A Vegan Asks How Can Mankind Reconcile Its Cruelty To Animals? Part One

Marissa asks

“Hey there, I have a question that has been bothering me for quite some time. I have always loved animals. Animal abuse, neglect, or any form of mistreating has always deeply bothered me. I have heard before that humans, as well as animals, choose to come into this life and know what to expect before they come here. So, my question is, why then, would an animal, such as a dog that has an abusive owner; an animal that is tested on for humans’ material greed; or an animal that has to go through the abuse of slaughter houses, choose to incarnate and go through that awful suffering?

I have tried meditating and praying to find the answer, but I can’t seem to get a response, and it is really upsetting to me. The closest thing I may have thought the answer could be, is that they do it to help humans evolve.

But, I still don’t understand why the suffering has to be so profound in order for us to evolve. I’d really appreciate any help. Thank you so much.


Oh my Holy Spirit! Marissa’s email address contains the word “Vegan,” so she may be seeking Your answer to the Vegans and Vegetarians of the planet and how, why, and wherefore, most humans eat animals, which must be raised in captivity. They were never hunted or raised before, as on the mass scale of today; then, impersonally-killed and processed for food.

(I’m currently eating some chicken sushi) I have to say that I feel sorry for Vegans, who never experience the delight of eating fish, bird, poultry, beef, or any animal food. It is so delicious and provides us with such value and protein and can be prepared in so many ways. So, I’m probably the wrong person for this particular question.

Marissa speaks of two distinct forms of animal suffering. The direct and mindless abuse from cruel owners and those raised commercially for slaughter. Oh my Holy Spirit! This question is planetary, so what are the figures here; taking into account all current societies of people who deal directly with animals? Not only in their homes, but farms, zoos, and the wild, free population? What percentage of animals receive animal abuse?

“Oh My God! Such a small percentage, that’s more than offset by the number of wild animals, which either prey upon humans or kill then with diseases spread through their ticks and fleas, and general communicable diseases. A rat population can, and has, wiped out a city through plague. So, there is not really any sort of argument of unfairness here.

Vegans and Vegetarians should also pay attention to how many humans betray and attack their own young and their own mates! This percentage is actually much, much higher than those humans who abuse their pets, or the animals in their care. And, such enraged men and women, capable of hurting their dogs and cats, are usually doing worse and for a longer time period, to their own dependent family members. Wife-beaters, elderly-tormentors, child-abusers! And this usually consists of many years of sexual abuse, which is often not the lot of a poor dog or cat under the influence of such a human beast.

We would urge Our Vegans to care more closely about these despicable conditions, which society knows must be corrected. They cannot turn away from the underage children and defenseless spouses who live with such a monster. This is a Human Problem, not an Animal One, and the overall percentages are very low, compared to the happy, safe, and deeply-loved life of most pampered pets. Human love for pets runs very, very deep, as you have discovered through this website. Such animals live a charmed life with no need to provide for themselves. Ask Marissa if she has factored-in these lives, or those animals which live on game preserves, whose lives are much better than the normal human life, who must survive in the face of so many dangers?”

How about Animal Reincarnation? Was it ever much of a factor?

“Not at all! They don’t reincarnate because they are not here to advance spiritually, as they are already spiritual. Reincarnation is not a problem and they don’t select a life with an abuser. Humans, also, don’t come to life in order to do such cruelty. They make that choice during life, usually because they, themselves, have been mistreated by other humans. So, forget Reincarnation, Melissa! It only involves an animal if such must return with a human trying to “do better next time,” if the animal was part of the former drama. All Reincarnation has been discontinued with this Millennial Rollover, so you should erase that phrase from your list of possibilities now.”

This answer is continued in the next post.

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