Medicine Considers Our “Upper Psychic Connections As Mental Illness. Is That Really The Case?

“Yes, it is and no, it isn’t. It all depends upon the behavior of the recipient. Try as We might, We cannot prevent them from “crashing and burning” as a result of being chosen to act in behalf of this Upper Kingdom, of which all humans are unaware.

Yes, people learn of these Heavenly Regions through Spiritual Teachings throughout the Ages, but those are always considered to be somrthing like historical fairy tales. Possibly intended to be good examples to mankind; but surely, nothing that happens in a modern age or to your ordinary Joe.

And, if a modern receiver dares to claim any kind of distinction, they will be gunned down very swiftly by public opinion. Any claimant to such a high calling is quickly labelled mentally ill and treated with scorn or pity.

This leveling behavior is a coping mechanism of the human race. Either that, or centuries go by before a True Talent might be recognized, quoted, and revered.”

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