A Tide of Consciousness?

How often have I tried to cling to a lovely dream while my body was inexorably returning me to the harsher realities of the workaday world? This morning, things were just the opposite. For a moment, I couldn´t return from the sleep state. My mind woke before my body and nothing obeyed my command to move. It was from that brief “Nowhere Plane” that I saw myself in a brand, new light.

As I watched myself wink on, I became a theoretical physicist contemplating the wonders of my own multiple universes. Where does my tensile strength go when I sleep? Why is my musculature floppy one minute and contracted enough to support my spine the next? I had always thought that I knew these things. Was it medical science that gave me my vague concept of that cauliflower perched upon its living stalk, which would either send out instructions to its neurons; or it would not? It slept. It woke. When “the doctor was out,” the body waited obediently for him to return. Sort of a Wizard of Oz State! Sort of a Dictatorship! Brain on top. Body below! Simple!

That theory does not have any truck with dreams. Oh yes, they entertain us! They babysit while the brain gets its rest. Sort of like television.

But, I had “been somewhere,” and caught myself coming back. What if there is such a thing as A Tide Of Consciousness? What if every single cell in our body holds its own little pool of consciousness within itself? And, that pool ebbs and flows during our twenty-four hour day? What if the waking sum total of ourself goes to another Place; which we remember later as a dream?

That got me to thinking about the more serious, and sometimes permanent, stages of involuntary departure of consciousness. Do our cellular pools become unwilling refugees when we drink too much? When illness strikes? Or, when we bash our head in an auto accident? Boom! Stupor, delirium, coma! Sometimes, death! Just like that!

Where does the ebb tide take us? Are we all like underwater hermit crabs, living in two different shells? A sea one and a land one? What is Unconsciousness or Death, when compared to Sleep? What keeps us alive when so much of us has gone bye-bye? My foolhardy, inner Physicist has been pondering these things all morning.

Naturally, our Intangible Part does stay at home to keep our systems running. But, even It takes off in the final exodus. Therefore, no matter what agonizing thing might have caused our “Heart-Pumpers” to finally pack up and leave; the actual experience of Death Itself, must be no different from falling asleep! Other than its unfeelable, one-way routing of consciousness. Other than its being in the water or out of the water?

During my morning bus ride, I began to wonder about the living humans here on Earth. How alive are we, most of the time? How thoroughly are we engaging the consciousness that is ours to employ? For instance, the man seated near me, must be completely aware of the present moment. He is having an animated conversation with the person across the aisle. I notice the light in his eyes and the fluid expressiveness of his face. A little later, however, he has fallen into silence and seems to be lost in a daydream, looking out the window. Near him is a woman, completely absorbed in the daily newspaper, oblivious to the loud conversation in the crowded bus. It seems that the tides of consciousness ebb and flow in different ways through our days, as well.

And then, there´s sex! How does this “At home/Not at home” theory work in this most important part of our life? What more is a good and talented Lover, than one who can skillfully call his partner´s consciousness into full alertness, in every region of her body, before he gets down to the business of the night? Think about it for a minute: whom would you rather lie with? Someone who tenderly kisses and slowly strokes and softly speaks; giving your body cells a chance to wake up and smell the roses? Or, someone who gets aboard before you even half know what is going on?

If indeed, our body cells do actually contain their own bits of Consciousness; then we certainly want them to be fully present when we are making love! How can we assist these most-important body cells? Candlelight and wine? Soft, romantic music? Good, connected conversation? There is nothing less exciting than a dull cauliflower on either head at that time. What can you replace it with, up there on that stalk? How about a Sea Urchin? or an undulating Jelly Fish? With King Crab Hands and Big, Red Lobstery Lips? One must, at least, choose someone who is active, focused and skilled within the Tides of Life and Consciousness at these landmark moments of existence! Don´t be a Shrimp!

About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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