An Artistic Challenge To Anyone Who Is Mourning The Loss Of A Pet

I have just arrived in Eastern Europe, in the beautiful town of Tallinn, Estonia; just across the water from Helsinki, Finland, and nestled up to the Western border of Russia. It is soooo beautiful here and I invite you to visit my travel website, to see some pictures of the Old Town of Tallinn.

But, I began to think of all of you who have written to me on this blogsite about the terrible grief you are feeling after your beloved pet has died. In addition to coming to grips with the  idea that they have survived death and will meet you when you show up in their new and lovely dimension, perhaps you can do something else to help yourself recover from your sadness. Here are some examples that I have found in Tallinn’s gift shops…. I know that you can find many more surrounding you in your own hometown.

Why not play around with this idea and see if you can land on some handcraft to depict your darling, departed one? It can’t hurt and it just might feel wonderful. There’s so much instruction on the internet or in craft books. And then, the idea is to Give it away! Christmas or birthday presents or fond mementos…. or home decorations.

Technically, the idea is to externalize the pain and use your hands to wrest it into something beautiful. And then, to share this special pet with others. What did your pet look like? Can you make a pair of earrings and wear your sweetie pie? Or a pin? Or a painted rock?

Stained glass

Stained glass

Knitted wearables, or funny dolls.....

Knitted wearables, or funny dolls…..

Woodworking - keychains of any animal or bird or beastie you wish.

Woodworking – keychains of any animal or bird or beastie you wish.

Finger puppets depicting your dear cat or bear

Finger puppets depicting your dear cat or bear


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