not asking Me many questions about your own dreams or your life’s purposes…. though I have mostly volunteered that information…. there’s just too much to say; to say anything. You trust that it will all come out just hunkey-dory and We don’t do a whole lot of analysis. So, this is not Our function.

Okay, I remember Erica from her first letter some little time ago and recently, she WAS on a spaceship when We were speaking of her. I know that sounds pretty strange and she was asleep in this World Below. So, I think that she must have brought some memory back into consciousness. That’s okay! Just enjoy yourself, Erica. Don’t make a big deal out of it here on Earth, because it’s not happening here and you don’t want to confuse those around you. Just keep on keeping on in the life you are living.

But, you can talk to Me anytime and maybe we can make it a two-way communication. Just enjoy these night time travels while keeping your feet on the ground in this life too. Maybe you’ll find others, now and then, with these same “weird ideas” and you can help them to know that it might not be out of the question for their consciousnesses to be living on various Planes, simultaneously. This blog may be how We can help people deal with such conclusions that people on the current Earth Level are not prepared to handle. And they really should not be expected to handle them because this is not a common situation; though it is not particularly rare, either.

So, Erica! Happy dreams!”

The next few days in Sweden provided me with an unexpected insight about the juxtaposition of the conscious and the unconscious worlds. On September 18, I woke up in the Uppsala hospital remembering absolutely nothing about conking-out at the airport. My brain felt so very muscular that I’m sure that it had been extremely busy but I likened the whole experience to “What death must feel like” because I had no memory at all as one does with dreams. If it had been a Near Death Experience, (NDE), perhaps I would have returned with great tales of white tunnels and wonderful people but, darn it, I was only unconscious!  I did, however, completely lose my fear of death, though I claim never to have had that anyway, because there sure wasn’t any pain and suffering on my part. Kaboom! You’re gone! And no, I haven’t had any time to take dictation about what it was all about, either.

Instead, I spent some writing time on September 18 recording the things I had learned from the experience and it seems to apply well to the subject of this blog:

“The thing I want to capture here is the more clear impression that I have of the Dream Realm. It’s no wonder that we often take it so seriously and think it so real. It is, literally, the other half of a waking and active life during which the body we wear Down Here gets its rest but our spirit is free to thrive. I believe that we are initiated with mini-dreams or short incidents which take place deep in our sleep cycle. We can remember them easily and pass them off as unreal…which they are to this Earth Parallel.

The ones that I’m having lately have been long, strong, present and immediate and when I wake, I try to piece together how those parts fit in, where that person is, and how I relate to her. We’ve all done this millions of times. The difference is that we don’t think of ourselves as suddenly asleep on the Plane we’ve just left and now, awake here in this life. We are simply changing shifts in two different worlds. Our surroundings Over There are just as familiar to that other half of our consciousness, whether they are on a spaceship or another planet or simply a different house.

I have no evidential reason to conclude this and the longer I stay awake, the sillier it will sound but I’m sure that ignorance of it is what protects the whole. Eventually, each half gets its sleep and each its waking, even if such is odd or irregular. We all wake with memories of some sort of the drama of that counter-consciousness….who is simply our own self in another realm. Granted, I am now being assisted by some sort of hospital pharmaceuticals, but it’s a good insight to know that some of my memories didn’t really happen here. All of them at the moment, are quite wispy anyway.”

(I see that we dealt with this topic on July 27, 2013, with the blog: “Are There Parallel Universes?”)


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