A Pleidian Starseed Feels Angry All The Time And Impatient With Her Children. Why?

Paloma recently sent this question concerning her feelings as a Pleidian Starseed. Though I am no expert on this subject, we have had quite a few blogs about it, which you will find by scrolling through the subjects of previous questions. Soon, I intend to organize our popular topics so that they can be read together. In the meantime, here’s the dictated answer to Paloma’s question.

I’d like to hear from her again to find out “How does one discover that they are a Starseed?”

Hello my question is: I have always felt different and recently I discovered I am a Pleidian  Starseed but even though I discovered that, why do I feel so angry all the time? Anything makes me react and I don’t like that feeling. I try to control it but I don’t have patience with my daughters. Why ???

Oh my Holy Spirit! Paloma has sent in a question about herself as a Pleidian Starseed and, quite naturally, she asks this question specific to herself. I have never fashioned myself as a personal psychic though sometimes Your Answers provide that information. How would You suggest that I deal with questions specific to the asker?

“We would like you to ask Us any way you want to, because you never can tell what will come of someone’s innocent question.”

From the beginning, I’ve wanted this website to add to our greater knowledge of the Cosmos and not get too materially or personally specific. But, I do think that Paloma’s question is general and may fit many Starseeds, so I want to find out Your Answer. But, I suppose that, first, I’m exploring my own limitations and feeling around the edges.

“You don’t have any limitations! You have narrowed your field down to those questions which you are interested in. And that is respected, very much respected, by Us. Some psychics really want only personal questions and they charge money, so much money, to provide specific answers.

Too much information can cripple a personality who should be focusing on their bigger picture instead of too many Upper details; or letting Us do their heavy-lifting, decision-wise. So, We support your general resistance to becoming just another psychic.

Tell people to read your chapter about Psychics in Our book, In Secret Diffusion. That explains some of the reasons behind your choice. Also, We need to develop the subject of Pleidian Starseeds, mentioned in many of Our previous blogs. It might even deserve its own website and its own book because it is a very popular subject right now. Linda, could you start a meeting for Pleidian Starseeds here? We could really explore some of these questions in detail and expand Earth’s knowledge of this phenomenon.

Sure, why not? Do You advise that readers, who know this about themselves, gather others to share experiences and information?

“No, not now because they might not have any way to get answers, other than from each other. I don’t think it would be very satisfactory yet, or ever, because this business is not for Earthly application. But, We could explore it and reveal what you learn here. Okey-dokey! You cannot imagine how Starseeds feel when they begin to wake up to their Interstellar Reality!”

I think that I was told that I’m also a Pleidian Starseed and I don’t remember going through that. But, so are my grandchildren and they are both going through their own struggles, each in very different ways.

“Yes, that’s true. You have not experienced anger, per se, but you certainly went through a horrendous period when your inner senses were opening, did you not?”

Uhhhh, You mean the psych ward and the schizo diagnosis? Guess I did, after all. Okay, why is Paloma always angry and reacting to everything?

“Basically, I don’t think that she is acting weirdly. She is just reacting to Earth’s standards, which are far below that of many societies in the Upper Planes and in Other Dimensions. But, these Starseeds have to realize something: they have come to Earth to improve this planet. Anger is a most improper reaction . That simply feeds into the volatile mix that is characteristic of Earth in the first place. They feel these angry vibrations and know that this is not practical for a planetary society and that makes them angry. Whereas, ordinary Earthlings may be immune to that reality.”

So, Starseeds, in effect, are like the Praying Mantis? They come here to pray and to help, but they get hold of their own tail and they devour that, instead? I grew up in Florida, and we kids used to catch these big dragonflies and put their tails in their little hands and watch in awe as they proceeded to eat it; to feed themselves to themselves. Might that analogy apply to Starseeds who consume themselves with amorphous rage?

( I just googled this and it wasn’t praying mantises that I did this to…. their tail isn’t long enough. But, it’s a true fact that a dragonfly will do this to itself. Google doesn’t realize that but we kids knew from experience. So, I’ll let the analogy stand. We’ll let the “cruelty to insects” issue go for the moment.)

“I think that you have found the perfect teaching analogy! Even the name is suitable because these unusual human beings are here to pray as legitimate members of mankind and then they get destroyed by Earth’s vibrations. That’s exactly what Kirk Nugent is here to remind everybody…. to wake them up to “remember!”

Tell me, Who are they supposed to pray to? Will any religion and belief on Earth serve their purpose of assignment?

“Y.E.S! Because they are all referencing the same Great Creative Force! Admittedly, it is often the limitations that the Starseeds find in the churches and religions which make them so angry in the first place. “Go Inward!” is My advice to them. “Just pray, inwardly, and your “phone call” will go to the right Hearer. I don’t think you’ll become angry at your results!”

Paloma also mentions that she doesn’t have patience with her daughters. Any comments?

“We are in sympathy with ALL parents! “This, too, shall pass!”  And, your daughters will become beautiful women with their own kids to drive them batty. As you certainly can attest to, can you not, Linda Layli, Layli Linda?

My sympathies are for her daughters, though, if they must grow up under an Angry Mother. As soon as she gets her anger under control and refuses to eat her own dragonfly tail, then she will make peace with her girls and there will be one home’s-worth less anger in the world.

It starts with her own feelings about herself.”

I would advise her to share the Starseed Story with her children…..though, I certainly haven’t with mine, come to think of it. I don’t have the same issues and my family doesn’t want to know my “woo-woo” side. 

But, I do know the power of storytelling and of using the bigger picture to illustrate the details… the way the dragonfly’s odd behavior does. Depending upon how puzzled, or how involved, the daughters are in her unfolding drama; a little understanding might be helpful. Or not! What do You suggest?

“I don’t think that families want to know these things. Better just to wrestle, innerly, and then straighten yourself out. Or, talk it over with other Starseeds as you stumble across them. This is such a strange phenomenon….. an “Aliens Among Us” sort of a theme…. that no normal person could possibly appreciate that it might be true. No, this is a private struggle, though there are opening channels…. as is this website, or YouTube, where everything is coming to light. I just don’t think that the mainstream is going to offer much comfort right now.”

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