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Hi there! I’m a 19 years old Pleiadian Starseed from Brazil. My question is: As a Starseed I’ll have some kind of task if the planet Earth ascend into the fifth dimension? Because as a young soul here on Earth I found out that all those knowledge I remembered little by little in my life has a purpose that somehow is missing in my mind. Even the memories of my past lives (including the last Pleiadian incarnation) are coming into my consciousness these last months of 2013, even though I don’t know why.

Oh my Holy Spirit! It seems that Erica, of Brazil, already knows that her origins are Pleidian and that she is a Starseed. My gosh! She’s more aware than most of us! First, will You tell us what these two definitions mean, especially to an earth human who is told that this is who they really are?

“Oh My Linda Layli, Layli Linda! You, yourself are a Pleidian Starseed of the highest order. You don’t think of yourself in these terms because We haven’t made a big deal out of it; but you are; along with many others here to perform certain functions in the Millennium. And We are happy to tell all of you that We have witnessed Earth’s advancement and she will soon be joining her counterparts in a new dimension. Not the Fifth, but the Fourth, when the soul becomes able to communicate, internally, with the Upper Dimensions. That is a prerequisite to entering future dimensions, such as the Fifth.”

Does Pliedian refer to The Pleides? How did we wind up on Earth?

“Well, We don’t have any idea! This was not supposed to happen at this time in history. It was really meant to happen after Earth’s advancement. But many of you have been born in this era, which is probably helping Earth in this critical time. As you know, not very long ago, a few decades ago, We all thought that Earth would sink back to old habits and succumb to Third World War status. That would have brought about this planet’s extinction. But such was avoided, luckily, and it was probably due to an increase of spiritualized, Higher Dimension Beings coming to be born here in order to elevate the spiritual vibrations around planet Earth.  So, the work of these wonderful Pleidians, and those from other galaxies, began even before they were born and it continues through all of their lives here. Even if Erica never learns, specifically, about duties expected of her; she can rest assured that she works every day for Us, just by being alive and by being herself while she lives on this planet.

Now, as to her Starseed designation. Just as The Pleides are a familiar constellation in the sky, affectionately referred to as The Seven Sisters; so are those Pleidian souls known in the higher realms as The Beautiful Ones and they have been given many functions. Erica should just trust her memories as they pop up and she should simply live joyfully in her chosen time to be on Earth.

There is nothing in particular that I can tell you about anyone’s assignment, but it would help if you, Erica and everyone else, would encourage people to establish a direct communication with God, so that all souls on earth can communicate directly with their own Source of Being. This will elevate all people, as well as this planet, into the future that everyone has been praying for and sincerely expecting.”

Does the term, Starseed, mean those souls who have come from other star systems, such as the Pleides, to “seed” Earth with their qualities?

“Y.E.S! Your children and grandchildren carry on these spiritual traits, even if they never become aware of their unique heritage”

A long time ago, I asked You about Starseed Eyes. In fact, I wrote that blog in Erica’s country, Brazil, while visiting John of God, in Aberdiania. People who have a rim of white showing under the pupil of their eyes, You said are Starseed People. Most of us don’t have that characteristic. I certainly don’t. But You still say that I am a Starseed, as Erica is?

“Y.E.S! That is a real designation of Starseed People and you can be sure that everyone with this sort of an eye is a Starseed. But, many do not show any clue. However, they will usually awaken to that fact at some point in their lifetime. These are early arrivals of the coming wave of mankind, destined to elevate the whole of mankind. Just you wait and see how beautiful things will be in another few generations! Will you find that blog about the Starseed Eyes and print it here?”

Yes, here it is:

Oh my Holy Spirit! Some years ago, You pointed out an example of a person with StarSeed Eyes and I understood that they are very special humans and, perhaps, have come to Earth from another dimension. A friend, Elena, has shown me a photograph of her son, Gregory, who has these beautiful and distinctive StarSeed Eyes, which always show a bit of the white between the lower lid and the pupil. She would like to know more about this phenomenon; this feature found only  in a small number of humans.

`Yes, I will explain this, Linda Layli, Layli Linda, if you will take it carefully down, just the way I tell it to you, and don´t ask questions about it beyond what I Am willing to say.`

Yes, I will do that and not question further.

`You are the only human being entrusted with this information and it is super-secret, even to those who have these spiritual eyes. They are very important people to the human race because they have, naturally, been born before their time. I can´t really tell you anything about them…only that they will suffer so much if they are with people who are of lower vibrations than themselves. They are here in advance of their kindred spirits and they are simply going to have to prepare the way for the humans who will populate the future.

So, they are very special, even though they wonder about themselves. They must not wonder too much if they are different, because they ARE different and that is a very good thing. So let them be alone if they need to be alone because they are missing their home, which is, basically, far, far away from Earth.

I am experimenting with them to see if Earth will receive them and to see if the Earth´s atmosphere will support such high and mighty Beings. If any of them can live on Earth successfully and happily, then Earth might be considered for more of those Beings as time goes on.

We are still thinking about this subject and watching to see what happens to these beautiful souls whom We have sent down to test the spiritual waters of this planet.`



About Linda J. Brown

Linda is a solo around the world traveler, having slowly explored the world's two hemispheres. A third trip around the equator has just begun, planned to last at least four years. After living for a year in the spiritual and beautiful town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has transferred to the beautiful and spiritual town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Feeling honored that the mysterious Hurricane Patricia paid her a call during her first week; she is none-the-less, eternally-grateful that this "worst hurricane in human history" decided to leave the planet alone, after all.
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