A Sweet Christmas Story From My Son, Randy, Who Works With Dying Children In Heaven




In the lovely and timely way that things work out between Earth and Heaven, I received a comment and question today from Dorcas, a 14-year-old Canadian Starseed from Canada. In preparing to take dictation about her topic, I reviewed the several posts written quite awhile ago on the subject of Starseeds, who are identifiable by their eyes, which show a bit of white below the pupil.

During the search among my eighty-some posts, I found a Christmas-themed dream that I’d had back at Easter time this year. So, thanks to Dorcas and Randy, I send you all a sweet story about my son’s current work with dying children.


Posted April 29, 2013

My daughter, Jennifer, just emailed me that she was volunteering for Hospice to work with dying hospitalized patients to help them prepare for death. She was doing this as a way to honor her brother, Randy, who passed away on April 22, 2011. I had a dream of mine to share with her on that very subject but I’ve had a hard time accessing much computer time during these months that I am traveling around the world….currently in South Africa. At last, here it is and I’m happy that I hadn’t sent it to her immediately because she came up with her own idea to help dying children in honor of him, all on her own. By the way, if you haven’t already read Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eban Alexander, get it right away.  Sounds like my son had a similar experience but got to stay.

Randy Works With Dying Children From The Other Side

March 14, 2013

Can I now remember my very unusual dream last night? It was so original that I knew that it wasn’t something that my wakeful mind made up and yet, it wasn’t of the normal dream quality, either. This Young Man from the Other Side, who later proved to be my son, Randy, was finding wonderous satisfaction by taking children who were about to die, out to a Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a tree for that year’s family Christmas, when they would already be dead.

Something about the cutting of this tree was used as an analogy for their impending death but explained in such an exciting manner that this tree was about to get dressed up and draped around with strings of electrical, colored lights (preparing them for their inevitable wiring up with lines of hospital monitoring equipment) and it would soon be hung with beautiful and meaningful objects, dispensing presents to all of its loved ones. The forest would not see that little tree again but its destination was beyond the imagining of the trees which wouldn’t be chosen as someone’s Christmas Tree.

Consequently, the sick child and its family began celebrating Christmas very early and throughout the illness, surrounding the child with all the wonder and magic of that holiday; indulging in making special decorations and exchanging and opening gifts; while the child secretly made or bought, and wrapped gifts for family members which they would open on the real Christmas Day.

More than just being a happy diversion for the family and a way to get their minds off of the sadness of the end of the child’s life, the emphasis was successfully upon the transformation  that a little green forest dweller undergoes when its trunk is severed with an axe or a saw and it is put on a truck and taken far from all that is familiar. The child, clearly and simply, identifies with the journey of the tree — becomes that lucky little tree — and knows that similar wonders will be in store for him, too.

Then, by the time that the real Christmas came, the family would have the special tree and decorations and would get to open his special presents for them. So, Ceremony and Story had made a wonderous thing of something so horrendous as the death of a child.

When I learned that it was my son, Randy, who had died at almost 48 years old, two years ago, he explained that he had always wished that our family had focused more on that traditional and sentimental holiday. So, now, in helping dying children, he, who had been a Buddhist in life, could enjoy Christmas all year long.

He explained that his own natural death, through complications of his neuromuscular disability, had been so transcendent and elevating that he wished that he could get this promise of a better life on the next plane of existence across to little ones about to make their exciting transition.  I asked him where he could do this sort of work if he is no longer alive on the Earth Plane, and he said that life is similar in other levels, such as the one he now occupies. Their lives also contain Passages and are very similar to life on Earth.

So, this was a totally original discussion on a subject very far from my mind. Easter is coming this month, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if that had popped up. But, Christmas was way off the charts!

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