IN SECRET DIFFUSION: The Upper Realm Answers Questions About Earth

What would any good talk show hostess do if she had The Holy Spirit in the hot seat?

Author, Linda J. Brown asks The Holy Spirit questions which humans have dreamed up throughout the ages in their hunger to crack the cosmic mysteries. As a clairaudient, Brown has transcribed her communications with Those in Higher Dimensions during a span of thirty years. This book offers a non-religious but spiritual theme covering:

Why are we born into life in a material realm and what do we come here to accomplish?
Are there non-material realms of existence?
What are the details of life in the Realms above Earth?
What are the details about our death?
Who gets to reincarnate?

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Hey Boomers, Dust Off Your Backpacks

Quite possibly the world’s oldest solo around-the-world backpacker, Linda J. Brown spent a year traveling throughout Eastern Europe, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, Hawaii and the United States, turning 68 along the way. She challenges leading edge Baby Boomers to reclaim their 1960’s backpacking style – this time on Social Security. After thriving on a limited budget while traveling around the world, making her plans as she went, Linda J. Brown busts the myth that the world is a dangerous place by telling stories of the friends she made along the way and detailing how it feels to be pushing seventy while carrying an 85-litre backpack, sleeping in hostels, riding local buses and trains and getting herself around whole continents for a year….alone. She financed all of this simply by accessing her monthly Social Security payments with her debit card from ATMs worldwide. The sale of an old volkswagon paid for her ’round the world air tickets. Next, she traveled  throughout  South America, in  2009 when she was age 71.