Dream Advice To Potential Suicides

                          DREAM ADVICE TO POTENTIAL SUICIDES

I had an interesting dream last night which seems to hold a new attitude about committing suicide. On the one hand, everyone will die sometime, so why not use Free Will to determine that exit for yourself? One answer could be that it’s a mighty messy way to say goodbye to your family and friends. But, many deaths are messy….. right?

Typing up my back journals always seems to bring on interesting dreams and that’s what I did before bed, though suicide was nowhere in them, or on my mind. However, in sleep, I found myself in a beautiful tropical Mexican Riviera setting. Every few minutes though, I had to “reset” myself somehow, in order to tolerate something about this Paradise that was rubbing me the wrong way.

Maybe I didn’t like the food; or the temperature was wrong for me; or I disliked the people; or the noise was too loud. Always something…. and I had to sort of shake myself, and thus, turn an inner dial, so that these things didn’t bother me. It occurred to me that this could be an analogy for life. Not everybody likes everything and we all have to adapt, throughout a course on Earth.

Then, the Voice of The Holy Spirit spoke very quietly and clearly. He enunciated deliberately to make sure that I understood:

“Everyone who commits suicide will be reborn in good and even, sometimes, very beautiful, surroundings. But, they will not have the capacity to “reset  themselves” in order to tolerate the things that they find annoying or impossible to put up with in their environment.  Even in lovely settings, like a beach in Mexico or Hawaii, they will always feel a “little bit off” and will never be able to reset themselves to feel normal.

Also, they will have problems in that life that are the exact opposite to those which drove them to commit suicide. Also, that their body would constantly itch at the site where the bullet, knife, or whatever, had entered or hung them. Or, in the generalized case of poisoning or drowning, etc, that they would tend to itch all over.”

Their badly-abused body part would always clamor for their attention and Paradise has it unrelenting tortures, too. Obviously, the Core Lesson during all of this second-time-around life, is to take their minds off of themselves. That’s the Core Problem for every suicide victim.

Another effect would be to provide them with the exact opposite of what they were seeking in that suicide. If they killed themselves because of love problems; then, they would never find love in this new life. If being overworked was the cause of their taking their own life; then, they would never find satisfactory work or any way to earn a living; if they had turned away from their purpose in that last life; this one would never yield any satisfactory goal. Usually, the issue of their death would become the unattainable goal in a rapid rebirth. In essence, they would have eliminated themselves from something that they already had, and valued, in that life. Their messy demonstration would profoundly speak to God about their choice to leave something that He had given them. Now, they would forever mourn its loss as this would be their chief desire in a new life, even in wonderful surroundings.

People angry over love affairs or family life can never have that in the next life. Now, that makes a whole lot of exact sense to me. Whatever they had, and desired enough to slaughter themselves over, would be forever out of reach. A good suicide prevention argument, for sure!

Most of all, that normal “reset” button would be missing and life would always feel “off” to them…. because they had done such a terrible act to themselves,  previously, when all they had needed to do was to adjust to their surroundings.

Naturally, the solution in the present life, would not be to “off-themselves,” yet again, and then have to face whatever clever payback might then await them as a result. Of course, it’s also likely that they would have used up their chances at living any life at all, to be rejecting every chance at it.

Many people might wonder what happens in the Next World to the suicides. But, most of us don’t consider the fact that maybe our present lives contain the answer? We’d all better make the best of what we’ve got to work with, right now!

Oh my Holy Spirit! The timing and content of this dream is really uncanny. What is Your Comment about those who would commit suicide?

“Dissatisfaction about everything is the suicide-returnee-to-this life’s hallmark. That’s because they now really have no resources to correct things. They simply have to make the best of what they came out with this time around, because it’s their Last Chance! They have no “Mission,” other than to “suck it up,” and get on with life… which is exactly what they should have done the last time around.

Humans need to get the message that there is no shortcut; but if they want to make it harder on themselves, We can arrange that. But, multiple suicides are simply not going to solve anything.

Do You have any emotional reactions to personal suicides?

“Not really. They do save Us, and the Human Race, from a whole lot of blither-blather, because they have rejected Life itself, and there are plenty of souls waiting and ready to take their place. If they only knew what they were throwing away! So, We don’t respect their decision to deprive themselves of a lifetime of opportunity to advance spiritually!

If they are lucky, We might offer one last opportunity to become spiritualized and send them into a reduced-potential lifetime for a final go-round. If they have rejected their previous actions and wish to still be included within the definition of humankind, they can take their chances with another reincarnation. This will not be an “easy life,” though it might seem, apparently, comfortable. They probably won’t be extremely happy, having lost that right the first time.

This is only one definition, out of many, which might become the lot of a suicide. But it fits your dream exactly.”

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