An Interview With Sir Jack Maxmillan About His Own Happy Death!

San Miguel de Allende, MexicoMy roommate, Sassha Lambert, has returned from a month in the United States and we are enjoying our catch-up time. She has just shown me pictures of her family members and herself with her two sisters. Her youngest sister, Dakota, has asked me to take dictation about her darling Golden Retriever, Jack, who died of a brain tumor last May. She sent a picture of his ever-smiling face to help me make contact with him. She doesn’t have a specific question but hopes that I can be a Dog-Whisperer for him.

Oh, My Holy Spirit! With all this mention of Jack’s name, I’ll bet he has bounded up to You and stands eager to be contacted. My question to him is the one I wish I could ask everyone who has been through Death:

“Jack, what does it feel like to die? What’s it like where you are right now? ” And Sassha wants to know “if you waited for your Mamma Dakota to return from her trip before your final seizure and departure?”

Jack: “We are right here with you. Do you feel Us near you?”

“No, I don’t. Sorry!”

Jack: “Yes, We are (repeating)! First of all, I want to just love being back on Earth for a little while. I did not know how good it would feel. Ever since I died, I have been so happy-glappy, Up Here, that I had forgotten about Earth’s joys. Ever since I have been here, I have been watching over my little family and I can split myself up now, and be with each of them!”

Well, you’re in Sasha’s house now, but she’s back in her bedroom.

Jack: “Ever since we go through the cavern…. this operation called Death…..we don’t exactly come back home, but we can be with them all of the time. It’s nice and clean and pure, Over Here.”

Does Death hurt to go through? None of us humans really understand it very well. What can you say to calm us down about it?

Jack: “Well, don’t worry in the least. When your body starts to fail, it is not your problem anymore. There is nothing that you can do to change it. It happens overnight…. like going to bed when it gets dark and waking up again when the sun comes up. It’s no more mysterious than that. Maybe, being an animal is actually very helpful because we are not affected by “controlling” what happens to us. We just do what comes naturally and it’s all pretty wonderful when viewed from the inside.”

Sassha wonders if you waited for your Mamma Dakota to return before you left the planet in death?

Jack: “It seems that I must have. I wasn’t refusing to go. I just needed to say goodbye, or even more simply, I just wanted to see her. Dogs don’t think about the future. We think about what we want “Right Now!” And, that’s what we usually get! I did get to see her and then, things just developed naturally and before you know it, it was all taken care of.

Death doesn’t hurt, one little bit! Not in the least! And my condition didn’t result in a lot of blood and broken bones, like an automobile accident might have had pain attached.

Brain tumors are a part of the body, once they arrive, and when they do things from inside of your head, it all feels normal. No matter how different it might look from the outside! I just felt that it was ME, doing natural things. I didn’t mind whatever my body wanted to do with itself.”

So, in your opinion, Jack, do we put too much drama in death?

Jack: “Yes, you do! But, how would you know? You can’t remember when you went through it before. Your brain picks and chooses its memories and that’s not so different to when a brain tumor closes off parts of somebody’s brain but doesn’t kill them immediately.”

How do you feel about elephants, Jack?

Jack: “Ohmigod! You’ve got to help these gals get more and more and more (many repetitions) involved with these African Elephants on Lake Victoria! It’s no accident that you are heading there in less than two years. My Mamma sponsors so many of these babies and we will all benefit…..the Earth will all benefit….. from their involvement. Please go and visit them together!

Oh, Brother! I cannot wait to go with you! Dogs have a shorter life than these massive elephant spirits do! Something has to be done because African Elephants are Mysterious Beings on this Planet Below! So, yes, yes, yes! Tell my Mamma that she’s on the right track and you will be too! And, so will I, when you get there!”

The Holy Spirit & The Great Creative Force: “Excuse Me! This is your Holy Spirit! And, this is The Great Creative Force! Get yourselves in gear! I mean it! We mean it! You are heading towards Africa, Linda Layli, for your 80th Birthday, already planned for Lake Victoria in Kampala, Uganda. 

Now, your roommate, Sassha, and her sister, Dakota, are involved with saving elephant babies, orphaned by the slaughter of the big Bull Elephants for their ivory tusks. Can you see something happening? You might be able to save some elephants, or to zero-in on their plight!”

Yes, I’m getting lots of Big Ideas right now, centered around this large lake in Africa, whose name, to me, stands for “Victory.” Somehow, these conversations, people, dogs, and events, feel connected. Can we actually pull all our acts together into one big splurge by joining hands?  Kenya? I-ken, ken-ya? (I can! Can You?)  U-gan-da (You-going-to) or (You-Can! Da!) (You-Can! Yes!)

Does this mean that Jack is in Public Relations, along with his cousin, Jordan? Is he cooking this Big Event Up? How about that, Jack?

“Wonderful news! Dogs are not as old as elephants, as a species, but we are very humanized, especially, we, Golden Retrievers. I’m telling you something. There is nothing to stop any of you, especially when you get an idea like you have cooked up. Linda, why did you chose this place, Linda?”

You mean the big lake in Africa? I really don’t know. Because I don’t know Africa, at all. Victoria=Victory! A built-in success. Now, I have recently learned about a cause that I can help with preventing drowning deaths of fishermen there, through advance weather texts to their cell phones; and suddenly now, about saving baby elephants in the same, general location. More may show up as we look closer. It feels as if something is unfolding here….and Jack, believe me…..I didn’t wangle this travel subject into your interview, but here it came!

I have to say though, that you’re a very good Retriever!

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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